Chapter 5 A Change of Fate?

Chapter 5 A Change of Fate?

Ye Ci passed the piece of roasted meat to the robin again, after which the robin behaved as if it has eaten the 10th piece of meat.

Repeating the same trick, Ye Ci pulled the meat out.

The robin was satisfied, and it pecked out a few feathers.

The BUG was successfully exploited.

The robin’s programming was stuck at the time when it was eating the tenth piece of meat. It would always think that the meat given to it was the first piece of meat. The feathers required by the repeatable quest could be collected by repeating the process.

Ye Ci threw the piece of meat at the robin after exploiting the BUG for what seemed to be the tenth time. She collected all the feathers, put out the campfire, and headed back to the village.

Ye Ci could see flashes of light appearing at the spawning point right after she entered the village.

The time was 14:02:03.

The server was finally officially opened.

“Wow, I thought I was the first one here, looks like there someone that made it before me!” Shouted an elven warrior when he spotted Ye Ci.

Ye Ci nodded her head as a form of greeting and headed straight for Rami.

After receiving the Little Boar skins from Ye Ci, Rami directed her to John the Blacksmith, and then the little beggar…. Why were newbies always used as couriers in every single game?

Ye Ci noticed more and more newbies appearing, and soon, the village was packed full of players.

With much difficulty, Ye Ci finally walked up to little Lemmy.

Ye Ci let out a long sigh. Moving around in an extremely crowded place was never easy.

“Lemmy, the chief said that you’re looking for something right?”

Lemmy was a four or five year old child. She looked at Ye Ci and blinked, asking with a doubtful tone, “Are you willing to help me, Huntress?”

“Of course.”

Little Lemmy showed a worn dress to Ye Ci. “My mom’s dress was torn. I wanted to sew it back together with some beautiful decorations, but I need some robin’s Golden Feathers, can you bring some for me?”

“Are you talking about this?” Asked Ye Ci as she handed Lemmy a feather.

Little Lemmy was surprised, “Wow! Huntress, you work fast!”

“Completed quest ‘Lemmy’s Dress 1’, Rewards: 1 copper coins, 100 experience points.”

“Huntress, I need a little bit more, can you bring me more feathers?” Lemmy made another request after measuring up the dress.

Ye Ci pulled out another feather.

She immediately heard a system notification, “Completed quest ‘Lemmy’s Dress 2’, Rewards: 50 copper coins, 500 experience points.”

Ye Ci was shocked after receiving the notification. All the repeatable quests she had ever come across offered the same amount of rewards, but this particular one seemed to have increasing rewards...

Lemmy requested feathers again and again, which was fulfilled by Ye Ci every single time. When she did that for the ninth time, the experience points accumulated from the rewards alone raised her level by four!

When Little Lemmy asked for the robin’s feather for the tenth time, Ye Ci handed her the last feather. Little Lemmy clapped happily and said, “Thank you, Huntress! I’m able to repair my mom’s dress for your help! You’re the kindest, most patient, and fastest person I’ve ever met!”

Little Lemmy then pulled out a book and gave it to Ye Ci, “I have nothing to repay you with. Take this book as a reward! Sister Horner said that this book contains great knowledge. I can’t read, but I hope it could be of use to you!”

“Congratulations for being the first player for completing the repeatable quest ‘Lemmy’s Dress’, do you want your ID to remain hidden?”

The system was going to flood the screen because of this?

Fame portended trouble for men just as fattening did for pigs. Of course the ID must be hidden.

“Congratulations player **** for being the first to complete the quest ‘Lemmy’s Dress’, Rewards: 5 gold coins, 5000 points System Prestige.”


The system flooded the chat with such messages, and Ye Ci had the honor of listening to the players’ reaction.

Some of the players responded with admiration while others with strings of curses. Ye Ci’s attention, however, was focused on the random Skill Book she received.

“Random” was a word that Ye Ci was deeply afraid of. She had never had much luck since she was young. She never got lucky with her lotteries and loot.

As for randomized rewards…. She had never gotten anything other than trash.

Ye Ci first took a breath before flipping open the Skill Book. Her heart momentarily stopped.

