Chapter 429 Complicated Tournament Rules

Chapter 429 Complicated Tournament Rules


Time passed very quickly, and the PVP tournament was finally launched at the beginning of Fate’s fourth year. 


As preparation for the tournament, Ye Ci had favored fighting in the Arena more than leveling up. It took her two full months to slowly transition her equipment from PVE to PVP, and was able to get Pea Cake and Blossom to embed her equipment with Mithril. 


The difference in performance of Mithril embedded equipment was phenomenal. 


She made it just in time for the qualifiers of the PVP tournament. 


Advertisements for the tournament were everywhere online and in real life. Even the large billboard in Ye Ci’s residential area was displaying an advertisement for Fate’s first Solo PVP Tournament. 


All the character classes of the game were displayed on the billboard. Ye Ci and Fleeting Time used as the models for the Hunters. She had been approached by Wang Jiangnan for permission to use a screenshot taken by an unknown player when she and Fleeting Time were sparring in the arena to be used on the advertisement. 


With promises from Wang Jiangnan to provide her guild with compensation that will helps its growth and the permission from Fleeting Time already obtained, Ye Ci finally relented. 


But she was quick to regret her decision. It was an awkward experience to see her own face plastered on every available billboard wherever she went. When the advertisements were first released, Ye Ci, Bai Mo, and Tan Polang sat staring at the billboard in their area while sitting on a bench just in front of it, as all three of their characters were used by Fate officials in the advertisement. 


Tan Polang was exceptionally excited when the advertisement was first released, “Look at me! I look so handsome!” 


“You call that handsome?” Bai Mo rolled his eyes at the boy, “Oh please, that wretched appearance of yours is not what I’d call handsome. Look at me! I’m tough, elegant, and full of positivity! A Human Warrior is the epitome of being handsome!” 


Just then, a young woman and her son walked past the billboard, and the child stopped in front of the board and attempted to read the words displayed on the advertisement while his mother patiently taught him the words that he could not recognize. 


“Mama mama! Who are they?” the boy pointed at the characters on the billboard. 


“Oh, they’re all famous individuals in a magical world called Fate.” replied the young woman. It was apparent that she was also a player. 


“Ahhh… They must’ve gone to a place far far away like grandma and grandpa!” the boy nodded, “Is this why they’re all hung on the wall like that?” 


Ye Ci would be forever scarred by the little boy’s words. She would be reminded of that fateful day whenever she saw a billboard containing an ad for Fate’s PVP tournament. 


Of course, the advertisement campaign was still a huge success. The developers were able to capture the best moments of Fate’s finest players, and displayed them for all to see. This was able to attract a lot of attention to the game that surpassed Martial God Online that had just been launched not long ago. 


Over a billion players, which was more than half of Fate’s player base, had taken part in the tournament. And this naturally made the qualifiers a long and grueling process. 


The large number of players meant that the referees were made obsolete, and the players would have to be selected by an automated process in the system. 


Each player would receive a registration number, and would then be paired off against a random opponent in a match that lasted for ten minutes. Points would be given based on the hits a player could land on his or her opponent. And if both players survived the full ten minutes of the match, the victor would then be decided by the points held by each player. 


Only fifty thousand players would be selected from each continent to take part in the second stage of the tournament, which would then thin the number of participants down to a total of twenty thousand.


These twenty thousand players could be said to be the cream of the crop of Fate’s player base, as they made up only a very tiny percentage of Fate’s total population. 


The twenty thousand players would then have to face off against each other in elimination rounds that would proceed until only ten of them were left. 


And these players, who were undoubtedly the best of the best among the one billion contestants, would be divided into two groups of five players, where they would face off against the players in their respective group. 


Ye Ci sighed when she saw the sheer number of contestants in the tournament. The rules were more complicated than she remembered from her last life. Is this something that Wang Jiangnan intentionally did? Or could this be the butterfly effect of my reincarnation? She longed to face off against Fleeting Time, but the first stage of the qualifiers alone would take a lot of time. 


Ye Ci was dipping her water in the cold Red Lake when she noticed a presence nearby. She opened her eyes, and turned to face the player.


It was Zero Arsenic. 


She continued lying on the ground as she spoke to the man, “What do you want?” 


Zero Arsenic stared at Ye Ci, appearing to be deep in thought for a long while before finally speaking up, “Gongzi You, I’ve always heard that a person’s face will look big when they’re lying down. I’ve finally seen it with my own eyes today.” 


Ye Ci was baffled, “Get lost!” she said through gritted teeth. 


“Are you sure it’s a good idea to dip your legs in the water when you sleep?” Zero Arsenic continued on shamelessly, “It’s not good for your knees. I have a friend who is a really good doctor if you ever need one.” 


Ye Ci glared daggers at the man, “What do you want? I’ll break your legs if you continue wasting my time.” 


Zero Arsenic guffawed at her response, “Aiya, it seems that Fleeting Time’s humor is rubbing off on you, Little Gongzi.” 


Little Gongzi?? Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at Zero Arsenic and stood up. With a swift movement, she appeared behind Zero Arsenic and kicked him into the water. 


The man was drenched when he finally swam his way back to the shore.


“Alright, alright,” he sighed, “Let’s get down to business then.” 


Ye Ci raised an eyebrow at him, and he continued, “If I’m not mistaken, your registration number is 7469?” 


“Yeah, what about it?” 

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