Chapter 362 Refusing To Let Go

Chapter 262 Refusing To Let Go


A person who has already died once would never remember things that were too distant in the past. The future was ahead of Ye Ci, and memorizing things from the past was a waste of her energy. 


Of course, not many in this world had already embraced the eventuality of death like her. 


Ye Ci at least, was more willing to let go since she had already tasted death. 


To her, things in the past no matter in game or in real life were things that she could easily put down as she continued marching on ahead. But as she saw the person standing before her, she came to realise that her ability to let things go did not matter, for there would always be people who were tangled in past events. 


“Long time no see, Thousand Sunsets.” Ye Ci finally returned the greeting after staring at the man for a very long time. Her gaze then drifted to the two figures standing not far behind Thousand Sunsets. Dong Yin and Yi Cang. 


Ahh.. So they’re still in the game, and they’re still with Thousand Sunsets. But the person who stood beside Thousand Sunsets was replaced by Peacock Blue. She could tell that Thousand Sunsets and Peacock Blue were not close, but she could sense that there was something special in their relationship. 


She even took a pity to Dong Yin when the information provided to her by Green Hill’s Moon about the families of two once again surfaced in her mind. 


It was sorrowful to be forced away from a person that one loved dearly just because of one’s family background. She did not understand why Dong Yin would remain by Thousand Sunsets’s side as he found a new person in his life, and as they joined their hands in marriage. Was it worth her pride as a person? 


And this was what Ye Ci hated about Dong Yin. 


But her lamenting did not last long, for she was not blind. She could see the animosity and the hatred on the faces of Dong Yin and Yi Cang. If looks could kill, then Ye Ci could have been impaled by the thousands of daggers they were glaring at her. 


Her instincts were telling her that they were still dwelling in the past. Even if she felt that what happened in the past should stay in the past, the two would never let it go. 


Ahh… How troublesome. 


No one knew when the battle had died down, but combatants from both sides were now staring at the new group of players. 


“Is there a problem?” Fleeting Time could feel the tension in the air between Ye Ci and the newly arrived players. He spun in a low flying circle above the heads of the players as an intimidation before stopping beside Ye Ci. 


Ye Ci shifted her gaze from Thousand Sunsets and his posse to Fleeting Time, “It’s someone I used to know a long, long time ago.” 


Fleeting Time immediately understood the meaning behind her words. He was not a person who liked gossipping, and the only posts on the forums that received his attention were those related to the technical part of the game. He had never concerned himself with the gossip of each continent. 


That was why he knew very little about Thousand Sunsets. Absalom, on the other hand, would instantly recognize the man. But the name was still awfully familiar to Fleeting Time, “Thousand Sunsets? Was he the former leader of Iron Blooded Battle Spear?” 


“Aiya? You know him Fleeting Time? I didn’t know you like gossiping as well.” Spotless Autumn was shocked when Fleeting Time knew of the guild, as there were countless medium sized guilds in Iron Blood in Fate. 


Fleeting Time cast a sideway glance at Spotless Autumn, but chose to ignore his remark. He knew of the guild because of Gongzi You. He did a small investigation into her background in an attempt to know her better, “Is he here looking for trouble? Is it because of what happened to his guild warehouse?” 


Ye Ci shook her head. She did not know why the people who had long since left the stage in her memory were appearing once again before her. 


“Gongzi You, we’re old acquaintances now, and we’re both from the same continent. Why don’t you end this fight and consider this incident settled?” Thousand Sunsets looked at the players of the Golden Era and then smiled at Ye Ci. 


“Oh? Your influence is so great that even Golden Era has to listen to you now?” 


Thick sarcasm was laced in Ye Ci’s words, and many of the more hot-headed members behind Thousand Sunsets were ready to attack when Thousand Sunsets stopped them with a gesture of his hand. “This is between me and Golden Era, Gongzi You. Don’t worry about it. This is for your own good as well. Even with that Dragon of yours, the three of you will not be able to win against so many players. It will not benefit you, or Upwards Ho! by even a tiny bit. Why don’t you back off and consider this matter settled?” 


Ye Ci wanted the fight to end not because of her inability to win, but because it had little to no meaning to her. She knew that Fleeting Time and Spotless Autumn shared the same thought. They had things that must be tended to, and wasting time on a PVP that did not benefit them in any way was useless. 


And she also knew that Thousand Sunsets was not here just to help, “Let’s get straight to the point, Thousand Sunsets. What do you want from me?” 


“Does it mean that you’re agreeing to stop the fight?” she did not receive a direct response from Thousand Sunsets. 


Ye Ci grunted as a response. And with a smile on his face, Thousand Sunsets turned around and began speaking to the Cleric of Golden Era. The Cleric was enraged, and even began shouting at Thousand Sunsets. 


The guild leader was still speaking calmly to the Cleric. And with a last glare to the trio, the Cleric left with the rest of his men. 


“Autumn, this has nothing to do with you.” Ye Ci said to Spotless Autumn, “Get out of here, and beware of the Golden Era players.” 


But Spotless Autumn refused to budge, “What is this? You’re sending me away because there’s a fight? Do I look like someone who would abandon my friends?” 


“This is between me and them. This has nothing to do with you. Don’t get dragged into this.” Ye Ci continued staring at the players in front of her, “There’s a few hundred of them, and they’re better equipped than the players before. You do not have an aerial steed. You’ll be in danger if fighting breaks out.” 


Ye Ci moved forward before Spotless Autumn could offer a response, “Just think of this as giving me face. It’s something private, I do not wish for more to learn of it.” 


At this point, Spotless Autumn knew that it was better for him to take his leave. He consumed a bottle of Invisibility Potion and disappeared after repeatedly telling Ye Ci to be careful. A system notification indicating that Spotless Autumn had gone offline appeared a short moment later. 


Ye Ci then looked at Fleeting Time, but he spoke up before she could open her mouth, “I respect your privacy, but I simply can’t leave you alone against so many people.” and he climbed to a higher altitude on his Phoenix, “I’ll be up here. If things turn bad, I’ll be able to help. Just pretend I don’t exist for the time being.” 


“What do you want?” Ye Ci could finally focus her attention back on Thousand Sunsets. 


“Oh come on, Gongzi You, I was just passing by.” responded Thousand Sunsets with a smile. 


And this earned him a sneer from Ye Ci, “With so many players?” 


“Well, we’re all out here to level up.” it was as if Thousand Sunsets did not notice the sarcasm in Ye Ci’s voice, “Of course, now that we’re here, there are things that we wish to deal with.” 


Ye Ci pursed her lips, and continued waiting silently for the man to continue. 


With a gesture of his hand, the players behind Thousand Sunsets retreated thirty yards to the back, and only Dong Yin and Yi Cang remained, “Or more precisely, I’m not the one who has business with you. But they do. I am but a manager.” and he followed after the members of his guild. 


Ye Ci raised an eyebrow as she stared at the two, “What is it? What do you need from me?” 


“Draw your weapon!” said Dong Yin with a sneer as she pulled out her magical staff. 



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