Strength Conversion: Huntress (Passive). Convert 10% of damage dealt into MP. Level requirement: 1.

Ye Ci blinked and looked up into the sky. Had the sun risen from the west?

A bright sun hung high up in the sky, and it appeared to have risen from the east.

Was her fate really changed?

Strength Conversion… A skill as overpowered as this could just appear at random? No way! The very existence of this skill was a BUG. 10% of damage dealt converted into MP…

Even in the later stages of the game, a Hunter’s skill would only consume 500 MP at most. But the damage dealt? At least 8000-20000. With this, wouldn’t she be incapable of running out of mana?

In the game, the amount of MP by a character determined his or her damage output. The Hunter class was a pure glass-cannon, and MP consumption was always a problem for that particular class. An entire mana bar could only sustain approximately 30 skills before running dry. This skill would make her into a killing machine!

Ye Ci rubbed her eyes, she could not believe that she would be so lucky despite being surrounded with an aura of misfortune.

She could see it clearly. The skill book was resting on her hand, the coarse surface of the paper telling her that the book was real.

Ye Ci’s hands trembled, and she flipped opened the skill book without hesitation. It disappeared into a flash of white light. Ye Ci was feeling insecure even after that. She finally relaxed after confirming that Strength Conversion was listed in her skill list.

That’s great!

Ye Ci was in such joy that she jumped up and down, attracting attention from the newbies handing in the quests around here. Embarrassed, she immediately turned back to Lemmy and said with a broad smile, “Thank you Lemmy!”

Little Lemmy touched her pointed ears and laughed, “Hey Huntress, I see that you’re happy with my gift!”

“Of course! I’m more than happy!”

“Then can you do me another favor?”

Ye Ci nodded her head. If memory served, Lemmy would be directing her to the Class Skill Instructor.

“The bad guys from the Forest of Stone took the doll that mom made for me. Can you help get it back?”

What kind of quest was this?

Ye Ci was shocked. She had never come across this quest before, despite being the self-proclaimed Fate Encyclopaedia.

Don’t tell me… A thought suddenly occurred to Ye Ci, and she opened Little Lemmy’s character attribute. As expected, her intimacy with Lemmy had reached Intimate.

She finally understood why there was a Hidden Quest that she did not know of. She completed the quest very fast, and expressed gratitude towards Lemmy’s gift. This was why her intimacy level with Little Lemmy increased exponentially to the point where the Hidden Quest was unlocked.

“Of course!” After accepting the Hidden Quest from Little Lemmy, Ye Ci followed the flow of the main quest and headed for Instructor Zol, a skill instructor for beginner Hunters.

The Forest of Stone was one of the hardest dungeon in the Big 10 Prep Dungeon. The level requirement to enter the dungeon was lv8 to lv20. Ye Ci could not clear the dungeon SOLO. She decided to reach level 8 and contact Liu Chang for after that.

With Lemmy’s introduction letter and a few pieces of paper, Ye Ci headed to the skill learning area situation at the back of the newbie village.

Newbies were still trying to level up, and none of them were able to reach the minimum level required to learn the skill. Other than a few players that stumbled upon the place, Ye Ci was the only one here to learn skills.

She located Instructor Zol and greeted him with respect before stating her intention.

Zol did not even respond. He sat underneath the sun, carving an arrow with his sharp knife.

His movements were slow, as if he was making the world’s best sculpture.

Ye Ci stood beside him silently. Every NPC has his or her own behavior. They could be jolly, introverted, reserved, or even sly. As for Zol that was sitting in front of Ye Ci, he was….depressed.

Standing in front of an NPC without doing anything was a waste of time, but to get to the Icy Cave, it was necessary.

Zol’s pale skin and snow white hair betrayed his age. An Elf’s appearance would not change despite his or her age, but the hair and skin of an Elf would grow whiter and whiter as the Elf grew older.

Respecting an elder was a virtue. Ye Ci showed patience when facing such elderly instructor.

After countless moments, Zol lifted his head and stared at the young elf in front of him with his jade green eyes. He spoke softly, “How could a Huntress without a bow call herself a Huntress?”

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