Chapter 408 A Promise

Chapter 408 A Promise


Taking part in a large-scale all out battle between players had an appeal of its own. 


Ye Ci evaded the Northern Continent’s aerial steed on Ol’ Six, and launched attack after attack at the players down below. She even dismounted and joined the fight on foot to enjoy it from a different perspective. 


A leopard pounced on Ye Ci just as she was happily earning herself some Honor Points. She was immediately Stunned due to her inferior equipment. From the system notification that she received, it was Lethal Poison who had dealt the blow. 


“Why did you attack me? Aren’t we supposed to be allies?” Ye Ci grumbled at the leopard. 


“Oh cut the crap, you should’ve gone to the Western Continent instead if you think of me as an ally!” 


“Well your continent is closer to mine!” Ye Ci’s health was rapidly decreasing under Lethal Poison’s furious assault, but she did not panic. She was patiently waiting for the duration of the Stun to pass. 


“Then why did you attack members of my guild!” Lethal Poison’s attacks intensified when he noticed that Stun was almost over. He wanted to take Gongzi You out before she could recover. 


Ye Ci was amazed as she saw the damage dealt by Lethal Poison’s attacks. Damn, he sure has very good gears. It was easy to tell the difference between the quality of their equipment. 


Ye Ci recovered from being Stunned just as Lethal Poison was about to deliver the killing blow. Lethal Poison leapt at her in leopard form. It was a Druid’s Ultimate Skill, and she knew that the fight was over if the attack connected. 

She kicked at Lethal Poison out of reflex, and caught his stomach in midair. It was his soft spot, but was also very hard to heat as he was encased in armor. 


But his leopard form granted Ye Ci access to his exposed underbelly. A druid in leopard form would receive additional attack damage in exchange for a reduced 30% defence. Lethal Poison could feel a sharp pain on his stomach when Ye Ci’s kick landed on him. 


And he landed on the ground not far away with a thud. He attempted to rise and continue the fight, but felt a sharp pain on his abdomen. There was a wound that was bleeding profusely where Ye Ci’s kick had landed. He immediately looked at Ye Ci, and saw a sharp blade at the tip of her boot.




Lethal Poison had finally understood the true meaning of the saying “the most vicious thing is a woman’s heart”. 


And what happened next was like salt poured onto his already gaping wound. Gongzi You gulped down a bottle of potion and smiled at him, “It’s time to slim down, Lethal Poison.” 


She then disappeared into the sea of players. 


Screw you Gongzi You!


Lethal Poison’s heart was bleeding. I’m not fat! I’m just slightly overweight!


Strategies and tactics were usually disregarded in a large-scale battle like this as players on both sides sought to maximize their personal gains. It was also a place where good opportunities could be found on the battlefield due to the large number of equipment dropped.


Many of the guilds that participated in the melee had sent out their Rogues to secure the equipment dropped by players taking part in the battle. This created a scenario where a player who was on the brink of death would find himself surrounded by Rogues like vultures circling a corpse. It was a nightmare for the players. 


The battle lasted for a whopping seven hours, causing tremendous amounts of losses to both sides. It finally ended when the sun rose and dyed the white snowy ground gold with its shining light. 


Nobody knew how the battle started. But they were there for one goal. One might say that it was for the glory of their home continent, but it could also be the fact that they simply could not allow the other side to wind. 


The Snowy Highlands remained a tranquil and quiet place after the players left. It was as if the battle did not happen at all. 


Two figures sat beside a campfire on one of the hills in the Snowy Highlands. It was a plump sized man and a skinny woman. 


“How’s your quest progressing?” asked the fat man. 


“We’re stuck at the part where we have to go meet a Dragon Rider. Our levels are simply too low to get there.” replied the skinny woman as she munched on a piece of roasted meat, “What about yours?” 


“I have to look for a person as well. But I can’t find him. His location was not marked on my map.” replied the fat man, who was of course Lethal Poison. 


“What is the name of the place?” asked Ye Ci as she grabbed a bottle of wine, “Tell me. Maybe I know where it is.” 


“The Blood Altar.” Lethal Poison grumbled, “Does it even exist on the five main continents? I can’t find that place.” 


“Oh.. That place…”  Ye Ci chuckled. 


“What? Do you know where it is?” Lethal Poison’s eyes immediately brightened up. 


“Indeed. But…” Ye Ci let out another chuckle, “It’s on the Eastern Continent.” 


“Impossible! I’ve hired Green Hill’s Moon to search for that place in the Eastern Continent, but even he couldn’t find it.” 


“Of course. He might be good, but there are places that even he don’t know of.” Ye Ci threw a chunk of meat at Ol’ Six, “It’s in a very hidden location in Hero City’s palace’s west wing. There is an entrance to the sewers there. You have to climb down there, navigate through a maze, and arrive at a room. If you can somehow open the room, you’ll find a hidden altar. There altar is surrounded by six rooms, and one of them is where the Blood Altar is.” 


“How did you know…” Lethal Poison was shocked. 


“Well… Treasure hunting is a hobby of mine.” Ye Ci snorted. 


There was treasure scattered throughout the world of Fate. And players who were diligent enough in treasure hunting would often discover hidden places that the average players could only dream of.


And since Gongzi You was someone who loved exploring herself, it was only natural for her to know of such a place. Of course, the truth was far from what he thought. Ye Ci discovered the place in her last life when she was hiding from her enemies. 


The two continued discussing the details of their quests, and came to the conclusion that it was a very long one indeed. There were hints that the final stages of the quest had to be completed by all the players who had accepted the quest. 


They then made a promise to look for other players who had accepted the quest while they attempted to complete theirs. 


As the two prepared to part ways, Lethal Poison called out to Ye Ci, “How many lvl70 Golden Era players are there on the Eastern Continent now?” 


“I haven’t been paying attention, but I think there should be quite a lot of them.” 


Lethal Poison sighed, “There’s almost two hundred thousand of them on the Northern Continent now. Breeze is on the Eastern Continent, I’m sure their numbers will be greater there.” 


“What are you getting at?” Ye Ci narrowed her eyes. 


“Golden Era’s first target will definitely be Upwards HO!.” Lethal Poison smiled at Ye Ci, “Let me know when the fighting starts. I’ll come to your aid.” 


Ye Ci responded with a smile of her own, and summoned Ol’ Six, “Well I guess I’ll have to thank you in advance. I’ll be sure to hold you to your words when the time comes.” and she shot up into the sky and disappeared into the clouds. 



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