Chapter 424 An Affair?

Chapter 424 An Affair? 


Ye Ci had avoided the forums since the wisteria garden incident, and had been laying low. It had been an entire year since she was last mentioned in any forum posts. But people love gossiping. 


She went offline to have a shower and then dinner after a few more matches in the arena. The rest of her evening was spent on watching variety shows on TV.  


When she walked past Bai Mo’s room, she could feel two pairs of eyes boring into her. She tilted her head and stared at the two males in the room. 


They were staring at her as if she was a monster. 


“Are you two looking at me?” 


They both nodded. 


“Have you not seen me before?” 


The two of them nodded, and then shook their heads once they realized their mistakes. 


The situation was so bizarre that Ye Ci began checking her clothes up and down. Yup, no missing pieces here. She then patted her face. Nothing wrong with my face either. So what are they looking at? 


“Then what are you two staring at?” she raised an eyebrow. 


They shared a look, and immediately began babbling off at Ye Ci. She could not understand even a single word they said, “Alright, stop. One at a time please.” 


Tan Polang and Bai Mo once again looked at each other, as if waiting for the other to speak. But they ended up turning towards Ye Ci at the same time and started speaking. 


“Alright, why don’t you decide who will speak first,” and she turned around to leave. But the two of them called out to her, “Come back!” 


“Oh? You’re done discussing?” Ye Ci smiled at them. 


Tan Polang glanced at Bai Mo and said, “I’ll let brother Mo speak first.” 


Bai Mo wasted no time in motioning for Ye Ci with his hand, “Get in here, there’s something I need to ask you.” 


Ye Ci stared at Tan Polang, then at Bai Mo. She did not know what was going on. “Alright, what is it? I have things to do.” she said as she walked into their room. 


“Have you broken up with that damn rascal?” Bai Mo was very certain with his speculation when he noted that Ye Ci was behaving absent-mindedly. 


“Huh?” Ye Ci was confused. 


“No no no, you’re asking the wrong thing!” Tan Polang interjected, “Are you having an affair, Sister Ye?” 


“Huh?” Ye Ci was made even more confused. 


“Come on, even when you’ve broken up with that bastard, you shouldn’t set your sights on a married man!” Bai Mo pulled Tan Polang aside and walked up to Ye Ci, “Tell me this is a misunderstanding. Your cousin, I will believe you!” 


“Sister Ye! You can’t be a third wheel in a relationship!” Tan Polang shoved Bai Mo aside and said to Ye Ci. 


Fortunately for Ye Ci, Ye Nantian and Zuo Xiaolan were out shopping, or she would quickly find herself besieged on all fronts. 


“Shut up!” she roared at the duo. 


Bai Mo and Tan Polang immediately clamped their mouths shut and stared silently at Ye Ci who snorted at them and crossed her arms in front of her, “Cheating? Playing third wheel?” and her eyes narrowed, “Care to explain what you’re talking about?” 


The two immediately began to speak up simultaneously once again. Ye Ci could feel a headache slowly intensifying and she motioned for them to remain silent. But it was no use, as the two men were still yapping away at her. A sudden realization flashed through her mind when she caught the word “forums” in between their sentences, and she immediately pushed past them to the computer. 


A page of the forum was displayed on the monitor with the title, “Fleeting Time’s relationship in jeopardy, Death Blossom’s back garden on fire! A discussion of the love and hate between top players!” 


Attached to the post were screenshots taken of the interaction between Ye Ci and Breeze. There was even a video where Ye Ci lifted Breeze’s chin with her finger as the conversation progressed. 


The comments of the post were full of theories about the “romance” between Gongzi You and Breeze in broad daylight. 


And many of the players have arrived at the conclusion that Gongzi You and Breeze were having an affair behind the backs of their lovers. It was also stated that Gongzi You was probably the one who initiated the relationship. 


It took a mere thirty minutes for the post to become the most popular post in the forum. Ye Ci sighed when she saw the number of views it had gained. Why have the posts about dungeon clearing guides not received such attention? 


“What do you feel after seeing this post, Little Ci?” Bai Mo and Tan Polang were standing behind Ye Ci. 


“Ahh.. I feel nostalgic.” Ye Ci snorted, “It’s been awhile since I’ve made it into the forums.” and she left the two to their own devices. 


“I was right, pay up!” Bai Mo immediately said to Tan Polang once Ye Ci was out of sight. 


“But I was not wrong either!” 


“Young man… You bet, you pay!” 


“No! I did not lose!” 


Ye Ci returned to her room and sat by her desk. She stared silently at her cellphone. Should I call him? Or at least send him a message? Perhaps even get Green Hill’s Moon to send a message to him for me?


Ye Ci blinked and stared into her reflection in the mirror in front of her. Wait… There’s really no need for that. There’s nothing I need to explain, right? She clutched at her hair. It’s not that big of a deal. She could feel that something was wrong, but she who was at a negative in terms of EQ could not tell what was wrong.


“Heh, between me and Gongzi You, which one of us is prettier?” Death Blossom whispered into her husband’s ear. 


Breeze stared at his wife and replied truthfully, “You are, of course.” 


“I think Gongzi You is not bad looking either.” Death Blossom offered a very objective evaluation of her “rival”. 


But Breeze snorted at her words, “Gongzi You does not count as a woman.” 




“She’s a fox. A very cunning fox” he replied, much to Death Blossom’s confusion. 



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