Chapter 384 For My Dreams

Chapter 384 For My Dreams


Qiao Liang stared at Wang Jiangnan for a long time before finally saying with an eyebrow raised, “You sure are an arrogant one, Wang Jiangnan.” 


“No, I’m simply just supernaturally confident.” 


“Confident?” Qiao Liang smiled, “If you do not have the capability to back up your confidence, then you’re arrogant.” 


“Have you not seen what I’m capable of, Director Qiao?” 


“I believe in your abilities as a developer, but not as the head of the development team.” Qiao Liang was very direct, “These are very different positions. And it decides the future of Fate. I have to take a very high risk to trust in you.” 


“Heaven and Earth is preparing to launch their game.” Wang Jiangnan spread his arms open, “They’ve not only poached employees from us. They’re bringing in developers from all over the industry. Director Qiao, surely you’ve realised that it’s not that easy to hire someone as good as Boss Yu anymore. Glory Corporation is facing its greatest challenge yet. Things can’t get any worse, can they?” 


Qiao Liang drummed his fingers against his table. This was why he preferred to have younger people in his company. They were always full of vigor, and would not give up easily. 


Humans tend to lose their courage as they grow older. The younger generation was exactly what he needed in his company. 


“Can I reject your proposal?” 


“No, you can’t.” 


“Why is that?” Qiao Liang laughed, “I’m the one in charge of the company, why can’t I?” 


“Because nobody will give up on a chance to rise to the top once again. And that includes you, me, even Fate.” Wang Jiangnan leaned forward and stared into Qiao Liang’s eyes. 


“Wang Jiangnan, I’m not sure if it’s confidence or arrogance I see in you.” 


And Qiao Liang smiled. This was his first sincere smile since Wang Jiangnan entered his office. 


“I don’t care, as long as I succeed.” 


“Are you sure about that?” Qiao Liang raised an eyebrow. 


“As long as you’re willing to give me the chance.” 


Qiao Liang leaned back against his chair and stared at Wang Jiangnan before breaking into a smile, “Alright, I can give you a chance. You’ll be in charge of the next patch. If it goes well, I’ll formally appoint you as the lead developer. You’re the substitute lead developer for now, but I will not hesitate to replace you if I have a better candidate. What do you think?” 


“It’s a deal!” Wang Jiangnan smiled brightly. There was a childlike excitement in his expression that was contagious. 


“Very well. I’ll get someone to prepare the documents. You can leave now.” Qiao Liang nodded. 


“Thank you, Director Qiao!” Wang Jiangnan was practically beaming as he left the director’s office. 


Qiao Liang called out to Wang Jiangnan just before he pushed open the door to the office, “If you don’t mind the question, have you received an offer from Heaven and Earth?” 


“I did. A long time ago.” Wang Jiangnan turned around to face Qiao Liang, he did not wish to keep it a secret. 


“What sort of salary did they offer?” Qiao Liang was calm as he asked the question. 


He grimaced when he received an answer from Wang Jiangnan, “It’s a very high salary. At least, I can never offer you something like that. Why have you never considered joining them, Wang Jiangnan?” 


Wang Jiangnan blinked, and responded with a smile, “To be truthful with you, I have considered the option. But I changed my mind after someone said to me, ‘Are you short of money? Is it worth it to betray your dreams?’. That was when I realised what I truly wanted.” he continued after a pause, “My dream was to bring Fate to success. And I will work hard until I achieve my dreams.” 


Qiao Liang’s expression softened upon hearing those words. He nodded as an indication that Wang Jiangnan was free to leave his office. The director of Glory Corporation turned his chair to face the window behind him when Wang Jiangnan left. A dream? I once had a dream too. And now... 


I am realizing that dream with those who share it.


Fate is not just a game. It is the culmination of countless dreams. 


Ol’ Six was still evolving, while it had been very quiet in the game. Upwards Ho! players continued the routine of leveling up and dungeon exploring. Even Golden Era was exceptionally silent and had been ignoring the provocation of the major guilds. 


The days had grown so quiet and peaceful that Ye Ci was not used to it. 


A number of guilds have attempted to declare war on Golden Era, and Ye Ci had joined their ranks to aid them against the guild. But Golden Era remained silent, and was ignoring all declarations of war. 


Ye Ci even had an urge to talk to Breeze or Death Blossom. Are you guys alright? What sort of new schemes are you guys up to? Do you know what your silence is giving me a lot of pressure? 


Ye Ci sat by the fountain in front of Golden Era’s lvl6 Guild Encampment on the Middle Continent. She was eyeing it with envy and jealousy. As expected of a financially backed guild. They’re able to afford something like this not long after entering the game! Upwards Ho! on the other hand, was not able to progress as fast as Golden Era. 


Fleeting Time sat beside Ye Ci and handed her some supplies, “What’s with all the resentment? I don’t remember doing anything to you. 


Ye Ci rolled at her at Fleeting Time, “Shut up! I’m not from a rich guild like you.” 


Fleeting Time glanced at Golden Era’s guild encampment, and at the members who were walking in and out of the encampment who were avoiding Ye Ci’s resentful gaze, “Can you not glare at them like this? You’re making their members very uncomfortable.” 


“This is a public area.” Ye Ci was still highly dissatisfied with Golden Era for ignoring the declarations of war. 


Fleeting Time stood up and took in a deep breath, “I have to go offline now. Are you planning to level up somewhere later?” 


“Yup.” replied Ye Ci as she continued glaring at Golden Era’s guild encampment. 


“Be careful.” Fleeting Time was slightly exasperated by Ye Ci. Despite their relationship, Ye Ci was not very enthusiastic about it. They were merely interacting with one another like party members who knew each other very well. 


Ye Ci would never reject his advances, but would never take the initiative to reciprocate as well. Fleeting Time knew not what she was thinking. It felt like he was punching a lump of wool with all his might. 


“Alright.” Ye Ci knew that Fleeting Time was staring at her, and she did not know how to react to his intense gaze. She ended up pretending not to notice, much to Fleeting Time’s frustration. 


He let out a sigh before logging off the game. And it was a sigh that Ye Ci did not miss. 


I shouldn’t have said that! I shouldn’t have told him that I’ll try liking him! It’s not something I’m good at, but why did I try? What should I do as a girlfriend? 


Should I be more gentle and caring with him? Ye Ci imagined herself behaving like Dong Yin around Fleeting Time, and could immediately feel a shiver traveling down her spine. Okay, that’s really disgusting.


But haven’t I been too passive in this relationship? Should I try saying something like ‘I love you’? What should I do? 


Ye Ci had never faced something like this before in her last life, and she had almost forgotten everything in that regard. Should I ask Fang Susu about this? Wait, nevermind. She’ll probably just make fun of me. 


This is giving me a  headache. Whatever, I’ll just go level up first. 


With that, she summoned Ol’ Four and headed to the entrance of the city. 


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