Chapter 411 Taboo

Chapter 411 Taboo


Death Blossom could not even begin to describe how she felt. She stared wide-eyed at Gongzi You until she was no longer in sight. It was then that she truly snapped out of her daze, and popped a bottle of Health Potion into her mouth. 


She would have died to Gongzi You’s arrow if not for her good equipment. She landed her Firebird, and took in a deep breath before pulling the arrow out from her throat, splattering blood everywhere on the ground. 


Another bottle of Health Potion was immediately chugged down to prevent herself from outright dying for removing the arrow. But the wound left by the arrow could only be healed by a doctor in the city. Her bleeding had stopped, but the wound still stung with pain, and she was quick to discover that her ability to speak had been lost as well. 


It was a very troublesome situation. 


She sent a message to Breeze as she made her way to the battlefield, “Gongzi You is heading your way now.” 


Breeze, who was in the thick of the action, had no time to spare on his text channel. He would usually ignore any text messages during a battle. As husband and wife, Death Blossom knew him very well. A grimace formed on her face. Not being able to speak is a huge inconvenience


Breeze was naturally the person taking charge during a battle. Reading text messages would only distract him from the changes of the battlefield. He did not have the time to waste on reading and replying to messages, no matter who it may be from. 


He saw it as something foolish. Using text messaging was simply foolish when voice messages was readily available to players. 


And that was why Death Blossom’s messages were all ignored by Breeze. She sighed, and sent a message to Sweeping Reed instead, “Tell Breeze to read my messages.” 


Officers of Golden Era were prohibited from responding to text messages during a battle, but Sweeping Reed decided to reply to the message as it was from Death Blossom, “What happened, sis?” 


Death Blossom simply did not have the time for explanations, “It’s a long story. Just tell Breeze to read the messages from me.” 


Sweeping Reed knew Breeze very well. But he also knew that the messages from Death Blossom were of the utmost importance. He immediately contacted Breeze, who was commanding Golden Era’s forces at the front. 


The guild leader’s heart sank as he listened to Reed’s words. He handed over command to the vice leader, and immediately checked his mail. 


A frown appeared on Breeze’s face as he replied to Death Blossom’s message, “What happened, Blossom? You can’t speak?” 


“Yup. My throat was punctured.” 


“Gongzi You?” the frown on his face deepend. He knew that it was the only explanation, but he was still hoping that Death Blossom would deny such a possibility. 


“Yup.” Death Blossom sighed and continued typing, “She’s already headed your way. That Dragon of hers seemed to have evolved. It’s much larger than the last time we saw it.” 


“What about Gongzi Yi?” 


“Dead.” came the response. 


“She managed to beat both of you? Is she really that good?” Breeze had complete trust in Death Blossom’s skills as a player, and he had witnessed the combat prowess of Gongzi Yi with his very own eyes. 


They might not be on par with Gongzi You, but they were still players who could give the Huntress a run for her money, especially when they worked together. Even if they could not win, he expected the fight to end in a draw as long as they were able to drag out the fight. 


“Our plans could simply not catch up with the changes of the battlefield.” 


“How long did the fight last?” Breeze suddenly realised a very important question. 


“Not long enough. It only lasted for about ten minutes, perhaps even shorter.” robbed of her ability to speak, Death Blossom could only keep her messages short and concise. 


“How were her skills? Can you tell me briefly what you saw?” The already deep frown on Breeze’s face deepened even further. Gongzi You’s  ability to defeat both combatants within ten minutes was something he did not expect. Ten minutes?! And both of them are very skilled players with good equipment and high tier steed. How did she do that? Is Gongzi You really that good? “And what about her equipment?” 


“Her skills? You’re not the only one who wants to know. She shot an arrow through my throat before I could even engage her directly, and left. I didn't even have a chance to see what sort of equipment she has!” 


“What!” Breeze was shocked, “I need to know what happened!” 


Death Blossom sighed, “I can’t tell you that. I don’t even know how to even begin to describe what happened. The only thing I know was that Gongzi You was able to defeat Gongzi Yi in an instant. I was shot right after that. I saw nothing.” 


Breeze stayed silent for such a long time that even Death Blossom was starting to get worried. It took him quite a while to finally respond to her messages, “Are you coming over to the battlefield or have you returned to the city?” 


“I want to go see Gongzi You in battle, but I’m worried that I can’t find her.” Death Blossom refused to accept the result of today’s battle. She had been crushed in an instant before she could even fight back. Gongzi You’s strength was something that she could not accurately gauge, but she still wanted to see how the Huntress performed in battle. 


Gongzi Yi was resurrected moments later, and she was immediately contacted by Death Blossom, “What do you think of Gongzi You?” 


“She’s very good.” came the response in a very cold voice after a long silence. Just like Death Blossom, Gongzi Yi found it hard to accept such a humiliating defeat. 


“Damn it.” Gongzi Yi sighed. 


“What do you think of Gongzi You’s fighting style?” asked Death Blossom. 


I’m sorry, that’s a question I cannot answer.” replied Gongzi Yi, “It’s like what the forums said. But if you really want to know just how good she is, you’ll have to fight her yourself.” 


Death Blossom was rendered speechless. 


Gongzi Yi stood up and patted the grass away from her clothing. She let out a sigh, and made her decision, “Death Blossom, thank you for the equipment you provided me. I will return them all to you.” 


“Why is that?” Death Blossom was stunned. 


“I’m quitting.” Gongzi Yi took a deep breath, “I will not imitate Gongzi You again. I do not wish to become someone else’s shadow. I can’t surpass that person like this.” 


“Gongzi Yi…” 


Death Blossom received a system notification before she could continue: Gongzi Yi has left your guild. 


Gongzi Yi returned to her home city and removed all her equipment before mailing them all to Death Blossom. She then took one last look at her character, and at her Void Dragon. Despite the regrets in her heart, she ultimately made the choice to quit the game. 


She deleted her character, and logged into the game once again. From there, she would start anew. With a new identity, and a new class. She will no longer be an imitation. She will face that girl with her own strength. 



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