Chapter 405 A Battle Between Guilds

Chapter 405 A Battle Between Guilds


Ye Ci’s mood was not affected by her encounter with White Fairytale. She summoned Ol’ Six and flew towards her leveling spot. 


Just then, a sudden realisation struck her mind. Isn’t White Fairytale one of Genesis’s main Clerics? Why was she there when her guild was challenged by Ostentatious Heart? Is she simply allowed to not take part in guild battles and dungeon clearing? 


The officers of Genesis are pretty bad at keeping their members in line. 


Of course, Ye Ci did not know what was going on in Genesis at that same moment. 


“Bean Curd Xishi, what’s with the healer team? We’re in the middle of a guild battle, and you’re just now telling me that White Fairytale is not around? Is she not informed?” The leader of Genesis’s healer team had just informed Absalom that White Fairytale left the party on the eve of battle. 


Shock washed over the leader of Genesis, before it was replaced by rage. 


“I did…” Beancurd Xishi attempted to explain herself, but she was at a loss for words. 


“Oh you did? Then why is she not here?! Haven’t I told you that only a fixed number of players are able to take part in this battle? Where do you expect me to find a replacement for a Cleric with such good gears?” Absalom raised his voice. 


“Can we take the Cleric from our fifth squadron with us? He’s quite good…” 


“It’s not about the player’s skills at this point! It’s about his equipment! We have a lot of players like that, but none of them have equipment as good as White Fairytale! Do you know how much a full set of equipment can affect a player’s healing capabilities?” Absalom could barely hold back the urge to curse. 


Beancurd Xishi protested despite the seething anger of his guild leader, “Well I wasn’t the one who gave her those equipment. She’s not even good enough to receive those…” 


His response rendered Absalom Speechless. It was the truth that White Fairytale was not deserving of the equipment she held. It was given to her out of fear that she would leak the secrets of the guild after her attempted suicide. 


Of course, there was no way he could explain such a thing to his subordinate. The only thing he could do was yell at Beancurd Xishi, “Go look for her! And tell Silent Hymn to prepare a set of good Cleric gear as well as a good Cleric player as substitute. If you can’t find White Fairytale, we’ll at least have a replacement.” 


“I’m on it.” Beancurd Xishi immediately left. He did not want to be the fodder of his guild leader’s anger any longer. 


Absalom’s mood continued to sour as he paced back and forth in front of the NPC in charge of Guild Battles. Fleeting Time, who arrived just at that moment, noticed his darkened expression, and decided to stay as far away as physically possible from the man.


But he was quickly spotted by Absalom, who ran up to him, “Brother, we’re friends right?” 


Fleeting Time thought for the briefest of moments, and shook his head, “Nope.” 


“Hey hey hey! What sort of friend are you? How can you do this to me?!” Absalom wailed. 


“You need a favor from me, and it’ll not be something easy. It’s written all over your face. I’m not an idiot.” Fleeting Time snorted, “Besides, you threatening me with our friendship doesn’t exactly help with your case.”  


“Alright! Fine! It’s my fault!” shouted Absalom as Fleeting Time continued walking away, “Come on, Fleeting Time, help a brother out!” there was desperation in his voice. 


“What do you need? I’ll think about it.” Fleeting Time could tell from Absalom’s expression that he was indeed in trouble. 


“Come on! You have to actually think first before helping a bro out? Are you even a man?” cried Absalom. 


Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes and wagged a finger in front of Absalom, “Do you know why I’m hesitating?” 


“Because I can tell that it’s something that I hate. Because a shameless man like you would’ve told me straight away no matter how hard it is,” he continued before Absalom could respond, “But… To ask for my opinion before telling me about the favor you need… Let me guess…” a sneer appeared on Fleeting Time’s lips, “It has something to do with White Fairytale.” 


“....” Absalom was rendered speechless and his expression slackened. He let out a breath before speaking up, “Fine, there’s no point lying to you anyways.” and Absalom began explaining the situation to Fleeting Time with a sigh, “I wouldn’t have asked you to do something like this if the situation is not so dier. You know that Ostentatious Heart has eleven sets of Holy Protection Armor, while we only have six. We’re already at a clear advantage at this point. If White Fairytale does not show up, we might actually lose this battle.” 


Fleeting Time crossed his arms in front of him and narrowed his eyes at Absalom. 


“Can you help me talk to her?” Absalom visibly gulped. 


