Chapter 428 A Gift

Chapter 428 A Gift


The all four continents in Fate had different cultures and maps. While the dungeons might be different, most of them still yield the same items with the same drop rates. 


But there were certain items that were unique to certain dungeons that could only be found in their respective continent. 


Dora’s Ornament was dropped by a BOSS named Water Sprite Dora in the Western Continent. This meant that it could be obtained on the Western Continent alone. 


Of course, while Dora’s Ornament was not available to the other continents, the three other continents had unique items of their own. 


These unique items had very low drop rates, and were usually dropped by BOSS that were hard to kill. Due to their elegant designs, they would always fetch a high price in the auction house. 


“Why do you have this?” Ye Ci’s anger was driven away by her curiosity. 


“I just happened to find it lying on the ground.” 


“Oh really?” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow, “You happened to just find an item dropped by Water Sprite Dora, the third BOSS of a hundred player dungeon with formidable attack and defense?” and she continued staring at Fleeting Time as she spoke, “And you’re telling me that you found this by sheer coincidence.” 


Fleeting Time sighed, “I’m impressed. As expected of a living Fate encyclopedia,” and he spread his hands open, “Alright then, I’ll tell you the truth. Our elites were fighting Dora yesterday, but they do not have enough DPS, and that’s why I volunteered. I guess I was just lucky. She dropped this on our first try…” Fleeting Time pointed at the head ornament. 


“Isn’t this very expensive?” 


“Nope.” Fleeting Time shook his head, “I was very good at rolling the dice.” 


Ye Ci gritted her teeth at the man who was blatantly showing off his good luck. A person with an unlucky aura like her would never experience something like this. 


Fleeting Time was confused when he noticed Ye Ci’s angered expression. Did I say something wrong? He could tell that the item was highly popular from the reaction of the female players when the item dropped, as well as the anger they displayed when he snatched the item for himself. This doesn’t make sense! 


Just then, he noticed something flying right at him and snatched it out of the air. It was Dora’s Ornament. Ye Ci’s voice entered his ears before he could react, “Alright! Fine! I know you have very good luck! But do you really have to flaunt it in my face? So what if my luck is bad?!” 


Fleeting Time was stunned. A chuckle escaped his lips and he broke into laughter, much to Ye Ci’s irritation, “You bastard! Just you wait! Someday, I’ll have luck as good as yours!” 


He landed back on the clock tower after jumping off his Phoenix, and immediately received a glare from Ye CI, “Oh, are you here to meet your death? I’ll let you know that I’m not afraid of you!”


The grin on Fleeting Time’s face only grew wider, “This is for you.” he handed Dora’s Ornament to Ye Ci. 


Ye Ci was shocked, “What do you mean?” 


“What I meant was, since I got it from the dungeon, and have given it to you, it’s yours now.” responded Fleeting Time after a long moment of considering the question. 


Several thoughts ran through Ye Ci’s mind before realization dawned upon her. Is he still trying to show off? Is he giving this to me? Is this some sort of gift? Wait… This is for me? 


“Is this… For me?” 


“Yup! This is something obviously meant for a female player. Of course I’ll give it to you.” he then glanced at Ye Ci before continuing, “Well if you don’t like it, you can always throw it away. It’s just a piece of jewellery.” 


Ye Ci snatched Dora’s Ornament away from Fleeting Time before he could even finish his sentence. She studied the head ornament under the setting sun and breathed, “It’s beautiful.” 


“Yup.” Fleeting Time gaze grew softer as he stared at Ye Ci. 


“Well I guess you made a lot of your guildmates angry with your luck.” 


Fleeting Time could still remember the looks he received from the Genesis players, “They have always been jealous of my luck.” 


Ye Ci was rendered speechless by his blatant shamelessness. She stared silently at Dora’s Ornament for a long while before turning around to face Fleeting Time. 


He raised an eyebrow when she handed the ornament back to him. 


“Help me put this on, I do not have a mirror,” said Ye Ci with a half-smile. 


Fleeting Time was caught off guard by her words. But a smile was quick to form on his lips. He took the ornament from Ye Ci, and pinned it on her hair with the utmost care. 


“Alright, and we’re done.” said Fleeting Time with a smile as he stared at the ornament resting on Ye Ci’s head. 


She lifted her hand and touched the ornament pinned on her head, “This is the first time someone other than my parents and Bai Mo had gifted me something.” 


Fleeting Time’s heart clenched when he heard what she said. He stared at Ye Ci for a long time before holding her hands in his. Gongzi You might appear to be tough, but she had a soft side as well. “Well, I hope you don’t mind me sending more gifts your way in the future then.” 


Ye Ci’s face immediately reddened as a warmth spread across her heart. 


“To be honest, I would’ve been happier if there’s no Bai Mo before me.” 


Ye Ci’s smile immediately stiffened, “Bai Mo is my cousin. His mother is the sister of my mother.” 


Is this… Her attempt at explaining something to me? Fleeting Time grinned at Ye Ci, “So what if he’s your cousin? He’s still a man…” 


Ye Ci frowned at him, “Hey, you’re not likeable at all sometimes.” 


“Little Gongzi, do you know what it means when a girl says ‘I do not like you’ to a guy?” 




“It actually means ‘I like you’.” 


Ye Ci stared at him with mouth agape before shouting out loud, “Why don’t you just roll over and die, Fleeting Time!?” 


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