Chapter 386 Because You're Wang Jiangnan

Chapter 386 Because You’re Wang Jiangnan 


Ye Ci finally noticed the person who had approached her. His appearance was different, but his newbie equipment and impossibly high stats announced his identity. She slung her bow and raised an eyebrow at Wang Jiangnan, “Yo, you got a new account?” 


“I just made it. What do you think? Am I handsome?” Wang Jiangnan smiled at Ye Ci with the face that he molded using a GM’s authority. The avatar he was using was tall with tanned skin. The newbie clothing could not hide the muscles that were bulging beneath. There was even an unkempt beard on his face. He looked like a middle-aged man. 


Ye Ci was baffled, “It’s… Quite a unique taste.” 


“Hah! I think so too. This is what a man should look like!” Wang Jiangnan smiled when he heard her response. 


Ye Ci sighed when she recalled Wang Jiangnan’s real appearance. Just how much does he hate his own face? “Why are you here? Don’t tell me you’re just passing by.” 


“I’m a GM, of course I can.” Wang Jiangnan replied absentmindedly. He was still daydreaming about his new appearance. 


But he immediately snapped himself out of the daze when he noticed the frown on Ye Ci’s brows, “But I’m here today to see you.” 


“Oh? You wanted to see me?” Ye Ci was confused, “Why? I haven’t exploited any game breaking bugs lately.” 


And to that Wang Jiangnan rolled his eyes, “Do you think that is the only reason I have to talk to you?” 


“Hah, you’re a customer service employee and I’m a player. What do you expect me to think whenever you appear?” Ye Ci laughed incredulously at Wang Jiangnan. Do you really think that I won’t feel pressured whenever you appear? 


Wang Jiangnan tilted his head to the side, and smiled after pondering her words, “What you think is not important. There’s something I want to tell you.” 


“Oh….” Ye Ci was apparently not interested in whatever he had to say. She turned around and continued preparing food. 


Ol’ Six on the other hand, could not even detect the presence of Wang Jiangnan due to his status as a GM. 


“So what do you want to say? Are you going to guide me to the origin of the Elves?” 


“Uhmm…” Wang Jiangnan pulled at his hair, “I can’t do that. GM’s are not allowed to divulge information like this. Won’t it destroy the gaming experience for other players?” 


Ye Ci snorted at Wang Jiangnan, “I bet you didn’t design this map, and you don’t know the secrets of this place.” 


And Ye Ci was correct. Wang Jiangnan was mostly in charge of dungeon design. He was the one responsible for the creation of many high difficulty large scale dungeons. The man was never in charge of anything in the wild. 


Wang Jiangnan walked up to Ye Ci and sat beside her. He extended a hand towards a piece of meat Ye Ci was roasting and stuffed it into his mouth, “Aiya, that’s not the point. Just listen to what I have to say.” 


But Ye Ci was still indifferent, “Oh.” she replied as she studied her map. 


Wang Jiangnan was slightly perturbed that he had been completely ignored by Ye Ci, “Hey, hey, hey, are you not curious at all about what I’m about to tell you?” 


Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Wang Jiangnan, “Well if you’re not going to tell me, you can forget about it.” 


Wang Jiangnan rubbed the bridge of his nose and sighed. Well it seems that she doesn’t like gossiping. “I’ve just become the lead developer of Fate.” 


Ye Ci’s movements immediately stopped. She was completely caught off guard. 


Now that’s fast. 


Was he already the lead developer back then around this time? According to her memories, Wang Jiangnan would only become the lead developer three years after Fate was released. It was apparent that things had changed too much in her current life. She lifted her head and beamed at Wang Jiangnan, “Congratulations! Did you get a raise as well?” 


“About that…'' Wang Jiangnan scratched his head, slightly embarrassed,  “It’s still a temporary position. So I did not get a raise.” 


“It’s a temporary one?” Ye Ci was confused. 


Wang Jiangnan nodded at her question. He told Ye Ci about what happened in Qiao Liang’s office, but did not go into details, “Yes. I’ll only be officially promoted if the next patch is a hit.” 


Ye Ci remained silent. She did not have even a moment of interaction with Wang Jiangnan in her last life. She did not know what happened to the young man before he became the lead developer of Fate. She also knew nothing about what he had been doing before the release of the patch that propelled his career to great heights overnight. 


But Wang Jiangnan in her current life was still the same Wang Jiangnan. His personality and character would never change. It would not change even when Ye Ci appeared in his life. She was merely an extra spectator in the man’s journey. 


“It will be.” she responded with a smile and certainty in her voice. 


Wang Jiangnan was shocked. He did not know why, but Ye Ci was just like a magician. He always had a feeling that whatever she said was like a prophecy that would certainly come true. 


It was almost as if things happened when she said they would. 


“How are you so sure about this, Ye Ci?” he blinked. 


“Because you’re Wang Jiangnan.” a faint smile appeared on Ye Ci’s lips, “Just like how I’m Gongzi You. There are certain things that can only be accomplished by Wang Jiangnan, just like how only Gongzi You can achieve certain things.” 


And Wang Jiangnan erupted into laughter. This… Is exactly what he expected Gongzi You to say. 


Ye Ci sat resting on the ground, and gulped down a mouthful of high quality wine to recover her Stamina. Wow, he left just like that after receiving the encouragement he needed? Why can’t he point me in the direction of the shrine? Thought Ye Ci as she tore a strip of meat from the larger chunk, as if it was the very flesh of a certain someone. 


I hope your patch fails! I hope you won’t become the lead developer!


Ol’ Six let out a low growl as Ye Ci was still silently cursing at Wang Jiangnan. The Dragon’s sound was soft, as if it was trying to avoid attracting the attention of some beings.  Ye Ci looked at Ol’ Six, “What is it?” 


Ol’ Six nudged its snout at something not far away, and Ye Ci saw a tiny humanoid creature beside the corpse of a slain Dark Elf. The creature with its long pointed ears was carrying a large sack behind it. Glimmering coins can be seen falling from the sack as the creature made its way cautiously through the forest. 


“A Gravedigger Goblin!” Ye Ci immediately stood up. 


Gravedigger Goblins were special monsters known for their loot drop of gold and equipment. Their levels depend on the maps that they appeared in, and their HP would vary according to their levels as well. A Gravedigger Goblin would not attack a player, but would flee when it was discovered. Untold wealth was hidden within their sack, which includes gold coins, high level equipment, gems, and even high level blueprints. Players must slay the goblin before it flees through a portal and collect its wealth.


These goblins were known as Gods of Wealth by players in Ye Ci’s last life. 


That’s strange, something like this shouldn’t appear this early. Based on Ye Ci’s memory, Gravedigger Goblins would only appear in the game after Wang Jiangnan took the position of lead developer. 


Oh… So this is the gift that he was talking about! 



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