Chapter 385 Chapter 385 Things That A Reincarnator Is Bad At

Chapter 385 Things That A Reincarnator Is Bad At


Reincarnators enjoy several advantages, and one of them was knowing what would happen in the future. While Ye Ci as a reincarnator might be ignorant of world events, there was one thing that she knew very well: what would happen in the game. 


She had been working hard to achieve what she had, but most of her success could be attributed to her knowledge as a reincarnator. 


Despite being a reincarnator and a top-tier player in the game, she would still have to face her exams… 


She had been resting at home for an entire semester due to her injuries, but this did not save her from the fate of taking her exams. Ye Ci the reincarnator felt like she could cry the day before her exam. Why can’t I receive super intelligence like the main characters in those novels? Why must I still sit through exams as a reincarnator? Dear Lord, can’t you just grant me full marks for all my papers? Or at least stop me from failing? 


But her thoughts were not in line with reality. Despite Bai Mo’s best efforts in tutoring her, she was still afflicted by the exam hysteria that affects students all over the world before their exams. 


Ye Ci barely had any sleep as she tossed and turned on bed throughout the night. She was woken up by Zuo Xiaolan just when she was about to drift into sleep. She was in a daze as she pushed past the door of her house after having a quick shower and breakfast. 


Bai Mo was already waiting for Ye Ci as she left the house with a deadpan expression, “Oh come on, what’s with that expression? It’s such a  fine day! Did you just fail your suicide attempt or something?” 


Ye Ci sneezed when the cold air blew past her. “No. I did not fail. I’m on my way to meet my death.” said Bai Mo as she walked up to him. 


“What? Are you worried about your exams?” Bai Mo raised an eyebrow. 


“Can you not?” Ye Ci was expressionless as she jabbed her hand into the pockets of her jacket as she walked out of her housing area.  


Bai Mo followed after her and asked, “What is it? Is my tuition not enough?” 


“Can you please stop?” Despite her lack of expression, Ye Ci’s heart was filled with anxiety. 


Bai Mo was shocked. He had been doing very well in his studies, and was highly requested by his classmates to join their study group. But his best efforts seemed to not work on Ye Ci. 


The duo stayed gloomy all the way to campus, and the mood would stay that way until their exams were finally finished. 


Fang Susu let out a yawn and stretched herself. She was a hardworking girl who was able to keep up with her studies despite being in a relationship and an active member of Conquering The Heavens. 


While she might not be the cream of the crop, she could still pass an exam with ease. The same however, could not be said for Ye Ci.


 “Hey, the first thing you did after coming back to campus is to sit for an exam? Count me impressed.” Fang Susu said with a smile. 


“I think I’m finished…” Ye Ci’s face was a mask of sorrow. 


“Why? Are you going to fail the subject just now?” 


“No.” her expression grew even sadder. 


“Then what?” to Fang Susu, Ye Ci was someone who was so strong that she was unnatural. There was nothing that she could not accomplish. 


“I think I’ll fail all my subjects.” Ye Ci slumped onto the table. 


“You’ve got to be kidding right? They’re very easy, and many of the questions in the papers were important points that have already been marked down by our lecturers. Haven’t I lent you my notes?” Fang Susu blinked in surprise. 


Ye Ci’s expression grew stiff. She could not tell Fang Susu that she had forgotten all about the notes due to the long time she spent in game. She’ll not kill me… will she? “Susu.. Those questions… They know who I am, but I don’t know what they are…” 


Fang Susu blinked and guffawed at Ye Ci. She had never thought that Ye Ci would be caught in a helpless situation. It had destroyed her air of invincibility and made her appear more approachable. 


The results for the exams were released after a few days. Ye Ci let out a long sigh of relief when she saw her results. Thank God, I was able to pass everything. As long as she was able to receive her graduation certificate, her results meant nothing to her. 


A long semester break awaited Ye Ci after her exam. It was something that students looked forward to the most, as it meant that they could throw themselves into their games without restraint. 


But the holiday had an entirely different meaning for Tan Polang. He had finally received an offer letter from the university. A new chapter of his life would soon begin, signifying his days struggling as a highschool student. He would finally be able to catch up in levels and equipment.


He was young, but was also a very talented player. He was able to quickly obtain equipment and raise his level after devoting his time to the game. It was only a matter of time before Tan Polang would be admitted into the first squadron of Upwards Ho!. 


Ye Ci’s progress in game, however, was not as smooth as Tan Polang’s. She was stuck at the Kira Mountain Range. 


Two months had passed since she started exploring the map, but she was not able to locate the birthplace of the Elves due to the complex terrain and sheer size of the map. 


A player would usually be able to completely explore a map within two months, but Kira Mountain Range was different. A player who logged out from a spot would be randomly teleported to another spot within the mountain range. This meant that a lot of her efforts to map out the area was wasted. 


It was simply impossible for Ye Ci to remain online. And even if she wanted to do such a thing, she would be forced offline by the system and would come online just to be teleported into a different area. 


And this was why Ye Ci was still not familiar with a large chunk of the map. 


She finally understood why the Kira Mountain Range was known as the bane of players with poor sense of direction in her last life. Even players with excellent sense of direction would find themselves lost in a map like this. 


But her efforts were not entirely in vain. She was able to increase her level to lvl82 during her exploration. While leveling up was hard after the threshold of lvl60, she was still able to make good progress four months after the new patch was released due to Ol’ Six. 


The Dragon was finally awake after its one month slumber, and it had successfully evolved to tier 8. Ol’ Six was twice as large and had the appearance of a fully grown Dragon. Its already formidable stats had grown even more impressive. 


Ye Ci sat to rest and recover her Stamina after clearing out another wave of monsters.


The enemies that she had encountered so far were Elves of different flavors including High Elves, Dark Elves, Drows, and many more. These Elves were separated into tribes, and were servants of evil due to the corruption they suffered. Their villages were hidden in different locations in the mountain range. And Ol’ Six would make short work of the monsters whenever one of such villages was spotted. 


She was leveling up at breakneck speed. The spawn rate of the monsters in the villages was low, and Ye Ci did not have the time to wait around, for her main objective was still the shrine of the place of origin. 


Ye Ci felt a presence behind her when she was studying her map. She rolled away, drew her bow, and fired off an arrow. 


“I would’ve died if I’m not a GM.” said Wang Jiangnan. His was using his employee account, which was why Ye Ci’s arrow passed harmlessly through his avatar and buried itself in a tree behind him. 


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