Chapter 420 The Lead Developer

Chapter 420 The Lead Developer


Be it the Elven King Dau’er or Dark Lord Naga, both of them were high tier NPCs that played an important role in the history of Fate. Any quests related to these two NPCs would naturally be classified as an Epic-tier Quest. 


And it would of course be impossible for two players who had just reached lvl100 to complete such a quest. 


Ye Ci traveled around the Sacred Mountain accompanied by Fleeting Time despite knowing full well that the quest was an impossible one at the current stage of the game. While they were able to withstand the cold, the duo was severely outleveld by the monsters that populated the map. 


Every single monster in the vicinity of the mountain was a lvl150 Elite. The only way they could get up there was by forming a party of at least a hundred players. 


The duo was staring at a gigantic Yeti near them. The monster seemed peaceful, but it almost caused their death moments ago. They would have lost their lives if not for their ‘Feigned Death’ skill. 


“Did you break its defence just now?” Ye Ci could still remember how her attacks did not break the monster’s defence despite landing on its weak spots. 


Fleeting Time noticed the anger on Ye Ci’s face, and decided to hide the truth that he was able to break its defence out of sheer dumb luck from her, “Of course not. The level penalty was too great.”


Ye Ci’s anger dissipated at his words. She gritted her teeth at the Yeti, “We might’ve been able to take it out if the difference in levels are not too great.” 


The leveling system in Fate is designed in such a way that any attacks against a target with more than 20 levels above a player would be completely nullified unless good luck resulted in a broken defence. 


“Sure.” Fleeting Time nodded at Ye Ci, “We can try again once we both hit lvl130.” 


While Ye Ci was reluctant to just leave the map, reality was telling her that there was nothing she could achieve in that place. 


Fleeting Time received a message from Absalom when he left the Sacred Mountain. He glanced at Ye Ci before taking the call. 


“Did something happen?” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow at him. 


“The alliance of Western Continent guild got into a fight against Golden Era.” Fleeting Time sighed. From his expression, Ye Ci could tell that it was something very troublesome. A fight like this would often last for hours, and every core player would have to be present during the fight no matter what they were doing. 


A frown appeared on Ye Ci’s face, “They have been provoking the many alliances in all four continents. Have they finally gotten stronger?” 


“I think so. Fighting against Golden Era is seriously dragging us down. They have more resources and manpower than we do. The major guilds in our alliances would have to take turns bearing the cost just to keep us from losing.” Fleeting Time massaged his temple. He had spent a better part of the last six months participating in battles against Golden Era that were nothing but a test of both side’s manpower. 


Of course, the players who have been introduced to the excitement of PVP would always look forward to such a fight. 


Ye Ci pursed her lips at that. Upwards Ho! was also part of a multi-guild alliance, and was always required to respond whenever a fight broke out. 


“I have to head over there now. Be careful, the monsters here are very high leveled.” Fleeting Time sighed. 


“Don’t worry about me.” Ye Ci said with a flick of her hand, indicating that he should be heading out. Fleeting Time cast one last glance at Ye Ci and disappeared into a bright flash of light. 


With Fleeting Time gone, Ye Ci decided to head into the arena instead. The place had grown even livelier since the announcement of the Solo PVP Tournament.


Players were all encouraged to participate in the tournament. And as a result, the number of participants in the tournament exceeded half the total player base of Fate. This meant that more and more players began to flock to the arena, as it was the best place for training. 


The 1v1 and 2v2 battle mode immediately became the most popular category in the arena. 


Meanwhile in Fate’s Lead Developer Office… 


Wang Jiangnan sat by a desk furiously typing away on the keyboard with five monitors arrayed in front of him. He was a very busy man. As a reward for his hard work, he had been officially promoted to the position of Lead Developer.


But the job was not an easy one. He had to plan for future game contents while reviewing business reports flowing in about the game. 


Despite his tight schedule, Wang Jiangnan was able to quickly get used to the new workload. Qiao Liang, who was the CEO of the Glory Corporation was very satisfied with Wang Jiangnan’s performance. The young man was handed even more freedom in development as well as more freedom in making decisions regarding the future of the game. He had become more and more like the Father of Fate that Ye Ci knew in her last life. 


Even a knock on his door did not disrupt him from his work. 


“Come in.” Wang Jiangnan did not even raise his head. 


A man dressed in a tidy suit walked into his office with a stack of reports and set them on his table, “Chief Wang, this month’s market report is here.” 


Unlike the man, Wang Jiangnan was dressed very casually in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans while his name tag hung on his neck. Even his hair was disheveled due to his very busy schedule. 


He nodded at the man, “Martial God has officially ended Open Beta last month. Do you have their data as well?” 


“Yes. I’ve even made a comparison between their numbers and ours. It’s all included in this report here.” said the man as he handed a report to Wang Jiangnan, who motioned for the man to leave his office after he had a quick look at the report. 


The man, named Tang Nan, was a secretary assigned to Wang Jiangnan by Qiao Liang. The man was very meticulous with his work, and was a great critical thinker. Wang Jiangnan was able to deal with his immense workload because of Tang Nan’s aid. 


The report was very detailed, and Wang Jiangnan was able to find the data he needed quickly. He looked at the impact of Martial God’s launch on Fate, and sighed. No matter how well he did, Fate was still a game that was already three years old. Players would naturally flock to Martial God just to try out something new. 


Even the daily numbers of new players in Martial God since its launch were included in the report by Tang Nan much to Wang Jiangnan’s surprised. How did he get these? Isn’t this a trade secret of their company? 


“While Martial God’s launch has impacted us in no small way, and we’re losing more players since its launch, we’re still getting a large number of new players each day. This means that the losses in our player base are temporary. We should focus more effort on trying to get the older players to return while polishing the game for the new players so that they can get used to the game quicker. We should also be paying attention on Golden Era. The guild has managed to gain control of 30% of the game’s economy. We should prepare ourselves for when they withdraw from the game en masse.” a brief evaluation was attached at the end of the report by Tang Nan. 


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