Fleeting Time responded after a long silence, “Even if I help you now, it will not solve the problem at its roots. Don’t you know that keeping someone like her as a core player is like playing with a ticking time bomb? The more you’re afraid of her, the more power she will have over you. Are you not worried that she might one day threaten to sell the secrets of our guilds to our rivals? Are you expecting me to help you out when it happens? If the answer is yes, Absalom, then I don’t think we’ll be friends for long.” 


Absalom sighed, “You did not even show your face after coming back. Don’t you know how extreme she can be? Her suicide attempts are driving us nuts!” 


“Then it’s better if she dies.” replied Fleeting Time. 


Absalom was taken aback by his words, “How could you say that! While I might think the same, it’s still a human life we’re talking about! And don’t forget, we’ve known each other for so long!” 


But the disdain did not leave Fleeting Time’s face, “I wouldn’t have said that if she would really go kill herself. Don’t worry about it. People who tend to talk about dying treasure their lives the most. It’s the silent ones that you have to worry about. They might still be smiling at you in the morning, and be dead by afternoon.” he gestured at Absalom with his hand before continuing, “This is the last time I’ll talk to that woman for you. The next time it happens, I’ll leave the guild.” 


Absalom opened his mouth to speak, but ultimately decided against it. 


Fleeting Time eyed Absalom, and contacted Green Hill’s Moon before he even talked to White Fairytale. He then sent a recording to Ye Ci through Green Hill’s Moon to explain the situation, which made its way to Ye Ci within a few minutes. 


Ye Ci was baffled when she received the recording. And was even more confused when she finished listening to its content. Does he really have to report something like this to me? Am I really that petty? 


But the gesture still made Ye Ci happy. She thought of a response for a brief moment, before sending a reply to Fleeting Time via Green Hill’s Moon. 


Fleeting Time sat in the main hall while sharpening his dagger as he waited for the response from Ye Ci. Absalom was pacing back and forth not far away anxiously, “Did you say that you’ll talk to Whtie Fairytale for me?” 


“Oh, stop worrying.” Fleeting Time glanced at Absalom, “I have to report this to my superior first.” 


“Your superior?” Absalom was confused. But realisation soon flashed across his mind and he gaped at Fleeting Time, “No way! You’re already so afraid of her even before getting married? Are you still a man?!” 


“You idiot.” Fleeting Time rolled his eyes at Absalom, “I'm not afraid. I’m just taking precautions. What if something happens? How am I supposed to explain it to my superior then? You’re not worried only because it has nothing to do with you.” 


Absalom was shocked, “So even you have finally found yourself in a situation like this.” 


But Fleeting Time ignored Absalom completely, as the response from Gongzi You just came in, “I don’t see a problem with it. But tell Absalom that there’s no nex time.” 


A wide smile appeared on Fleeting Time’s face. 


“Oi! You ingrate!” Absalom shouted at Fleeting Time, “Has she sent you a reply? What did she say? Why am I at the mercy of someone from an opposing continent!” 


Fleeting Time sheathed his dagger slowly before looking up at Absalom, “She said ‘there’s no next time’.” 


Absalom flipped Fleeting Time his middle finger as a show of anger. 


But even Fleeting Time could not reach White Fairytale, who must have muted her private messages as she did not expect Fleeting Time to be contacting her. 


He sighed and patted Absalom on the shoulder, “Well, you can’t expect us to win all the time right? Don’t think too much about it alright?” 


Absalom did not know if it was due to the fact that Gongzi You had said something to Fleeting Time, or because he failed to contact White Fairytale, but his performance in the guild battle on that day was very disappointing. 


As the battle between Genesis and Ostentatious Heart raged on, Ye Ci received a message from Bai Mo, “Iron Blood has declared war on us, and I’ve accepted their challenge. Are you coming?” 


Thousand Sunsets? Ye Ci raised an eyebrow. What the hell is he thinking? But a smile soon spread across her face, “Of course! Why wouldn't I?” 


And her response came as a surprise to Bai Mo, “You’re actually interested in something like this!” 


The conversation ended quickly as Bai Mo left to prepare for the battle. 


Ye Ci found Unbridled Willow’s name in her friend list and sent him a message, “Do you want recordings of a PVP battle against Iron Blood?” 


“Yes!” The reply came quickly, “Where are you? I’ll be there right away.” 



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