Chapter 52 1 vs 5? Or was it 5 vs 1

Chapter 52 1 vs 5? Or was it 5 vs 1

Wandering Cloud quickly realized that something was wrong from Potato-Eating Dace’s words, “I thought you guys said that you had defeated her? Why would she just lie there when you guys stole the monster when it has 10% of its HP left? How is that possible…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Ye Ci rose from the ground like a phantom and fired an arrow at Glistening Snow.

Ye Ci’s equipment was superior and a Cleric was a soft target. Nobody expected her to suddenly rise and attack. They were not prepared for Ye Ci’s sudden movement. Glistening Snow was taken out by Ye Ci’s attacks before he could react.

Lazy Blue managed to react and attempted to deliver a Staggering Blow at Ye Ci, but she had already leaped away. Even the arrow that she first shot at Glistening Snow was fired while in mid-air.

The party was not new to PK. They immediately counterattacked right after Glistening Snow was taken out. With the exception of Potato-Eating Dace who had to hide within the rock formation and maintain the Armored Giant Tortoise’s aggro, the other three charged at Ye Ci.

MuQing began channeling a spell while he moved, while Wandering Cloud Charged at Ye Ci. Affected by her feelings from her past life, Ye Ci did not dare to look him in the eye. She dodged his Charge with a slight adjustment and landed on Lazy Blue. Using him as a springboard, Ye Ci once again leaped into the air and cast Rapid Fire on MuQing.

MuQing fell lifelessly to the ground after receiving a flurry of critical hits with additional poison damage.

After taking out two enemies in one go, Ye Ci dashed towards the Armored Giant Tortoise. She cast the Empowered Hunter’s Mark at the BOSS, cast Falcon Protection on herself, and fired a Viper Needle at the BOSS’s eyes. She then cast Decoy on herself.

The aggro of the Armored Giant Tortoise on Potato-Eating Dace was not that high. With Ye Ci’s rapid attacks, she was able to snatch the aggro away from him. The Armored Giant Tortoise immediately moved away from the rock formation and headed straight for Ye Ci.

“Dace, secure the BOSS’s aggro!” shouted Wandering Cloud.

But his order was more or less impossible for Potato-Eating Dace. This was a lvl 40 Wild BOSS that they’re talking about. Even if he was able to hold the aggro, he would’ve easily been killed by the BOSS.

Despite that, Potato-Eating Dace cast Taunt at the BOSS. Ye Ci, however, was very generous. She fired a Decoy at Potato-Eating Dace, generously transferring all her aggro to the Warrior. The Armored Giant Tortoise turned its head towards Potato-Eating Dace and chomped down on him. With a scream, he fell lifelessly onto the ground.

The 5 man party had been reduced to only 2 in less than 30 seconds.

Wandering Cloud gritted his teeth, “I thought you said she’s bad at PVP?”

The ones who had already died laid there and did not dare to speak a word. Glistening Snow was especially quiet as if he had truly died.

Lazy Blue who was still alive paled. He did not expect Gongzi You to fake her death for nearly half an hour just beside him.

This Huntress was truly skillful and bold. Lazy Blue felt like he was outplayed. Not only in terms of skill but in terms of intelligence as well. He was toyed by this Huntress called Gongzi You.

Lazy Blue was enraged, and he charged straight at Ye Ci.

Ye Ci, on the other hand, darted towards her 2 remaining opponents, with the Armored Giant Tortoise following close behind. A spell casting indicator appeared on the monster’s icon. It was casting Mist.

It’s finally using that spell. Ye Ci faced Lazy Blue with a sinister smile.

Lazy Blue and Wandering Cloud were so focused on Ye Ci that they did not notice the small changes taking place behind Ye Ci. The moment they saw Ye Ci’s sinister smile, they knew that something was wrong.

They were unable to react in time. Ye Ci activated Charge and darted away from between the two.

The Armored Giant Tortoise let out a mighty roar and blasted towards Ye Ci with Mist. It missed Ye Ci but Lazy Blue and Wandering Cloud were not so lucky.

They received a full blast from the BOSS.

Wandering Cloud could feel himself slowing down. He glanced at his status and was shocked to see a 50% slowed debuff as well as a 20 seconds damage over time debuff. He took out a potion and shouted out to Lazy Blue, “Blue, be careful…”

At the next moment, Wandering Cloud’s eyes almost popped out of their socket. Lazy Blue was already dead.

How did he die? He noticed a wound on Lazy Blue’s throat and was hit with a sudden realization. Lazy Blue was at the side of Gongzi You’s dominant hand when she dashed them.

That woman had slit Lazy Blue’s throat in the short moment when she dashed past Wandering Cloud and Lazy Blue!

