Chapter 368 The Forgotten Key

Chapter 368 The Forgotten Key


“What is it?” Fleeting Time was anxious as he stared at Ye Ci. 


“What happened in your past has nothing to do with me.” Ye Ci’s mood lifted when the words left her mouth. Some things felt impossible before they were spoken, but once they have finally left one’s mouth, one would realise that it was very simple. 


Fleeting Time’s heart sank. He did not know how to respond to Ye Ci’s words. He stared at her silently as she continued, “What matters to me is your future.” 


“Huh?” Fleeting Time was stunned. His brains had completely shut down,and all forms of logical thoughts in his mind ceased. What does she mean by that? 


He looked at Ye Ci with a troubled expression. Not as smart as you usually are, aren’t you? Ye Ci glanced at him. She did not speak, but a smile appeared on her lips. Has he suddenly become dumb? 


Fleeting Time finally understood the meaning behind Ye Ci’s words after a long moment of thought. But a frown was quick to appear on his face. Absalom had once told him that convincing a woman is about as easy as walking to the moon, and before he could even begin, things had already taken such a turn. Wait, haven’t I literally skipped to the last part before I even begin the process of convincing her of my innocence? 


“So you mean to tell me that…” Fleeting Time continued carefully after a long silence, “You were not angry just now?” 


Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Fleeting Time. Isn’t he supposed to be smart? Why is his comprehension in certain matters so bad? But Ye Ci did not plan to allow Fleeting Time to think about the meaning behind her words on his own. Some things must be said clearly to prevent any misunderstanding. 


“Didn’t you say that you like me? Are you going back on your words?” 


“No!” Fleeting Time shook his head. He could feel his heart in his mouth. It had been a very thrilling day. 


“I still do not know how to reciprocate your feelings, but… I think I’m willing to try.” Ye Ci smiled at Fleeting Time. 


“Try?” Fleeting Time’s thoughts were once again thrown into disarray. He had always been smart, but right at this moment, he had a feeling that he was the dumbest human being in the entire world, “What are you trying to do?” 


Fleeting Time was repeating each of Ye Ci’s words with anxiety written all over his face. He was like a child who did something wrong as was waiting for judgement from his parents. Ye Ci wanted to laugh, but she held back the urge due to how appropriate it was in a situation like this, “To try liking you back.” 


He blinked, and blinked again. His heart and his breathing stopped. He stared at Ye Ci with disbelief, as if it was all a dream. It took him quite a moment to recover from the daze. He took in a deep breath and lifted his head after reflecting upon his stupidity, “I have a question for you, LIttle Gongzi.” 


“What is it?” Ye Ci was in a good mood. The big boulder that had been waiting her heart down was finally removed. She was now looking at life with a renewed perspective. I want to live out the moment! Who cares what happens tomorrow!


“Haven’t you always disliked me? And even hated me? Why the sudden change of heart?” a wave of dizziness washed over Fleeting Time. He had always thought that he had a long way to go in his journey into Gongzi You’s heart, but a good ending was already served to him on a platter. Even he was caught off guard by something like this.  


Ye Ci began pondering his question. He’s right. Why am I changing my mind? Just because I want to live in the present? No, I don’t think so. She stared at Fleeting Time’s handsome face. Everything felt like it happened a lifetime ago. They were so close and yet so far apart from one another in her last life. His skillful play was something that she could never forget. And that was why he became a target that she must surpass. But the distance between them shrunk without her even realising it. 


And that was why Ye Ci responded with a laugh, “Because you’re Fleeting Time.” 


Fleeting Time returned when Ye Ci was at the border of the Western Continent. He wanted to escort her all the way to the Middle Continent, but Ye Ci knew that there were still a lot of things that must be done when Genesis’s fort was freshly constructed. The guild needed manpower, and Absalom needed Fleeting Time’s presence at the fort. 


But Fleeting Time was reluctant to part with Ye Ci so quickly, and his displeasure was written all over his face. Ye Ci looked at his expression, and a wide smile lit up her face when she thought of the misfortune that will surely befall Absalom soon. 


Naga’s minions have stopped appearing. Ye Ci did not know when their next attack would begin, but it would be a waste of time to simply wait for their arrival. She thought of the cemetery hidden behind the cathedral. A bow was required to unlock the cenotaph of Dau’er, but she did not know where the bow could be found. Two NPCs came into mind: Natasha and the spirit of Andriel. 


But it was not a good idea to head straight to the Middle Continent. From where she was, returning to the Red Lake City for supplies would be a wiser choice, and she could look for Natasha in the newbie village. 


She summoned Ol’ Four when she was nearing the newbie village, as a Dragon would simply attract too much unwanted attention. But her red name meant that she was shunned by the new players on her way to the village. 


She was able to quickly locate Natasha, and the NPC began thinking long and hard for an answer once Ye Ci stated her purpose of visiting. Ye Ci did not disturb the NPC. She stood by silently, and Natasha finally gave her the answer, “There is a temple at the Kira Mountain Range, where our race was born. It’s probably already in ruins, but there is an ancestry bow deep within the temple. Perhaps it is what you’re looking for.” 


Ye Ci bade her farewell with Natasha after receiving her answer, and left for Red Lake City. 


The Kira Mountain Range was situated in the Southern Continent. The four continents were one in ancient times, and the Elves originated from the Kira mountain range. The race was only spread across the four continents when the lands began drifting apart. Ye Ci would have to replenish her supplies before heading to the Southern Continent. 


She immediately visited the warehouse upon her arrival in Red Lake City and sorted out her items. She spotted a key in her warehouse. It was something that she had forgotten a long time ago. 


Red Monastery Secret Chamber Key. 


Ye Ci had never entered the sacred chamber in her last life. She did not know what it contained, and in her current life, her curiosity was piqued by the key. She wanted to have a look. The key was obtained when she was lvl40, and due to how busy she was, she had forgotten all about it. 


The Red Monastery was a lvl40 dungeon. It was something that Ye Ci could easily handle solo. She immediately headed to the Red Monastery after replenishing her supplies in Red Lake City. 


The dungeon was frequented by lvl40 players, but Ye Ci had never visited the place along with her guild as she had been busy exploring the world of Fate. This was the first time in her current life going into the dungeon, but she still knew the dungeon like the back of her hand due to her past life experience. She could clear the dungeon with her eyes closed. 


Level was the best equipment of the game. Ye Ci had difficulties clearing the dungeon even with a strong party during her last life, but she was able to clear the dungeon solo within thirty minutes. 


When the final BOSS fell dead by her feet, Ye Ci pulled out the key and opened the door to his left. The hidden chamber was hidden within the room. 



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