Chapter 412 Idol

Chapter 412 Idol


Ye Ci headed towards the battlefield on Dragonback.


As the fight broke out in a sudden, neither side came prepared. No siege engines could be seen on the battlefield right outside the main city of the Eastern Continent. 


It was a contest of manpower and the effectiveness of their commanders. 


The terrain was flat, and this meant that there was practically no cover for the mages and healers of both parties. They had to be guarded by Rogues setting up a perimeter around them. 


Ye Ci arrived just in time to catch Golden Era’s assassins attempting to move in on the healers of Upwards Ho!. The group was well known in Fate due to their many assassination attempts on the players listen in the Leaderboards. Their top notch equipment and flawless teamwork were something feared by players in the game. 


Upwards Ho!’s Rogues were quick to find themselves overwhelmed by a superior enemy. 


She saw a familiar face, Honey Barbie, raising her dagger behind a Cleric, who had not yet noticed the presence of the Rogue behind her, and fired off an arrow. 


But her attack landed only after Honey Barbie struck her target. The Rogue’s skill landed on the Cleric,and took away a significant portion of her health. 


Honey Barbie did not expect the sudden appearance of yet another player. The arrow landed on her wrist and knocked her back. Ye Ci seized the opening and pushed the Cleric towards safety. 


Everything happened very quickly. The Cleric named Sister Orange felt a sharp pain on her back, and knew that she was under attack. She immediately cast a healing spell on herself, and was already pushed towards the rest of the Clerics before she could turn around and identify her assailant, causing her to bump into another Cleric. She apologized and finally found the chance to see what had happened. 


A cloaked figure was standing at the spot where she was moments before. With the player’s hood already pulled down, Sister Orange could see her silvery hair that was tied into a ponytail. The player nocked an arrow, and fired off a shot at a Rogue some distance away.


That’s probably the Rogue who attacked me. That Huntress saved my life! Sister Orange was almost certain who the Huntress was, but she could not bring herself to believe such a fact. To her, that person was like a legend. It was impossible for a legend to appear before a nobody like her and save her. 


Two Golden Era Rogues charged forth, but were both intercepted by the Huntress. At that range, she could no longer use her bow, and was instead using her short sword. Skills landed on the Huntress, taking away a huge chunk of her health, and Sister Orange immediately cast a healing spell on her. 


Ye Ci, who was locked in combat, noticed that she was being healed. She cast a sideway glance at the group of Clerics, and was quick to spot Sister Orange. “Thank you.’ she said with a smile, as she dispatched both her assailants. 


Sister Orange’s voice trembled when she saw the smile on Ye Ci’s face, “G-guild leader…” 


But Ye Ci spotted yet another opening in Upwards Ho!’s protective circle before Sister Orange could even finish her sentence. She smiled at the Cleric and said, “Stay safe. The only way you can contribute to the battle is by staying alive.” and she immediately sprinted away to plug the breach. 


“It’s! It’s the guild leader!” Sister Orange was blushing with a bright shade of red, and her heart was beating fast in her chest. She could barely breathe whenever she thought of the smile Gongzi You sent her way. “Mushroom! You wouldn’t believe who I saw just now!” she sent a message to her closest friend, Little White Mushroom. 


The Sorceress was casting an Arcane Missile when she received the message, “Who is that?” she asked as she fired off another spell. 


“I saw the guild leader!!” Sister Orange cupped her face with both her hands. 


“Well that’s nothing special. You can see him preparing for dungeon explorations every night at 7.30pm. In fact, I can see him almost everyday.” 


Both Little White Mushroom and Sister Orange were members of Upwards Ho!’s fifth squadron. They would often see Bai Mo whenever they prepare for expeditions into the dungeons, “Why are you so excited? You saw him everyday as well!” 


“No, it’s not Remote Depths! It’s… It’s…” Sister Orange was so excited that she could barely breathe. 


“Are you talking about… Gongzi You?” asked Little White Mushroom. 


“Yes! Yes! It is her! I saw Gongzi You! She even talked to me!” Sister Orange grew even more excited. The Cleric in charge of her party noticed that she had been slacking off and gave her a reminder to pay attention to the fight. 


“No way…” Little White Mushroom was growing excited as well, “How can this be! Gongzi You has barely taken part in guild activities. She’s also a red name! There’s no way she’ll come here! She might get killed by the NPCs! Maybe you’ve been mistaken?” 


“No! There’s no way I’d be mistaken! I saw her! She even saved me and told me to stay safe!” Sister Orange’s voice was filled with excitement, “Mushroom, are you doubting me?”


“Was it really Gongzi You? Was it really her?” Little White Mushroom was beginning to share her excitement. They joined Upwards Ho! due to the guild’s potential and the benefits it provided for its members. But the main reason they joined was because Gongzi You was in the guild. The Huntress had always been an idol of theirs, but they had never met Gongzi You since they joined the game. 


That was why both of them were excited when Sister Orange ran into the Huntress. 


“It was really her!” 


“What does she look like? Is she pretty?!” 


“She’s so cool! She even smiled at me and told me to stay safe, Mushroom! She told me to stay safe, and she rescued me! And she smiled at me too!” her excitement caused her to make yet another mistake, which was immediately pointed out by her party leader. 


“Why am I not a cleric…” Little White Mushroom sighed. 


Ye Ci engaged in a bitter fight against Golden Era’s assassination group as the conversation between the two friends was happening. 


She decided to summon Ol’ Four to aid her in battle instead. Ol’ Six was a stronger pet, but its size meant that it was easy for Golden Era players to focus their attacks on the Dragon. Ol’ Four on the other hand, was more agile, and came with an AOE skill that could stun its enemies. It was the perfect counter to the Rogues lurking around Upwards Ho!’s Clerics. 


Her coordination with Ol’ Four was flawless. 


Golden Era’s assassins were not able to exploit the breakthrough they achieved due to Ye Ci’s attacks. And when they were finally beaten back, Ye Ci immediately contacted Bai Mo to strengthen the defences around the Clerics. 


Both guilds were pouring all their resources into this fight on the ground and in the air. Ye Ci looked up into the sky at the battle raging on above. Neither side had been able to gain the upper hand yet. 



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