Having Ye Ci as its target, the Armored Giant Tortoise was totally oblivious to Wandering Cloud. It moved steadily forward, plowing into Wandering Cloud and sent him staggering to the ground.

Wandering Cloud couldn’t help but shudder as he stared at the Huntress who was leaping around, kiting the Armored Giant Tortoise in the process.

She was just too strong.

Her skills in PVE, her perfect timing when it came to PVP, and also her unprecedented bravery in faking her death.

It was not something an average person could pull off.

Wandering Cloud felt a coldness creeping up the tips of his fingers. He knew that Gongzi You was skillful. That was obvious since she was able to obtain so many First Bloods. But while she was good in PVE, he had never expected her to be as good when it came to PVP.

She was able to react instantly to her environment.

The way she took Lazy Blue out… Perhaps even Lazy Blue himself did not expect her to be able to land a hit in that short time window.

Ye Ci summoned Ol’ Three, which continuously attacked the Armored Giant Tortoise’s backside. Ye Ci herself, on the other hand, led the Armored Giant Tortoise towards Wandering Cloud.

Was she trying to kill him the same way she killed Potato-Eating Dace? Wandering Cloud ran for his life.

He really wanted the shield that dropped from the Armored Giant Tortoise, but apparently, this was not the time for him. He was the sole survivor of a 5-man party. With Gongzi You’s unprecedented skill and cunningness, he stood no chance.

Despite the temptation, Wandering Cloud knew that he had to run away and accept his blunder. Tang Dynasty was one of the largest guilds in the Eastern Continent. As long as he could get away safely…

What Wandering Cloud had overlooked was that he was under a ‘slow’ debuff. Ye Ci caught up with him and stabbed him in the back of his knees.

He felt a sharp pain and strength immediately left his right leg.

“Your right leg has been crippled.”

The act of crippling an opponent was something unique to the PVP in Fate. The system employed concepts from Chinese martial arts. Damaging an opponent’s ligament with blades will cripple his or her body parts and the only way to repair the damage was to return to one of the main cities and seek medical attention from specific NPCs.

Being crippled was a status that will not take away a player’s HP. However, to cripple an opponent, one must act fast and strike with precision. It was impossible for a player to master such a skill without a long time of practice.

The crippled Wandering Cloud was shocked out of his mind. The ‘crippled’ debuff was only mentioned briefly on the official Fate website but the section was left without much description. He did not pay much heed to that particular piece of information. He assumed that one could only be crippled by chance, but he was wrong.

Wandering Cloud stared at Gongzi You. Was his luck that bad? Before he could react, he felt another sharp pain in his left leg. He could no longer feel both his legs.

The Armored Giant Tortoise had finally reached Ye Ci and was about to attack her.

Was it Karma? Would the Huntress be killed by the Armored Giant Tortoise?

Joy soared within Wandering Cloud’s heart. He unsheathed his sword and wildly swung in the general direction of Ye Ci and the Armored Giant Tortoise. His plan was simple: It would be a great payback if he could somehow kill Ye Ci and if he was able to slay the Armored Giant Turtle with a lucky hit…

He immediately felt a stabbing pain in his arm, “Your left hand has been crippled.”

“Your right hand has been crippled.”


Wandering Cloud could only curse in frustration as he glared at Ye Ci, waiting for the Armored Giant Turtle to bite down on her. However, he didn’t expect that Ye Ci would suddenly disappear. Wandering Cloud adjusted his view and saw Ye Ci leaping into the air and landing on the Armored Giant Tortoise’s back with a summersault. She held a blade in each hand and stabbed the monster’s neck.

The Armored Giant Tortoise let out one final roar and fell.

The system notification immediately chimed in.

“Player Gongzi You has slain the lvl 40 Wild BOSS Armored Giant Tortoise with her own strength and survived the ordeal. Special Rewards: Global prestige x8000, Chilly Wind City prestige x1000, Gold coins x1000, Talent Points x4”

The entire Fate universe exploded into madness.

Somebody was able to slay a lvl 40 Wild BOSS when the average player level was at lvl 20? Was that a BUG? A lot of them began gossiping about Gongzi You and some of them even reported Gongzi You to the customer service. The reply they received from the customer service was, “The player defeated the BOSS through normal means, there was no BUG involved.” This statement further plunged the players into insanity.

Ye Ci was oblivious to the chaos that she stirred up. She had muted the World Channel a long time ago.

She stood on top of the Armored Giant Tortoise’s carcass, looking down on Wandering Cloud who knelt in front of her.

Her face was calm.

In her past life, this man, had brought her fake joy with his deceit and had used her heartlessly. She hated him. She had sworn to grind him into dust if she ever met him again one day.

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