Chapter 383 Self Recommendation

Chapter 383 Self Recommendation 


This was not Wang Jiangnan’s first time in the office of Glory Corporation’s director, but this was perhaps one of his most anxious moments in the office. Secretary Yan closed the door behind him as he walked into the office.


Wang Jiangnan stood awkwardly by the door as he stared at the man sitting behind a large office table who was focused on the screen on his computer. He was typing away on his keyboard. 


The man was the person in charge of the entire Glory Corporation. He a man nearing his forties, and despite his status, did not have on him expensive watches or fountain pens. The man had an aura about him that could reassure the people around him. 


“Director Qiao.” Wang Jiangnan called out to the man. 


Qiao Liang lifted his head and smiled when he saw Wang Jiangnan. Even Wang Jiangnan had to admit that age is probably the best accessory that could be worn by a man. While Qiao Liang’s clothing was not expensive, he still gave off an air of maturity and elegance that presented him as superior to his subordinates and his business partners. 


“Have a seat Jiangnan, I’m working on something right now.” Qiao Liang motioned for Wang Jiangnan to have a seat before returning his attention to work. 


Wang Jiangnan’s eyes drifted to the many things in the office as he sat in front of Qiao Liang, and finally settled on a large poster to his right. It was a poster promoting Fate’s closed beta test, but was never released to the public. The developers of the game had all signed their names on the poster before Fate was officially launched. 


He had been in the director’s office on several occasions before, but this was the only time he noticed the poster. The characters on the poster were not unique, but the names of many of his colleagues were written on the poster. 


Wang Jiangnan found it ironic. Many of the names have already left the company. 


It was indeed a troubling time. 


The sight of the poster filled him with nothing but sorrow. 


Qiao Liang’s voice snapped Wang Jiangnan out of his daze, “It was very lively back then, wasn’t it?” 


“Director Qiao…” Wang Jiangnan opened his mouth to speak, but could not muster a response. 


Qiao Liang was looking at the poster, but there was no hint of sadness on his face, “Compared to now, at least.” 


Wang Jiangnan was shocked by how calm the director was. He knew that the company was facing huge difficulties at the moment, and he could not understand why the man sitting before him was still brimming with content and confidence, just like how he was when the company was at its peak.


“Director Qiao, are you sad that so many have left?” Wang Jiangnan asked after a long moment of hesitation. 


“Sad?” Qiao Liang turned around to look at Wang Jiangnan, appearing to seriously ponder his question, “Why would I feel sad?” 


Wang Jiangnan was caught off guard by the question. It took him a long while before he could respond, “The company had lost so many employees because of Heaven and Earth. Aren’t y-you…” and he could not find the words to continue his sentence. 


Qiao Liang chuckled at him, “Just because of that? If it’s because of that, there’s nothing to be sad about. People come together by chance of Fate. Even a child must part way with its mother at some point in life when the time is up. There’s no need to be sad. We still have a long road ahead of us.” 


A smile finally appeared on Wang Jiangnan’s lips after a long while. The director was like a mountain that would not yield to the elements. It was one thing to preach about such a thing, and it took strength to truly live out such words. There was a reason why the man was at his current position at such a young age. 


“Alright Jiangnan. What sort of business do you have with me? You’re not here to resign, and I’m sure you’re not here to have a heart to heart with me either.” Qiao Liang crossed his arms on his desk and stared intently at Wang Jiangnan. 


The young man was looking at Qiao Liang, as if he did not hear what the director said. 


“Jiangnan?” Qiao Liang called out to him again when he continued remaining silent. 


Wang Jiangnan then took in a deep breath, stood up, and walked up to Qiao Liang. He straightened his back, trying his best to calm his raging nerves, “Director Qiao, I saw Boss Yu leaving just now.” 


Qiao Liang raised his eyebrow. He was not surprised, “Indeed. He handed in his resignation letter two hours ago. You’ve all learned about it already? Not bad. News sure travels fast.” 


“Director Qiao…” Wang Jiangnan licked his lips. But he was cut off by Qiao Liang before his words could leave his mouth, “Jiangnan, if you’re here to ask why Yu Ping left, I’m sorry but I can’t tell you. Is there anything else?” 


“I… I’m not here because of that.” Wang Jiangnan shook his head. 


“Oh? Then why are you here?” Qiao Liang’s interest was piqued. Wang Jiangnan was the youngest developer in the company. He was so handsome that even Qiao Liang felt that Wang Jiangnan had wasted his appearance by not choosing a career as an actor. 


But Wang Jiangnan was also one of the most hardworking employees in the company. And this was a quality that Qiao Liang respected. The young man had grown a lot during his two years working as a Glory Corporation employee. 


But this was not why Qiao Liang was willing to spare so much time for Wang Jiangnan. 


There was also another quality he found in the young man. His loyalty. 


The young developer refused to leave the company even when his best friend Yu Ping chose to leave. Qiao Liang did not know why the young man made such a decision, but he wanted to meet with Wang Jiangnan, and he wanted to listen to what the young man had to say to him. 


Wang Jiangnan lowered his head. Ye Ci’s words were still fresh in his mind. She once told him to not give up on his dreams. Are you short on money? Is it really worth it to betray your dreams because of that?


He took a deep breath, “Director Qiao, do you have a suitable candidate for the position of lead developer yet?” 


“I do not have one yet. What is it? Do you have a candidate?” Qiao Liang could already guess Wang Jiangnan’s intention when he heard the question. He had been in touch with many of the talented developers in the industry, but none of them had shown an interest in joining the company, “If it’s suitable, I don’t mind considering that person.” 


“Director Qiao, have you considered me as a candidate?” Wang Jiangnan said with a smile. It was a question that had long since been kept in his heart. 


“Eh?” Qiao Liang was caught completely off guard. 


And Wang Jiangnan immediately seized the opportunity to press the attack, “I know that I’m still young, and lack the experience. But Director Qiao, I’m here today not because of the spur of the moment. I’ve thought about it. The industry needs new ideas, and young men like me can help foster new ideas in the game. I’m the youngest person in the development team, but doesn’t it mean that I’ll have more time to devote myself to the growth of Fate? I’m sure you’ve seen my work, and I’m confident that I’m on par with, if not better than, the experienced developers in our industry.” 


“So you're here in hopes that you’ll get the chance to see in what way you’ll burn Fate to the ground?” asked Qiao Liang. 


“What about a chance to bring Fate to a completely new height?” Wang Jiangnan was flowing with confidence at that very moment. 


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