Chapter 409 Interception

Chapter 409 Interception


The fight with Golden Era started so suddenly that Ye Ci, Upwards Ho!, and perhaps even Golden Era themselves were not prepared. 


It started from something very trivial. There was a PVP Elimination Tournament in Champion City, where a player who won ten matches in a row would be rewarded with a very valuable item. 


Fruit Jelly took part in the tournament, and won against a player who had defeated his opponents nine times in a row. This meant that the player had lost his winning streak. The player, out of spite, challenged Fruit Jelly in return and won. But Fruit jelly refused to leave things as they were, and challenged the player again. This eventually degraded into a situation where the two players would keep challenging each other out of spite. 


The rewards of the tournament, their experience points, and their own reputation were no longer important. 


Humans would often act irrationally out of anger. 


The two eventually decided to fight outside the ring, but their fight still ended up in a tie. And due to the provocations from people in the crowd, the anger on both sides rapidly rose. This was how they eventually ended up fighting outside the city.


Both of them were players of the same caliber, and it was natural that their fight would result in the death of either combatant. Both of them had died once in a short period of time, and lost equipment and a level each. 


The anger they held for each other continued to escalate from that point onwards. 


They were also part of the core members of their respective guilds. A drop in their level would definitely garner the attention of their guilds. Players from both guilds began flocking to the scene, which eventually led to an all out battle between the two guilds. 


Upwards Ho! was much smaller in size compared to Golden Era, but most of its players were already above lvl70. This denied Golden Era its numerical superiority, resulting in a stalemate between the guilds. 


The most important factor was that Upwards Ho! was fighting against the Eastern Continent branch of Golden Era. 


Bai Mo was shouting into the guild chat as the battle raged on, “Wipe them out! We must not allow them to step on our heads! Screw our Sin values! Upwards Ho! will not allow itself to be bullied!” 


The incident had even attracted the attention of Ye Ci who barely took part in guild activities. 


“Is there a fight?” a reply came instantly the moment Ye Ci’s message appeared in the guild chat. 


“We’re fighting against Golden Era at the entrance of Champion City>” 


Ye Ci immediately headed for Champion City, but she received a private message from Bai Mo while she was still on her way, “Don’t come.” 




“Aren’t you asking for trouble by approaching Champion City with that red name of yours? You’re almost lvl90 now. It’s very hard for you to gain even one level.” replied Bai Mo even as he threw himself against the Golden Era players.


“You might be right, but I cannot forgive myself if I do not show up in a fight against Golden Era.” replied Ye Ci. She returned to Red Lake City using Recall before flying towards Champion City on dragonback. 


She saw a Firebird waiting for her just as she entered Champion City’s map.


A Firebird belonged to the same family as a Phoenix, but was ranked at a lower tier. It did not have the offensive and defensive capabilities of a Phoenix, but was still a relatively rare steed. 


The red glow of the Firebird, while not as majestic as the golden one of a Phoenix, was still glaring in the clear skies. That was how Ye Ci spotted the player in front of her. 


She made no attempts to evade the player, and stopped in the air before her, staring at the player riding the Firebird. 


The player was dressed in dark colored armor with a faint green glow. She was armed with two daggers shining with golden light. While Ye Ci could not see the player’s face hidden by her leather helm, it was obvious that the player was a very good Rogue. 


And there was only one highly skilled female Rogue that Ye Ci knew. 


“Long time no see, Death Blossom.” she smiled at the Rogue. 


The player did not remove her helmet, but it was clear that the voice belonged to Death Blossom, “Indeed. It’s been a while.” 


“Have you been waiting here for me?” Ye Ci shrugged. It was a question that she already had an answer to. 


“Of course. Nobody else is worthy.” Death Blossom drew her daggers. And tossed them into the air. The weapons meant for killing were as harmless as elegant flowers in the Rogue’s hands. 


Ye Ci raised an eyebrow. A lot of people out there are worthy. It all depends on your willingness to do so. 


She gritted her teeth and sighed, “Why are you waiting for me? Do you want to have a duel?”


Death Blossom responded with a smile. 


“If that’s the case, it’s not worth your while.” Ye Ci continued, “Your level is much lower than mine. You won’t be able to win.” 


Ye Ci’s words elicited a laughter from Death Blossom, “Gongzi You, I admire your confidence, and at the same time, I like your arrogance.” 


Ye Ci did not respond to Death Blossom’s words, and allowed her to continue her speech, “How are you so sure that your level is higher than mine? How do you know that I’ll lose? I think you are the one who will be losing.” 


“Death Blossom, I admire your confidence, and at the same time, I like your arrogance.” Ye Ci imitated her tone, “But don’t you know that a melee class is weak in aerial combat? Your Firebird is no match for my Holy Dragon. You’re at a grave disadvantage here.” 


But Death Blossom was still smiling at Ye Ci, “Gongzi You, do you think that I’ll overlook something like this? Do you think that I’m that foolish?” she sheathed her daggers and clapped her hands together. 


It was soft, but was very clear. 


And a player materialized beside her. 


“What if there are two of us?” Death Blossom smiled. 


The second player was none other than Gongzi Yi. “I thought we’ve fought our last battle. Didn’t expect to see you here.” 


“Oh you think?” Gongzi Yi snared at her, “Gongzi You, you’ve been at the top for far too long. Don’t you know that it’s bad to look down on your opponents?” 


Ye Ci let out a long sigh, “If that’s the case, then I have nothing else to say. I’ve never been one to waste my energy on words.” 


She immediately fired an arrow at Gongzi Yi. Death Blossom was a formidable Rogue, but there was nothing she could do to Ye Ci in the air as long as she did not allow the Firebird to come close.


Gongzi Yi on the other hand, was way harder to deal with. Their levels were close, and her steed was also something that she could not ignore. Ye Ci knew that she would be in a pinch if the fight was drawn out. 


She needed to defeat Gongzi Yi before she could turn her attention to Death Blossom. But the Huntress had been imitating her playstyle. The only way to defeat was to strike harder and faster. 

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