Chapter 378 Gongzi Yi

Chapter 378 Gongzi Yi 


Mi Lu and Purity Essence were studying the battle that was taking place in the sky. 


“Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is Gongzi You fighting against another Dragon?” Purity Essence had already experienced the horrors of a Dragon before, which was why he turned around and asked Mi Lu when he saw the Void Dragon. 


Mi Lu looked up at the direction of the battle, and studied the large life form that was the Void Dragon. It did not look like a Dragon at first glance, but he grew more certain the longer he stared at the gigantic beast. Gongzi You’s Holy Dragon was not able to match its speed. He refused to admit that it was a Dragon, as Upwards Ho! was the only known guild to be in the possession of a Dragon. The presence of a Dragon in Golden Era meant that Upwards Ho!’s advantage was nullified. 


And because of that, Mi Lu refused to believe that the opponent that Gongzi You was facing was indeed a Dragon, “No way, you must’ve been mistaken. There’s no way that’s a Dragon. It’s not like Dragons are very common in this game.” 


“You’re right. But from its size and its attack patterns, that thing sure looks like one.” Purity Essence was very certain of what he was seeing with his own eyes, and had even produced a pair of binoculars to observe the battle. 


“Hey, where did you get this, Purity!” Mi Lu was eyeing Purity Essence’s binoculars with envy, “Come on, lend me that thing.” he extended his arm towards his companion. 


Purity Essence immediately slapped his hand away, “Get yourself a blueprint and tell Blossom to make one for you. It’s not like he won’t help.” 


“My party’s been afflicted by Gongzi You’s bad luck. I haven’t seen a blueprint for a very long time. Come on, let me borrow your binoculars.” Mi Lu ignored Purity Essence words and made another grab at his binoculars. 


He pressed them against his eyes and looked into the sky, “F*ck me. It is a Dragon! What breed of Dragon is that?” 


“Looks like a Void Dragon.” Purity Essence was unsure himself, “The only Dragon that can turn invisible is the Void Dragon.” he pursed his lips when he noticed Mi Lu’s confused expression, “You illiterate man… Go have a look around in the National Library when you’re free. You might get something out of it.” 


“F*ck me!” Mi Lu shouted again, “Get that guy Gongzi You! He’s getting cocky! Kill him!” 


There was never a person who did not crave victory, but it was apparent that Gongzi You’s chances of winning were slim. She was even being suppressed by her opponents. 


In the face of such a situation, the hearts of the Upwards Ho! members were filled with worry. Gongzi You had always been their spiritual leader. Her skills were something that they had witnessed with their own eyes. To them, Gongzi You would never lose. While he himself did not share such a view, Bai Mo was still worried for his cousin as he looked up into the sky. 


There were things that he never told Ye Ci, but it did not mean that they do not exist. 


He refocused his attention to the fighting on the ground. Ye Ci was not one who would simply resign herself to defeat. She was someone who would struggle until the last moment. But Bai Mo was worried that the outcome of the battle would deal a fatal blow to the morale of the guild’s members. 


Even when it was apparent that Ye Ci’s opponent was the one with the upper hand, Bai Mo had never once thought of asking about Ye Ci’s situation. Because no matter the outcome, he trusted Ye Ci. 


He trusted her unconditionally. 


And what he needed to do now was… 


“We can do this everyone! We’ll send these locusts back where they came from!” 




“Send them back!” 


“Send them back!” the Upwards Ho! members in the battlefield roared in unison. 


Even Ye Ci who was in the air could hear their cry for battle. She was in a hard spot. The fight had left here severely injured, and Ol’ Six was faring no better than herself. Despite the wounds covering its body, the Dragon remained high spirited. It was excited to carry on the fight. 


Ye Ci turned Ol’ Six around and stopped midair, and her pursuer stopped as well. 


The sun shone bright down on Ye Ci, and the sky without wind was eerily quiet. 


Ol’ Six was panting for breath. It was apparent that the Dragon was exhausted. But the Void Dragon was even more fatigued as Ye Ci could see its entire form trembling with the heaving of its chest. 


A very faint smile appeared on Ye Ci’s lips. 


The opportunity that she had been waiting for had finally presented itself. 


While the Void Dragon was one of the fastest Dragons in Fate, its Stamina could not hope to match the other Dragons, for it was meant to attack its target and speed away in the shortest possible amount of time. 


Now this is interesting. 


While Ol’ Six possessed a far superior stamina, Ye Ci at her current state could not afford a war of attrition. 


While this seemed like a stalemate, things were of course not as they appeared to be. 


They were in the air. And while Ol’ Six and the Void Dragon each had their own strengths and weaknesses, their owners were still players. And no matter how strong an aerial steed if, a player would still fall from the sky once he or she was knocked off his or her steed. After all, this was an aerial battle. 


With the Void Dragon almost at its limits, Ye Ci knew that her chances of victory lied in completely exhausting the Dragon’s stamina. 


And her opponent understood it as well. 


This was why Ye Ci’s assailant decided to stop. 


The player then removed his hood, and Ye Ci could finally see the class of her opponent. She had been fighting against a Hunter all along.


But her face was revealed to Ye Ci, it came as a shock. What is this? Why does it feel like I’m looking into a mirror? 


She was a Huntress like Ye Ci. And just like her, the Huntress had silvery hair that was tied in the same style, amber eyes, almost identical face, and even the same height. The Huntress raised her bow and smiled tauntingly at Ye Ci, “It’s an honor to meet you at last, Gongzi You. I’ve been looking forward to this battle.” 


Ye Ci was momentarily stunned, but was quick to recover, “Since you know my name, why don’t you tell me yours? I don’t like fighting against someone without a name.” 


It was apparent that she did not appreciate the taunt, “I’m Gongzi Yi.” she snorted. 


Gongzi Yi? The smile on Ye Ci’s face grew. Her opponent was an imitation of herself. From her appearance, her name, and her playstyle, everything Gongzi Yi did was just like Ye Ci. 


What is this? It’s like I’m fighting against my doppelganger? 


“Even your name sounds like mine too.” the smile remained on Ye Ci’s face, but the meaning behind her words was apparent. 


Gongzi Yi did not seem to mind what Ye Ci said, and instead admitted that it was an attempt to imitate Ye Ci, “Indeed. You’re the one who inspired me to play this game. Your videos were the reason why I decided to play. And I only have one goal in Fate.” 


“And what is it?” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow. She was starting to have an interest for Gongzi Yi. 


“To surpass you.” Gongzi Yi caressed the bow in her hand, “I know of your hostility against Golden Era, and that was why I joined them. But I’ll have you know that I’m not interested in whatever’s going on between your guild and Golden Era. I’m only interested in you. I shall surpass you and be the SOLO Queen of the Eastern Continent!” 


And Gongzi Yi stared at Ye Ci. The passion in her eyes were like two orbs of fire that could burn everything before them. 


“You can have that title if you want. I’ve never cared about things like that.” said Ye Ci as she stared coldly at Gongzi Yi, “But if your aim is to surpass me.. You’ll have to ask my bow first.” 

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