Chapter 423 The Next Time

Chapter 423 The Next Time


“I hope that you can consider this. It benefits both of us.” his voice was soft, but Ye Ci could hear the arrogance in his tone. 


So this is how Golden Era is… And this is how Breeze is… 


A person like him who is highly respected in-game and in real life has probably forgotten about how it’s like to be humble. Thought Ye Ci. He’s trying to speak from a position of power even when he’s begging for my cooperation. She pursed her lips as her expression grew cold, Does he seriously think that Fate belongs to him now? Is he looking down on me?


“So this is why you’re here?” Ye Ci smiled at him. It was a sweet, innocent smile with daggers hidden within. 


Breeze did not know what was going on. He nodded cautiously at Ye Ci, “That’s right.” 


“Very well then.” Ye Ci sighed, “I’ll be honest with you, Breeze. You’re wasting your time here.” 


The leader of Golden Era did not display any displeasure at Ye C’s rejection. It was as if the result was something that he had expected before meeting her, “Why is that? Are you not going to even consider it?” 


Ye Ci snorted in response, “Yup. I will not.” 


“But… I’m interested in knowing what you’ll do in response.” she continued, “Will you try and stop me from ever leaving Red Lake City? Or will you perhaps continue sending your assassins after me? Know this: I will never hand it over to you. Even if you’ve managed to kill me and reduce my level all the way to zero, it will still be with me.” 


A smile appeared on Ye Ci’s face, “I wonder… Is there someone in Golden Era who can kill me…” 


Breeze sighed and responded with a sincere tone, “Gongzi You, you are indeed a top-tier player, and you have a lot of tools at your disposal. But… Do you know that arrogance is the root to all defeats?” 


Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, “Ahhh… This is not the first time someone said this to me, but…” she placed her index finger under Breeze’s chin and leaned closer towards him. Her gaze was boring into him as she spoke coldly, “What if I tell you that defeat is what I’m looking for?” 


Breeze stared at the face before him in silence. He could hear the killing intent in her gentle voice. Gongzi You herself was not a beautiful person, but she had an aura of charm around her. Perhaps this is what they mean by charisma. Thought Breeze. He could feel a chill traveling down her spine. 


She was smiling at him, but she was looking at him like a predator studying its prey. 


It was something unique to Gongzi You that made her somewhat likeable despite her persona. 


But there were also times when he would hate her to the core. 


“Gongzi You, there’s no way Upwards Ho! can hold two Mithril ore veins at once. Why don’t you sell it at a good price instead of letting it sit there unattended?” Their interaction might appear intimate to an outsider, but Breeze had a feeling that he was treading on thin ice, “If you’re willing to sell it to me, I’ll give 10% of our daily produce to Upwards Ho!.” 


Ye Ci’s eyes grew even narrower. She pulled her hand back and rested it on her knee, “Are you proposing an alliance with us?” 


“What about it? Am I not allowed to do that?” it was Breeze turn to raise an eyebrow. 

“But… I seem to remember that Golden Era has always been enemies with Upwards Ho!.” 


“Friendship and rivalry will not last forever. The only thing that is eternal in this world is benefits.” Breeze smiled at Ye Ci. He could almost feel the sweet taste of victory.


“If that’s the case, I have even more reason to reject your proposal.” Ye Ci laughed. 


“Do you have a reason for that?” Breeze frowned at her. Things were not going as he had expected. 


“Did you just tell me that friendship will not last forever, while benefits are eternal? I have to agree with you on that. Upwards Ho! might not be able to benefit from my quest lock, and I have much to gain by selling it to you… But when I think about it.. Your guild is already hard to deal with as it is even without a Mithril ore vein in your control. Wouldn’t I be placing my own fate in your hands?” 


“I understand your worries.” it was as if Breeze anticipated her words, “We can sign a contract. Golden Era will not do anything that can jeopardize Upwards Ho!’s benefits, no matter the circumstances. I’ll also give you my guarantee that we will not move against Upwards Ho!. Is that enough for you?” 


“Nope.” Ye Ci shook her head. 


“Why is that?” Breeze was shocked. 


“You seem to have forgotten one thing.” Ye Ci stood up and leaned forward towards him, “You did not join this game out of your own volition. You were hired to play the game. If I have to guess, your employer is Heaven and Earth. You’re planning to leave the game once the time is right, and this will completely destroy the economy system in Fate. The game will die.” 


Breeze bit down hard on his lips. While his thoughts remain hidden, his expression was broadcasting his displeasure. His dealing with Heaven and Earth was supposed to be a secret. Even the officers of Golden Era do not know about this. How did she find out? 


“How did you know?” he did not even consider the option of denying the truth. 


A smile appeared on Ye Ci’s face, “Breeze, you have your way of acquiring information, and I have mine. If you’re able to find out about my quest lock, what makes you think that I won’t be able to acquire information about your employer?” 


Breeze was silent. It was not because he was thinking of a way to persuade Ye Ci, but because he was now certain that Gongz You would never hand over the quest lock. 


Despite the knowledge, he refused to bow down to what he saw as the inevitable. ‘Failure’ was not a word in his dictionary. No matter how slim his chances were, he was determined to at least try and make it work, “Are you really not going to consider it?” 


“Of course I won’t.” Ye Ci shook her head, “You’re using it to destroy the game, while I have to defend my investments in Fate. I do not wish for my efforts to go to waste. And this is why I won’t sell it to you.” and she fell into silence. 


Breeze stared at Ye Ci for a long while before finally nodding, “Alright. I understand.” it seems that I’ve failed. 


He sighed after casting one last glance at Ye Ci, “Gongzi You, when we meet next, it’ll be a fight to the death.” 


A wide smile appeared on ye Ci’s lips. She turned around and headed into the arena. 


A fight to the death? Interesting.


I’m looking forward to it. 


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