Chapter 391 KING

Chapter 391 KING


But CM001 was not as cooperative as Tan Polang. It took a lot of persuasion for him to finally relent. Tan Polang was able to use the time to mentally prepare himself. He put on the headset prepared by the organizers so that he would not be distracted by the noises made by the crowd. 


Ye Ci saw Tan Polang preparing himself for the match, and turned around to look at CM001. Due to the large crowd, she would not have found the player had it not been the large sign marking his position. 


As she could not see the face of the player, Ye Ci turned around and looked at the large display set up by the organizers of the event. 


Ten more minutes had passed, and the casters for the match had arrived on scene. The match officially began once both players were notified to proceed. 


Ye Ci was not an avid player of the game, but even she could feel the difference between CM001 and Tan Polang. The outcome of the match could not be judged by their openings alone, but she had a nagging feeling that Tan Polang was fighting against a very strong opponent. 


The caster was apparently a professional. He was able to provide accurate insight of the ongoing match for the crowd that had gathered, while effortlessly cracking the occasional joke with his colleague. 


More and more attendees were attracted to the booth, making the already crowded area even more crammed. 


Cheers and cries of surprises would often erupt from the crowd. 


“What an interesting match we have here today! These two players are playing just like professionals. I’ve never seen something like this in my  entire life…” as the caster was still analyzing the match, Ye Ci could already see the first signs of defeat from Tan Polang. 


It was twenty eight minutes into the match, and Tan Polang had always been on the offensive, but he was unable to crack CM001’s efences. While it looked as if Tan Polang had the upper hand, Ye Ci had a feeling that Tan Polang would soon face defeat. And it would come within fifteen minutes. 


But Ye Ci’s prediction was off. The turning point of the match came not even two minutes later. 


Without warning, CM001 broke Tan Polang’s offensive, and began to launch waves after waves of attacks of his own. Tan Polang was eventually forced into a corner. His advantages were all but gone within the span of a single minute. 


It took just another minute for CM001 to utterly crush Tan Polang and end the match with a victory. 


“Oh! What a play from CM001! His attacks were calculated, quick, and very ferocious! PPL did not even have a chance to fight back! I think even a professional player would not have been able to do anything against his attacks. PPLL was a decent player, but CM001 is on an entirely different level…” 


The attendees were all shocked by CM001’s display of skills. He was indeed playing like a professional.


Tan Polang was stunned. He sat looking at his screen even after the match had ended. Ye Ci patted the boy on his shoulder in an attempt to console him, but he ignored her entirely. He set his headset aside and stood on his chair to look at the direction of CM001’s computer. 


Ye Ci, who was shocked, immediately tried to pull him down, “What are you doing?! Get down here! How can you step onto the table like this?” 


But she was completely ignored by Tan Polang, who continued shouting in the direction of CM001, “King, is that you?! King!” 


The boy’s voice was quickly drowned out by the noise of his surroundings, but Ye Ci who was right beside him could hear his words clearly. 


King? Why is the name so familiar? And a sudden realisation crossed her mind. Wasn’t that the name of the five time world champion? But Tan Polang had already jumped down from the table and was running towards the direction of CM001.


 “Polang!” Ye Ci immediately followed after the boy. 


With strength that he did not even know he possessed, Tan Polang was able to pushed past the crowd towards CM001, leaving Ye Ci behind to apologize to the people who were pushed aside. 


Tan Polang was already standing beside CM001 when Ye Ci finally caught up with the boy. Damn it, can’t he be slightly considerate? Can you not see what shoes I’m wearing? 


“King! Is that you? Why did you not tell me?” Tan Polang shouted excitedly at CM001. 


Ye Ci directed her gaze towards the person named King. He was a young man not older than the age of twenty five. He’s able to become five times champion in the world tournament at this age? We really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. The young man was dressed casually in a high collared sweater and a pair of jeans. What a shame. Thought Ye Ci when she saw his face. A face like this should not belong to a man.


Unlike Bai Mo who was kind and gentle, and Tan Polang who was lively and full of energy, Ye Ci could only describe the man with the word “pretty”. Indeed, the word was not best suited to be used to describe a man, but that was the only word Ye Ci could think of when she saw his face. 


The man did not appear to be surprised by the appearance of Tan Polang, “Long time no see, Polang.” 


With a loud cry, Tan Polang jumped at Fleeting Time and pulled him in for a hug, “You’re back! You’re actually back! I thought you’ll still be staying in America!” 


But King took a step back and nudged Tan Polang away, “Heh, calm down Polang, I’m not gay.” his gaze was already set on Ye Ci when he spoke. 


Ye Ci was staring at the interaction between the two. He knew that King was an idol of Tan Polang. She understood how the boy felt but… Why is he staring at me? 


“Oh, by the way, King, allow me to introduce. This is…” Tan Polang was smiling like a child as he introduced King to Ye Ci. 


But his introduction was cut short as the employees of the booth made their way through the crowd, led by a man in a fancy looking suit, who smiled at King, “Good day, CM001. I am the manager in charge of the <<Spacewar>> booth today, Huang Qi. Have you attended any international tournaments before?” 


King shifted his gaze from Ye Ci to the uninvited guest and narrowed his eyes at Huang Qi’s extended hand and shook it lightly, “What do you need from me, Mr.Huang?” 


“I’m an esports enthusiast myself. Your playstyle seemed very similar to that of the former world champion King. Allow me to make my guess. Are you perhaps… King?” 

A smile appeared on King’s lips, “No.” 


“You’re not?!” Huang Qi’s eyes widened. He looked at Tan Polang, who was staring confusedly at King, “How can it be! I’m a fan of King, and I’ve watched every match he played. Your playstyle… It’s just like King..” 


But King cut him off mid sentence, “I’m not King.” 

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