Chapter 357 Mutual Understanding

Chapter 357 Mutual Understanding


Ye Ci pursed her lips, “Being generous are we? Bear in mind that I can’t afford to pay you back right now.” she said as she accepted the trade. She was never a superficial person. She understood that she would be a big burden to Fleeting Time if she ran out of supplies, and there seemed to be no end to Naga’s minions. 


Fleeting Time let out a long breath when Ye Ci accepted the supplies, “What is mine is yours, and what’s yours is still yours.” he mumbled under his breath. 


Ye Ci could not believe what she heard, as it was simply impossible with their current relationship, “What did you say?” 


Fleeting Time took in a deep breath and turned around to look at Ye Ci, “What?” 


Ye Ci blinked at Fleeting Time. She had even started doubting her hearing, “It’s nothing.” she shrugged, and began taking stocks of the supplies she received from Fleeting Time. 


Fleeting Time stared silently at Ye Ci, his thoughts known only to himself. His sight might be on Ye Ci, but his thoughts had already wandered somewhere else. “Do you like surprises?” he asked suddenly. 


“Are you asking me?” Ye Ci was taking stock of her arrows when the question came. 


“Of course. You’re the only one here other than me. Who else can I ask?” 


Ye Ci stared at Fleeting Time for a long moment with curiosity written all over her face before responding truthfully, “Of course I know. I’m just curious. We’re not that close are we?” 


The response from Ye Ci hit Fleeting Time with a wave of distress. Her intention to draw a line between them was obvious. 


But he was still able to maintain the smile on his face, “Well, there’s still time left until the next way, we can talk to each other from past time.” 


“I don’t like surprises.” Ye Ci apparently accepted the explanation as she replied with a soft voice. 




“Because it’s only a surprise if you do it well. Pull it off in a bad way, and it’s more of a scare.” Ye Ci was done sorting out the last set of arrows, she lifted her head and looked at Fleeting Time, “Don’t you think that surprises have ruined a lot of things in this world?” 


Fleeting Time rubbed the bridge of his nose. He refused to admit that Ye Ci was right. But a system notification announced the arrival of Naga’s minions before he could offer his opinion. The duo immediately stood up and prepared themselves for battle. Defeating the minions of Naga was their priority at the moment. 


The duo was fatigued after waves of enemy attacks. Ye Ci was completely exhausted after an untold period of combat. It was not fatigue felt by her character, but a mental fatigue due to long moments of concentration fighting against Naga’s minions. She laid on the red ground, gasping for air. 


Fleeting Time was not faring any better as well, as he laid a spread eagle beside Ye Ci. 


“I do not like the color of this map.” Ye Ci was the one who broke the silence. 


“The color of red?” 


“Yup.” Ye Ci’s voice was weak, “I don’t like it at all.” 


“I guess you’re right. Red makes one irritable.” Fleeting Time replied faintly as he stared up into the red sky, “I like green better.” 


“I’m tired.” Ye Ci closed her eyes, wiping out the red from her world. 


“In body or in mind?” 


“Both.” she let out a long sigh, “How many more waves do you think there are?” 


“I don’t know.” the fatigue was clear in Fleeting Time’s voice, “Let’s go offline if you’re too tired to proceed. There seems to be no end to them.” 


“Alright.” and Ye Ci logged out of the game after bidding farewell with Fleeting Time. She had never talked so calmly to him for a long time, as their meeting would always end in a fight. This was the first time she was able to truly relax in his presence. 


Talking to him is not bad. Thought Ye Ci. At least he understands what I’m trying to say, and our view of the world is more or less the same. It’s rare to have someone like this. Perhaps he truly knows me well. 


As the saying goes, your enemy knows you best. 


Is he my enemy? Ye Ci smiled. Perhaps. We’re enemies with a peculiar relationship. 


Fleeting Time turned his head and stared at the spot where Ye Ci was lying at moments ago before the fatigue was too much to bear and he logged out from the game as well. 


Ye Ci’s exhaustion was gone after a good night’s rest. She logged into the game, but Fleeting Time was nowhere to be found on the Scarlet Highlands. Should I wait for him to come online? 


And after some hesitation, Ye Ci decided to patiently await his arrival. He was her only way to resupply in this continent. She did not know how long it would take for him to log into the game, but she had always been patient. 


And fortunately for Ye Ci, Fleeting Time appeared before her not long later. 


He was shocked to see Ye Ci, “I thought you’d leave.” 


Ye Ci eyed Fleeting Time, “Firstly, I do not know when Naga’s minions will appear. Secondly, I won’t be able to deal with them alone if they appear. I do not wish to lose my EXP. And lastly, I am out of supplies.” 


Fleeting Time’s eyebrows rose as he listened to Ye Ci’s explanation, and he let out a laugh. 


“What is it? Was what I said weird?” Ye Ci was baffled by his reaction. Did I say something funny?


“No.” Fleeting Time shook his head, “It’s just that.. You’re the most direct girl I’ve ever met.” 


“Why? You like one who beats around the bush?” Ye Ci raised her eyebrows as well. 


“I like how direct you are.” said Fleeting Time, as if he was merely stating a fact. He turned around before Ye Ci could respond, and said, “Let’s go. We’ll head to the Ruined Cathedral. We’ll be able to resupply at the campsite there.” 


Fleeting Time's tone was so calm, as if he was simply stating something very normal, but Ye Ci was stunned. This was not the first time the word ‘like’ came out of his mouth, but this was the first time Ye Ci was deeply moved by it. 


“What is it?” Fleeting Time turned around and looked at Ye Ci when he noticed that she was not following after him. 


His words snapped Ye Ci back into reality. She lowered her gaze, took in a deep breath, and regained her composure, “Are you able to keep up with me?” 


And she started sprinting towards the Ruined Cathedral. 


It took Fleeting Time quite a while to react to Ye Ci’s words. There was a smile on his face as he raced Ye Ci to the cathedral. 


The Ruined Cathedral was a map adjacent to the Scarlet Highlands. It was a map with lvl65 to lvl70 monsters, and the majority of its monster population was humanoid in shape. Due to its fast respawn rate, the map was one of the most popular maps in the Middle Continent. 


Traveling to the map, however, was not easy. The fees required to travel to the Middle Continent alone was quite high. And there were also many high level maps between Hero City and the Ruined Cathedral. 


That was why most of the players in the map were members of different guilds. 


As the NPCs refused to talk to Ye Ci, she could only rely on Fleeting Time to resupply. As Ye Ci stood at the entrance of the encampment, staring intently at a particular piece of rock by her foot, a voice called out to her, “Gongzi You? It really is you!” 


She looked up and narrowed her eyes when she saw the owner of the voice. What a coincidence… 




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