Chapter 401 Let’s Continue The Quest

Chapter 401 Let’s Continue The Quest


“By the way, what are you doing here?” Spotless Autumn stole a glance at Ye Ci’s face, “Are you waiting for someone?” 


“You’re not wrong. I am waiting for someone.” Ye Ci was staring at a man who had just walked into the tavern. He pulled down his hood, and made his way towards Ye Ci after quickly scanning through the players in the tavern. 


“Ahh, even you have to wait for someone? I thought you’re the one people who are always waiting for.” said Spotless Autumn as he stuffed his mouth full of meat, “Who are you waiting for?” 


A smile appeared on Ye Ci’s face, but she did not answer his question. Spotless Autumn blinked in confusion until an arm appeared on the table in front of him, while another rested on his shoulder. 


“She’s waiting for me.” came a voice that sent a shiver down his spine before he could turn around and see who it was. 


Hunters had always been bane of mages in the game, and Fleeting Time was many times more skillful of a player than Spotless Autumn ever was. He glared at Fleeting Time, “What rotten luck I have! Why must I run into you?” 


“Shouldn’t I be saying this?” Fleeting Time shrugged and patted Spotless Autumn on the shoulder. 


“Look at him, Gongzi! How can he do this to me? I haven’t even harmed a fly!” Spotless Autumn immediately turned to Ye Ci. 


But Ye Ci stood up and nodded at Fleeting Time, “Let’s head outside.” 


Fleeting Time could tell that there was something important to be discussed. He smiled at Spotless Autumn and ruffled his hair, “Heh, see you again, idiot.” 


“Hey, where are you two going? Bring me along will you?” Spotless Autumn slapped Fleeting Time’s hand away and walked up to Ye Ci. 


Ye Ci smiled at him, “Autumn, who do you think is a better fighter? Me or Fleeting Time?” 


Spotless Autumn blinked in confusion and blinked again. He gave Ye Ci a dejected look, “Ahhh women. They’ll always forget about their friends once they found a boyfriend…” 


“What did you say?” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow. 


:Ah, it’s nothing. I just remembered that I have an unsettled business somewhere. I’ll take my leave.” Spotless Autumn immediately fled for the entrance of the tavern. 


Two hooded figures sat by the fountain in the western district. They were discussing something with hushed voices. 


“What? You found the Frost Arrow?” Ye Ci was shocked. She did not expect Fleeting Time to have already located the arrow even before she made the decision to look for the arrow. 


“It was by coincidence. I was doing some prestige quests in a city, and I found it in the Prestige Shop after reaching the Prestige of Revered.” Fleeting Time shrugged. 


“Revered…” Ye Ci could not process what she heard. Her Prestige with Red Lake City had been stagnant for some time. She had always thought that her Prestige was among the highest in the game, but the person in front of her had proven her wrong, “Where did you find the time to do all that?” 


“There’s a reason for that.” said Fleeting Time, “We can buy Prestige Equipment once we reach Revered with a city. I can only buy the equipment that was at my level, but they were definitely better than those dropped in a dungeon.” 


“So you’re saying that you won’t be clearing dungeons?” 


“I’ll probably join in as a substitute when they explore a new one. But I’m really not interested in dungeon clearing.” Fleeting Time replied with a  smile. 


Ye Ci blinked at him. Will Absalom really allow a literal weapon of mass destruction like him to act as a mere substitute? She knew what a person Absalom was. Even if he doesn't like it, Absalom will find a way to force him into the dungeon. There’s no way he’ll allow him to do as he pleases. 


“Yup. Dungeons are boring.” 


Fleeting Time smiled at her remark. He would never let Ye Ci know the true reason why he hated exploring and clearing dungeons. It was due to White Fairytale’s presence as one of Genesis’s main healers. 


He had stood his ground firmly in this matter despite the protests from Absalom. And since it had nothing to do with Gongzi You, there was no need for her to learn about it. 


“Let’s head to the Kira Mountain Range then.” he changed the topic, “Now that we can get through the barrier.” 


“But… If I took the bow and completed my quest, what would happen to yours?” Ye Ci was hesitant. She had the same character class as Fleeting Time, and she had one more arrow in his possession than her. 


“Well it doesn’t mean that I will fail my quest. Let’s get it done. I want to know the story of Dau’er as well.” Fleeting Time stated matter of factly. He knew Ye Ci better than herself, and knew just what she needed to hear from him. 


“This place is very well hidden.” Fleeting Time sighed as he stood within the ruined shrine, “It must’ve taken you quite a while to find this place.” 


“It took me a few months.” Ye Ci grumbled, “I don’t know what is wrong with the developer who made this map! I’ll get randomly teleported when I log off!” 


“You’re lucky you’re not directionally challenged.” Fleeting Time laughed. 


“Damn right.” 


“So this is what the Goddess of Nature looks like…” Fleeting Time let out a breath as he stood before the statue. 


“Why? Do you know her or something?” 


“The newbie quests in my continent are mostly about her. She was described as a peerless beauty, and this is how she looks...” Fleeting Time shrugged. It was clear that he was slightly disappointed. 


He walked up to the altar and placed his three arrows into the slows.


Ye Ci did the same with her two arrows as well. 


The barrier immediately disappeared. With a nod, Ye Ci jumped up onto the statue, took the bow from the statue’s hand, and landed gracefully after a summersault. 


Fleeting Time raised an eyebrow at her and clapped his hands, “That’s neat.” 


“Let’s go back to the hidden graveyard. I can’t wait to see what lies in wait for us.” she waved the bow in her hand. 


It had been months since the duo’s visit to the Ruined Cathedral, and it had become a highly popular leveling spot for players. The map was relatively peaceful, and the duo was able to traverse through the map with ease. 


They attracted a lot of attention on their way to the hidden prayer room. 


“Holy sh*t! Did you see the two hooded players just now! Damn, they’re fast! They must’ve had very high Agility!” 


“Their gear probably gives them a lot of Speed too.” 


“Just how many stats do they have…” 


“Just who the hell are they…” 


“If I had equipment like that I wouldn’t be wasting my time in a map like this! I could’ve won every match in the Arena!’ 


But Ye Ci and Fleeting Time did not pay attention to their discussion. They headed right towards their destination, and were quick to arrive at the graveyard. 


“It took us long enough, but we’re finally here again.” Ye Ci let out a sigh of relief. 


Fleeting Time nodded at her and made his way to Dau’er’s cenotaph, “Let’s see what the game has in wait for us.” 


Ye Ci pulled the bow out from her inventory and followed after Fleeting Time. She could see the hole on the ground, and she inserted the bow without thinking. 


The ground began to tremble, and the duo turned around after sharing a look. They were ready to deal the killing blow to any monsters that might appear. 


But what followed was the mechanical sound of the stone slab on the grave being moved aside, along with a voice speaking in Ancient Elvish. 


“Who dares disturb my slumber?” 


The duo turned their heads to the direction of the voice, and saw a hand pulling itself out of the grave. 



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