Chapter 363 You Can't Win

Chapter 363 You Can’t Win


Ye Ci was confused as she looked at Dong Yin. Wasn’t she a Warrior? Why is she dressed like a Sorceress right now? She even has a staff with her! Players were not allowed to create a second account in Fate, and there was no known means of changing the class of a character after its creation. How did Dong Yin become a Sorceress? Have I remembered things wrongly? Has she always been a Sorceress all this while but I was the one who mistook her as a Warrior? 


She started a bout of self-criticism. I am still young! My memory should be fine! Perhaps she changed her class somehow? 


Ye Ci continued staring silently at Dong Yin from Ol’ Six’s back. She pursed her lips when she saw the face that was so full of hatred. Ol’ Six landed on the ground with a thud. The flapping of its wings blew up the lower part of Dong Yin’s robes, revealing her long, white legs. 


She did not speak to Dong Yin, for there was simply nothing she had to say to the girl. To her, Dong Yin was someone from her long forgotten past, and she had decided long ago to not look back into the past. 


“Draw your weapon, Ye Ci!” Dong Yin repeated herself again when Ye Ci remained silent. Her tone had grown softer, but Ye Ci knew that it was not because of her reminiscence of their childhood friendship. It was simply a sign of anxiety. 


Ye Ci shifted her gaze from Dong Yin to Yi Cang. He was standing not far behind Dong Yin in a suit of Paladin armor, and his face was a mask of frost. “You’re here to fight me as well, Yi Cang?” 


“Yes.” Yi Cang replied after a momentary shock. It was apparent that he did not expect Ye Ci to call out his name. 


“Why don’t you take me on first? Or are you giving the priority to the lady?” Ye Ci smiled, just like she would when they were children, and it sent Yi Cang into a daze. But he was able to snap himself back into reality, “I’ll go first.” he whispered to Dong Yin as he walked up to her. 


Dong Yin looked back at him, and he could see the determination in her eyes. They did not exchange any words, but Yi Cang backed away after letting out a sigh, “Yin Yin made her choice.” 


“Is that so?” Ye Ci smiled as she returned her gaze to Dong Yin. She did not expect the day Dong Yin who had always been hiding herself at the back to place herself at the front would come. 


“Draw your weapon, Ye Ci.” this was the third time Dong Yin repeated her words. Her overbearing demeanor was gone, and it was now merely a statement. 


“Dong Yin, you can’t win.” Ye Ci merely stated the truth. She respected every opponent, but she did not wish to fight in a battle with a very clear outcome. It was something that was meaningless to her. 


“How do you know without even trying?” Dong Yin snorted. She waved the staff in her hand and said to Ye Ci, “Don’t you know that overconfidence can be one’s downfall?” 


Ye Ci raised an eyebrow, “I respect every single of one of my opponents. And do you know what is the highest respect one can give to an opponent?” 


“And what is that?” 


“By going all out.” Ye Ci sighed, “Dong Yin, how long do you think you can last if I go all out on you?” 


“Cut the crap! Get down here and fight me! I do not have the time nor do I have the mood for your nonsense!” Dong Yin’s expression darkened as her voice grew louder, “I know you’re good, but are you really certain that you can win everytime? Do you think someone like me will never be able to defeat you? You think too highly of yourself!” 


Was Ye Ci overestimating herself? Certainly not. At this point, she was very sure that Dong Yin was equipped with a very powerful gear that allowed her to change her class from a Warrior to a Sorceress. 


Dong Yin’s confidence meant that there was something about her equipment that she was very certain could be used as a counter to Ye Ci. The girl must have thought that she had, at the very least, a 50% chance of winning. 


But Dong Yin had failed to realise that experience was also an important factor in a PVP fight other than equipment and level. It was impossible for Dong Yin who had only started playing the game for a year and a half to match Ye Ci’s skills. She was a Sorceress in her last life, and nobody in this game knew the class more than she did. 


And this was why Ye Ci was certain that Dong Yin was no match for her. 


“Very well. If you’re so sure about that.” Ye Ci smiled at her. 


“Hurry up and dismount then. Are you going to fight me on your steed?” Dong Yin shouted angrily at the massive creature in front of her. 


Ye Ci let out a laugh, “Dong Yin, do you really think that the Dragon is merely a steed? I’m a Huntress. And don’t you know? A Huntress can summon pets.” 


“This is your pet?” Dong Yin’s voice rose. 


“Why not? Do you seriously think that I’ll only have some cute animals like cats or dogs as my pets?” Ye Ci’s voice was flat. 


It was apparent that Dong Yin did not expect the Dragon to be a pet and was a mere steed, “How can this me?” 


“Dong Yin, you made the greatest mistake in a PVP battle.” said Ye Ci as she leapt down from Ol’ Six. 


“And what is that?” Dong Yin’s face began to grow pale. 


“You do not know your enemy. You do not even know what sort of equipment and pet I have before challenging me. No matter how great your equipment is, you’re still looking to fail.” Ye Ci’s voice was calm, as if she was talking to a stranger. But to Ye Ci, the girl standing before had already become a stranger. 


Dong Yin’s face grew even paler. Her staff was trembling slightly in her hands. 


“Do you still want to fight?” Ol’ Six lowered its head and rubbed itself against Ye Ci’s face. She caressed the Dragon, and the beast seemed to enjoy her affection as it closed its eyes. But its intimidating aura did not dissipate. 


“Yes…’ Dong Yin glared at Ye Ci, and proclaimed her determination with a shaky voice. 


Ye Ci looked at her fingers, and began casually blowing away the dust that had accumulated under her nails. At the same time, Ol’ Six let out a Dragon Breath, turning Dong Yin into a corpse in an instant. 


“Like I said, you can’t win. No one can last more than five seconds under the effects of Dragon Breath, especially a mage like you.” said Ye Ci in an indifferent tone, as if Dong Yin’s death had nothing to do with her, “Do you still want to fight? The graveyard is nearby. I don’t mind waiting.” 


Dong Yin’s corpse quickly turned into nothing but skeletons. She resurrected herself, and charged at Ye Ci, “Again!” 


And she was hit by another Dragon Breath. 


This continued on and on, and even the combatants themselves have lost count of how many times Dong Yin met her demise. 


“I refuse to accept this! Why do you always have the good things, Ye Ci!” shouted Dong Yin as she lay dying on the ground, “You’re good at the game, your level is high, and you’re good at dungeon clearing! He Xiao’s eyes were always on you! Even when you’re enemies, he was still thinking about you! We were friends, but you’re so selfish that you would not even help me! What else do you want!” 


Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Dong Yin. She could not understand a single word that came out of her mouth. There was nothing between me and Thousand Sunsets! Why does she sound like I’m her rival? 


“Thousand Sunsets was only trying to use me, and I didn’t want to be used. It’s just that simple. By the way, Peacock Blue is your love rival, not me.” 


Dong Yin’s eyes bored into Ye Ci like venomous snakes, “Go die, Ye Ci!” She stood up and charged at Ye Ci. 


And this time, Ol’ Six did not attack. With a slight movement, Ye Ci disappeared from her view. When she finally reappeared, she was already sheathing a pair of daggers behind Dong Yin, “I told you, you can’t win.” she said in a soft voice. 


She then walked past Yi Cang, and climbed onto Ol’ Six, “If you still wish for your deaths, you’re always free to get even more high tier equipment. I’m not interested in fights that are too easy.” and with that, she soared up into the sky. 



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