Chapter 427 Has Your Anger Subsided?

Chapter 427 Has Your Anger Subsided?


“But what? The smile on Ye Ci’s face froze. 


“But it doesn’t mean that I’m not angry.” Fleeting Time voiced his displeasure in a very calm tone. There was no sign of anger on his face, but he was able to convey his feelings through his words alone. 


“Why are you angry?” Ye Ci was confused, “Didn’t you say that you trust me?”


Fleeting Time sighed at Ye Ci. It seems that I have to be straightforward with her about something like this. “I’m angry because…” he leaned forward and whispered into Ye Ci’s ears, “You’ve never done something like this with me. Why did Breeze get that treatment?” 


Ye Ci blushed at his words. 


“Alright then. I apologize.” she lowered her gaze. 


But Fleeting Time shook his head lightly? 


“Then what do you want?” Ye Ci’s voice grew softer. 


Fleeting Time pulled Ye Ci’s hood away and said with a  charming smile, “Don’t you think some compensation is needed? It should at least be better than what Breeze got.” 


The blush on Ye Ci’s face deepened. H-how am I supposed to do that? I saw him as an enemy But Fleeting Time… she bit on her lips and scanned her surroundings. The entire tavern was staring at them blatantly. 


“Hey,” she said through gritted teeth, “Don’t you think you’re going a little too far?” 


Fleeting Time stared at Ye Ci. The blush on her face was exceptionally beautiful. “Alright, alright.” he sighed, “I accept your apology.” 


Ye Ci let out a sigh of relief. But her chin was lifted up at the next moment, and Fleeting Time’s warm lips came crashing down on hers. 


Her mind was blank, safe for one thought: People are watching!


A wave of dizziness washed across Ye Ci. Her blood was boiling. It was as if her entire being was on fire. 


The patrons of the tavern were staring at the couple with mouth agape. 


It was normal for a couple to kiss, but to do it in full view of the public… 


The spectacle filled their hearts with excitement. 


They continued staring at the duo until the loud clang of a fallen goblet snapped them back to reality. 


“Fleeting Time…” she wanted to speak, but her mouth was immediately smothered by another pair of lips. She wanted to push him away, but his grip on her tightened instead. 


The crowd cheered and whistled at the couple. 


“Nice one, Fleeting Time!” 


“Push her down Fleeting Time!” 


“You’re my idol, Fleeting Time!” 


The embarrassment gave Ye Ci the strength to finally push Fleeting Time away. She drew her bow and glared coldly at the man, but her face was blushing bright red. 


Silence immediately fell upon the tavern. Just then, a hand pressed Ye Ci’s bow down, and another snaked itself around her waist. Before she could even realize what was going on, Ye Ci found herself being hoisted by Fleeting Time over his shoulder, “Let go of me, you bastard!” 


But her cries were ignored by Fleeting Time, who carried her out of the tavern. Tried as she might, Ye Ci was not able to remove herself from his grip. 


He jumped onto one of the buildings, and began to sprint across the rooftops. Wind brushed past his face as he made his way across the city. Despite the protests from Ye Ci who was still being carried on his shoulder, his mood remained good. 


He finally set her down lightly after some time. 


And Ye Ci was shocked to realize that she was now at the Royal Clock Tower in the middle of Hero City. 


Anger boiled within her. She lifted her hand without even thinking and swung it at Fleeting Time’s face. But it was immediately caught by a firm grip. 


She lifted her other hand, and it was also caught by Fleeting Time as well. 


“Are you angry at me?” Fleeting Time smiled at Ye Ci. 


“Of course I am!” 


“What a coincidence. Because I’m angry as well.” Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes. 


Ye Ci raised her voice at Fleeting Time, “Oh you’re angry? Didn’t you say that you’re not angry anymore? You’re still angry after doing that?” 


“Oh?” Fleeting Time could barely hold back the smile on his face as he stared at Ye Ci’s angered expression. 


“How could you do that in full view of the public!” Ye Ci’s anger continued to rise. 


But Fleeting Time did not seem to have noticed her anger. 


“Oh? I did it on purpose.” 


“You!” Ye Ci pulled her hands away from Fleeting Time’s grip, “How could you do that!” 


“I’m just marking what is mine.” 


“You what?!” 


“Alright, I apologize. I went too far.” the smile remained on Fleeting Time’s face as he lowered his head. “Why don’t we call it even” 


“Call it even?” Ye Ci shot him a glare. 


“You see.. You started it by doing that with Breeze. And I’m mad at you for doing that. You apologized, but I was not satisfied with your apology, so I kissed you. But it was your turn to be angry. And I apologized to you. Shouldn’t we call it even?” Fleeting Time spread his arms open. 


That was the last straw that sent Ye Ci’s anger exploding like a volcano. Fleeting Time felt a sudden force striking his lower back and fell down from the clock tower. 


Hmpf! That’ll teach him to not mess with me! Thought Ye Ci with a satisfied smile on her face. Just then, she heard the flapping of wings. 


And Fleeting Time appeared moments later on his Phoenix, “Alright, alright, has your anger subsided?” 


“Hmpf!” Ye Ci turned away from him. Something flew through the air, and she caught it with her hand out of reflex. It was a golden piece of head jewellery. 


Dora’s Ornament: Charisma +3, Agility +10. 


The item had very ordinary stats, but it could  be worn along with a helmet. She remembered something like this costing a large amount of money in her last life as it was one of the few cosmetic items that came with additional stats, and of course due to its high demand among the female players. 


But the drop rate of this item was very low. And this made its price even higher. 


Why does he have something like this? 

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