Chapter 374 A Monopoly

Chapter 374 A Monopoly 


Lethal Poison sat in the Lazy Cat Tavern in the western district. He noticed a difference between the NPCs here from the ones in the eastern district. They were dressed the same, but there was a different air about them. It felt as if they were always trying to stab him at the back when he was not watching. Despite the beautiful waitresses, the good wine, and excellent food, he did not like it here one bit. 


He leaned forward and supported his chin with his hands. He was beginning to regret his decision to accept Green Hill’s Moon’s request for him to meet with Gongzi You. 


The losses she caused to his guild was still fresh in his mind. And anger bubbled in his heart at the mere thought of the incident. But he immediately agreed to a meeting with Gongzi You when he was contacted by Green Hill’s Moon. He was simply too curious about the girl. And they did not have any contact before or after the avalanche. 


Why is Gongzi You looking for me? Is she going to place a bounty as well? Lethal Poison pursed his lips. No, that’s simply too absurd. 


He glanced at the time. It was five minutes away from the time of their meeting, but there was still no sign of Gongzi You. She’s either very punctual, or is running late. Lethal Poison rapped his fingers against the wooden table as he waited quietly for her arrival. 


I will not waste even one additional minute waiting for her if she’s late. If Gongzi You can’t even be bothered to be punctual, then she’s not capable of even the most basic of respect. 


Time continued ticking, and it was only thirty seconds until the time of their meeting. Lethal Poison was full of disdain when he lifted his mug and gulped down a mouthful of wine. It’s such a shame. The wine here is good. He was actually interested in talking to Gongzi You over some drinks, but it seemed that it was no longer possible. Heh, despite her skills and apparent fame, she does not know respect. A person like this will never make it far. 


But Lethal Poison was shocked when he set down his mug, for a slim hooded figure had appeared on the empty chair in front of him. The stranger’s tender, fair arms pulled away the hood to reveal a pair of amber eyes, silvery hair that was tied into a ponytail, and a face that was a mask of indifference. 


The girl before him was not a beauty, but there was simply something about her that he would never forget even years after their meeting. He might not be able to remember her expression or her face, but her intense aura was something that would forever be etched in his memory.


“Sorry for the wait, I’m Gongzi You.” she smiled faintly. 


Lethal Poison subconsciously took a glance at the time. The moment Ye Ci spoke was the moment the time of their agreed meeting was displayed on the clock. He was momentarily stunned, but was able to quickly recover and extended a hand towards Gongzi You to shake her hand with a smile, “I’m the one who was running early. I’m Lethal Poison.” 


It was a secret meeting that no one expected. Who would have expected that two enemies would be gathering at the same table for a meeting? 


Ye Ci took in a deep breath as she left the Lazy Cat Tavern. The cold night air entered her lungs, and brushed away the fatigue she felt. She stretched herself, and looked up at the bright moon illuminating Hero City’s night sky. 


“Can I ask you a question?” asked Lethal Poison who walked out of the tavern. 


‘What is it?” 


“Why the western district?” 


“Is the wine here not to your liking? Is the food not good enough?” Ye Ci pursed her lips as her. Her amber eyes were distant and yet very alluring under the moonlight. 


“No, but the NPCs here are… Different.” Lethal Poison looked up at the moon as well and took in a deep breath, “It feels like I’m always being watched over here. I do not like that feeling.” 


“Because this is where the scum of the society gatherers.” Ye Ci pulled up her hood and smiled at Lethal Poison, “I’m a red name remember? I can’t enter the eastern district.” and she continued after a slight pause, “I look forward to your success.” 


“Time is short. I think Golden Era is already on the move.” Lethal Poison sighed. 


“So what? They haven’t found it, have they?” Ye Ci seemed to not care about the problem. She had completed her objective, and there was no point in staying anymore, “I hope to meet you here again someday.” 


“To talk about prices for a monopoly?” Lethal Poison laughed, “How are you so sure that the demand would be that great? From the recipes I’ve seen so far, that thing might be rare, but I don’t think it’s a necessity.” 


Ye Ci placed a finger on her lips, “It’s a secret.” and she stood up to leave, “Sometimes, the truth might not be what your eyes see. Do you want to make a bet?” 


“And what are we betting on?” 


“Half of your production?” 


“No way. It doesn’t benefit me at all.” Lethal Poison laughed. He was starting to like the girl more and more. Of course, it was not romantic in nature, but a respect that he harbored for someone who was also an expert in the game. It was rare for females to be so ambitious, and yet so agreeable. 


Ye Ci laughed as well, “You’re a petty man, Lethal Poison.” 


“I wouldn’t have placed a three-months bounty on you if I’m not.” Lethal Poison paid no heed to her words as he narrowed his already tiny eyes. 


“See you.” Ye Ci waved him goodbye and disappeared into the night. 


And the Lazy Cat Tavern was once again empty, as if nobody had ever appeared in that place. 


Perhaps due to his lack of understanding of Gongzi You, Lethal Poison felt as if he had nearly missed out on a large sum of wealth. Of course, this was something that he came to realise one month after her meeting with Gongzi You, for he saw a piece of White equipment in the auction house: Mithril Shirt. It was sold at the price of five hundred thousand gold, and was snatched away before he could even have a good look at the stats of the equipment. 


It was a great shock to Lethal Poison at that time. F*ck! Are you guys crazy? That’s five hundred thousand gold! Can’t you at least let me have a look at the stats first? 


What followed was news that Sangharama Shrine had cleared the first BOSS of the Jaded Fairyland, which had been a bottleneck for guilds all across the continent. This put Lethal Poison in a bad mood. The three major guilds of the Southern Continent might be similar in strength, but Heavenly Body had always been the more superior one. Sangharama's Shrine’s ability to snatch First Blood right before his eyes was like a slap to his face. 


And Lethal Poison was speechless when he received even more news. Sangharama Shrine was able to withstand the first BOSS’s magical attack by purchasing twenty Mithril Shirts. 


That was when he finally believed what Gongzi You had told him. He was very upset, but he was still not as petty in the face of greater benefits. He was able to secure the ore vein quest after receiving its coordinates from Gongzi You and a hard fought battle against Golden Era. 


I sure dodged a bullet there. Thought Lethal Poison when he remembered that he almost gave up on looking for the Mithril ore vein. 


He laid staring at the ceiling in his room like an unmoving statue for nearly half a day before finally letting out a sigh. He contacted Green Hill’s Moon, and instructed him to bring Gongzi You a message, “I’d like to talk to you about the prices.” 


Ye Ci was at the Southern Continent’s Kira Mountain Range munching on roasted meat when she received the message. Ol’ Six was eyeing the piece of meat on her hand. She pursed her lips and tossed the meat to Ol’ Six when she received the message from Green Hill’s Moon and stuffed another piece of meat into her mouth as she stared up into the blue sky. 


So how will Golden Era dominate Fate when they’ve lost their grasp on its economy? She was very curious about the answer to the question. 


“Little Ci, Golden Era has launched a sneak attack on our fort!” came a message from Bai Mo when she sat resting by a campfire. 


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