Chapter 382 In Real Life

Chapter 382 In Real Life


Breeze reported his progress in the game to Mr.Shu over the phone. “Upwards Ho! is tough. What’s the background? Why did all the major guilds refuse to work with you against them? Do you know why?” 


Breeze pursed his lips. It was a topic that he did not like, “There are many guilds in Fate. They’re not the only ones we can contact. I’m sure somebody will eventually agree to our terms.” 


But Mr.Shu was not satisfied with his response, “I hope so.” he snorted, “And I hope that you can achieve the objective that I’ve set for you.” 


“Did you not give me three years? It’s not even half a year yet. Why do you want to end it so soon?” While he was paid, Breeze had his own ways in doing things. A frown appeared on his face at the change made by Mr.Shu. 


“It’s none of your business. I won’t pay you anything less.” and Mr.Shu immediately ended the call. 


Breeze let out an exasperated sigh as he stared at his phone. He was not worried about the payment, but Mr.Shu was disrupting his plans. And this made Breeze angry. 


He leaned back against his chair and sat for a long while before making his way into his studies, where two gaming cabins, one for him and another for Death Blossom, were placed. Death Blossom was already in the game leveling up. She had been diligently leveling up since her battle with Genesis. When asked, the only response was that there was someone she must surpass at all cost.


 Breeze knew that the person was Gongzi You. And with how things were going, Death Blossom might not get the chance she wanted to face off against Gongzi You, for the man who hired them for the job wanted their schedule sped up. 


Of course, Mr.Shu did it not without a reason. He had successfully poached most of Fate’s developers into his company. Glory Corporation’s game was hanging by the thread. With most of the developers gone, the remaining staff in the company were being stretched to their limits. It was the end of the road for many of them. As long as Golden Era could become the largest guild in Fate, they would be able to destroy Fate when the company’s <Martial God OL> was released into the market. 


“Jiangnan, haven’t you thought of going over to Heaven and Earth?” Big Zhang turned his head and looked at Wang Jiangnan who was writing a program on his computer, “They should’ve sent you an offer as well.” 


“They should’ve sent one your way as well. So why are you here?” Wang Jiangnan’s eyes remained glued to the screen of his computer, as if nothing else in the world mattered to him. 


Big Zhang chuckled and leaned back against his chair with his arms crossed behind his head. More than two thirds of the development team were gone. The department that would usually be bustling with activity was empty. 


He sighed, “I’m just like you. I came to Glory from Heaven and Earth. Won’t I become a laughingstock if I go back now?” and he grimaced, “Besides, I really love Fate. I don’t think I can bring myself to abandon it.” 


Wang Jiangnan’s fingers that were clacking on his keyboard stopped, “Is that how you truly feel?” 




“Why does it sound so corny coming from a corporate slave like you?” Wang Jiangnan chuckled. 


Big Zhang punched Wang Jiangnan lightly on his chest, “Oh, f*ck off. At least I’m a slightly smarter corporate slave. I’m not a single-minded drone like you who would walk down only a single path no matter where it leads.” 


Wang Jiangnan returned his attention to the monitor with a smile, “Hey, that path will not necessarily lead to a dead end.” and he unconsciously glanced at the group photo that was placed beside his monitor, at the smile on Ye Ci’s face. 


“What’s with that photo of yours anyways? There’s not a single pretty lady in there. Well she’s probably one of the better looking ones.” Big Zhang took the photo from Wang Jiangnan’s desk and pointed at Fang Susu. His eyes then drifted to Ye Ci who stood beside Wang Jiangnan, “Oh wait, there’s this queen here as well.” 


“Queen?” Wang Jiangnan peered over to his colleague, “Who are you talking about?” 


“This one. She’s not a looker, but just look at her. ‘Queen’ is probably the word best suited to describe her.” Big ZHang pointed at Ye Ci, “I think this aura is something that she’s born with. It’s not a matter of age. She looks quite young. It’ll be even more obvious when she grows older.” 


Wang Jiangnan responded with a smile. That’s right. She’s just like a queen. And he returned his attention back to his program. 


When Wang Jiangnan returned to his office from lunch, Big Zhang ran up to him, panicked, “We’re done for, Jiangnan. We’re finished for real.” he said in a hushed voice. 


“What happened?” 


“Boss Yu is leaving.” Big Zhang frowned. The name mentioned was the lead developer of Fate, Yu Ping, which was known by his colleagues as ‘Boss Yu’. 


“He’s leaving? Where to?” Wang Jiangnan was surprised. 


“He’s joining Heaven and Earth!” Big Zhang dared not raise his voice, but his panic was clear. 


“What?” Wang Jiangnan stood up, knocking over his work chair in the process. Big Zhang immediately reached for the chair, but was not able to reach it in time. The news was very impactful to Wang Jiangnan, and Yu Ping was the person who introduced him to this job, and was his immediate superior. 


He loves Fate so much. Wang Jiangnan had once thought. He’ll never leave Glory, and he’ll never leave Fate even if I do. But reality had proven him wrong. The disappointment Wang Jiangnan felt was something that could not be described with words. 


He immediately attempted to give Yu Ping a call, but was stopped by Big Zhang, “I tried. His phone was switched off.” 


Wang Jiangnan’s eyes widened. He could not believe what he heard. He slapped Big Zhang’s hand away, and dialed Yu Ping’s number. His colleague could only let out a sigh as he made the call. 


And as expected, Wang Jiangnan’s call was redirected to Yu Ping’s voicemail box. And when he rushed to the man’s office, it was already empty. 


He looked out of the window from Yu Ping’s office. The gleaming sunshine shone into the silent office, and he suddenly saw Yu Ping in the lounge, “Boss Yu! Boss Yu!” he called out to him. 


Yu Ping heard a voice calling for him, and looked up to see Wang Jiangnan on the third floor. He stopped, and smiled at the young man, “Jiangnan.” 


“Wait for me!” shouted Wang Jiangnan and he immediately sprinted to the lounge, where Yu Ping stood waiting for him. “Boss Yu, why are you leaving? Is it because of money?” he asked as she was still gasping for air. 


Yu Ping smiled at his most valued subordinate. The young man was very talented, and was very serious about his work, “Jiangnan, not everything can be solved with money.” 


“Then why are you doing this!?” 


“If everything in this world can be explained, the world will not be the way it is.” it was apparent that Yu Ping did not wish to discuss the topic any further. He patted Wang Jiangnan on the shoulders, “Goodbye, Jiangnan.” and left towards the parking lot. 


Wang Jiangnan stood frozen in the lounge. Despite the scorching sunlight beaming down on him, he could only feel a bone-chilling cold. 


It took him a long while to push past the doors to the director’s office. He walked up to the secretary and spoke with a calm voice, “Secretary Yan, I’d like to speak to the director.” 


Secretary Yan looked up at Wang Jiangnan and offered him a smile. She called into the office and after a brief conversation, hung up the phone, “The director said that if you’re here to resign, you can head straight to Human Resources.” 


“I’m not here to resign.” Wang Jiangnan took a deep breath and stared at Secretary Yan. 


Secretary Yan was surprised. Most of the director’s visitors were there to hand in their resignation letter. She stood up, nodded at Wang Jiangnan, and led him into the director’s office, “Director, Wang Jiangnan of the development team would like to talk to you 

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