Chapter 415 Are You Serious About This?

Chapter 415 Are You Serious About This?


There were simply things that could not be explained in our world, just like how certain individuals would baffle those around them. 


Breeze who gave up at the verge of victory and Fleeting Time who appeared in a place he should not were very fine examples. 


Timely Rain rubbed the bridge of his nose as he observed the interaction between Bai Mo and Fleeting Time. While the two seemed to be calm, a sharp person could tell that things were not as they seem.


That was why he decided to head out and oversee the Upwards Ho! players who were clearing the battlefield. 


Bai Mo smiled at Fleeting Time. This was the first time he had the opportunity to stand side by side with this man. While they had previously attended several events together, this was his first real meeting with Fleeting Time. 


But he could not tell what Fleeting Time was thinking. 


A thick feeling of awkwardness hung in the air. To an outsider, to have an intimidating looking Huntress, an elegant Hunter, and a Warrior with graceful air standing together was an awe-inspiring sight. But the atmosphere however, was entirely different. 


Bai Mo stared at Fleeting TIme who stared back at him. He raised an eyebrow, and shifted his gaze from the overly good looking man to Ye Ci, “Little Ci, shouldn’t you be doing some introductions?” 


Fleeting Time smiled like a particularly cunning fox when he heard Bai Mo’s words.


But Ye Ci did not seem to notice the weird atmosphere hanging in the air. She was staring at Bai Mo with a confused expression that seemed to be asking: Do you really need me to do that?  


But she relented under Bai Mo’s continuous stare. “This is Fleeting Time.” she said as she patted him on the shoulder. 


She then turned to Fleeting Time, “This is my cousin, Remote Depths. You didn’t have a chance to meet him the last time you came.” 


This very brief introduction still managed to light the fires of anger in both their hearts. 


Bai Mo smiled at Ye Ci, “Well it’s not my fault. Accidents always happen when we least expect it, don’t they?” 


Bai Mo’s words felt weird to Ye Ci, but she could not tell what exactly was wrong. 


Fleeting Time on the other hand, narrowed his eyes. What sort of introduction is this? Of course I’m Fleeting Time. Isn’t there something else you should say? Like… Perhaps my slightly special status? He cast a sideway glance at Ye Ci as a sign of protest. How can you introduce me with just four words? 


Bai Mo’s words served only to fuel Fleeting Time’s anger. Accident? Is he calling me an accident? Accidents are something that everybody wants to avoid. Does it mean that her cousin does not like me? He could still remember the man visiting Ye Ci when she was in prison. And he remembered how angered he was when Remote Depths hugged Ye Ci in front of him as if he did not even exist. 


The man was standing before him at this very moment. He had a handsome face. And while he knew that the Remote Depths that he was looking at was just an in-game avatar, there was an unmistaken air of elegance around that man. 


Fleeting Time had a strong urge to punch the face that was smiling at Ye Ci. But could he do that? The answer was no. 


He was the cousin of Ye Ci. This meant that he would always have the high ground. 


Fleeting Time studied the man’s face cautiously before finally letting out a sigh. What an irritating man. Unlike Tan Polang, Fleeting Time did not like Remote Depths even one bit. He could tell that the girl that he liked cared deeply about her cousin. She cared more about her cousin than she cared about him. 


Ah… I do not like this feeling. 


A smile appeared on Fleeting Time’s face as he noticed Ye Ci’s confused expression, “Well life is always full of surprises. It makes things interesting. Don’t you think our lives will be boring if everything stays the same?” 


“Well it depends on what sort of surprises we receive. Sometimes it might even be suffering instead of joy.” 


“We will never know until we’ve reached the end of our lives. Suffering might not be entirely bad. It might be a blessing in disguise.” Fleeting Time shrugged. 


Ye Ci frowned slightly at the two. Something was simply not right. She glanced at Fleeting Time, then at Bai Mo. While there was no feud going on between Bai Mo and Fleeting Time, she could feel the animosity between the two.


 “Have you gone to the Holy Mountain?” she interjected just before the situation could escalate. 


The question came out of nowhere. Fleeting Time glanced at Ye Ci, and noticed her stare. A smile appeared on his face as he replied, “I did. And I found something interesting there.” 


“Oh, really?” Ye Ci gave Fleeting Time a satisfied nod. She then smiled at Bai Mo, “I need to discuss that damned quest with him. Do you still need my help here?” 


Bai Mo’s gaze shifted from Ye Ci to Fleeting Time, and back to Ye Ci again before a smile appeared on his face, “Nope. We don’t need you here.” but he did not seem to be willing to let this matter slide. 


He looked at Fleeting Time and said, “Oh by the way, Fleeting Time, there’s something I need you to pass to Absalom for me, but it’s with one of our officers now. Can you come with me real quick?” 


Ye Ci sighed. It’s not easy to fool Bai Mo, is it? She glanced at Fleeting Time, who smiled at her before saying to Bai Mo, “Very well. Let’s go then.” and to Ye Ci he said, “Wait for me here.” 


There was nothing Ye Ci could do but to give him a nod. She leaned against a tree and crossed her arms in front of her, “Go then. My time is precious.” She then looked at Bai Mo and raised her eyebrows, but the gesture was ignored by her cousin. He was smiling at Fleeting Time. The expression on his face was telling her that he wanted to skin the man alive. 


Hmmm… I wonder who will win in a fight? Thought Ye Ci. It was a question she could not answer. She had never seen Bai Mo in a fight. Perhaps I should have a duel against Bai Mo someday. 


Bai Mo wandered around aimlessly with Fleeting Time in tow, but was trying his best to pretend that he had a destination in mind. 


The two of them were silent. They were both pretending that Bai Mo was really intending to hand something to Absalom. 


They received many states as they walked through the plains that was a field of battle mere moments ago. 


Everyone in Upwards Ho! knew of the relationship between the two men and Gongzi You. 


But the two main remained calm despite the looks they received. 


Some things must be said. It was unavoidable. Bai Mo stared towards the horizon and took in a deep breath, “Are you serious about this relationship?” 


As a man, Fleeting Time understood the concerns of the man who took the role of Gongzi You’s guardian, “Yes. I am.” 



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