Chapter 342 God Is On My Side!

Chapter 342 God Is On My Side!


As Ye Ci’s rampage on the battlefield continued, Breeze finally learned of the news. 


He was surprised. 


“What did you say Reed? A Dragon had appeared in the skies of the Lesser Demon Sanctum?” Breeze could not believe what he heard.


“Yes. It’s a Dragon.” Sweeping Reed continued after taking in a long breath, “Boss, do you still remember the forum post that we saw about the major events that happened in Fate?” 


“Are you talking about…” a sudden realisation struck Breeze, “You’re talking about the red Dragon that appeared in the Swamp of Sorrows.”


“Yes.” said Sweeping Reed as he jumped down from the boulder and hid himself. The light blue Dragon was headed his way. Please no more of that Dragon Breath! And even if it is, please let it be breathing fire instead! A pillar of flame could easily be dodged, but poison would spread in the air before it dissipated. Sweeping Reed was at lvl37, but it was very obvious that the Dragon was at a much higher level. Even a glancing blow from one of the Dragon’s attacks could be fatal. 


Perhaps it was due to Sweeping Reed’s prayers, or perhaps Ye Ci had simply grown bored of using Dragon Breath over and over again, she lowered Ol’ Six’s altitude and began using Hurricane. 


Golden Era’s players were mostly at lvl20, but after a few rounds of baptism by the Dragon’s attacks, they immediately spread out and began to flee. But the players were simply slower than the Dragon. 


A player’s normal walking speed in Fate is 2.0, and running will increase that speed to 5.0. With a 60% speed from a steed, a player’s movement speed could be increased to 8.0. Even the slowest aerial steed had the base speed of 12.0 while the fastest had a speed of 24.0 Ol’ Six was a Tier 7 life form. It was not in its adult form yet, but its movement speed was at 16.0. It was a speed that the players could not hope to match. 


No matter how hard they tried, the players of Golden Era were slowly falling victim to Ye Ci and Ol’ Six. She took aim at the fleeing Golden Era players and cast Hurricane along the path of their retreat. 


Ol’ Six began flapping its wings, and with its roar, two gusts of strong wind crashed into the players. They were tossed thirty yards into the air before falling back onto the ground. 


Not many could survive a fall from that height, and it was an even more horrifying experience than dying to Dragon Breath due to the pain suffered by the body. 


Ye Ci did not want to allow herself to be exposed, and began increasing Ol’ Six’s altitude once again after casting the Hurricane. 


“According to the forum, it was really bad. The red Dragon left mountains of corpses wherever it went.” a frown appeared on Breeze’s face, “Is the same thing happening over there…” but Breeze could hear nothing but the loud sound of the wind from Sweeping Reed’s end. 


A feeling of unease crept into Breeze’s heart, “Reed! Reed! What is going on?!” he shouted into the voice call. 


Death Blossom had also noticed that something was wrong. She stood up and looked at Breeze with a worried expression. 


Breeze stood up with his face pale when he received no further responses from Sweeping Reed. He was completely sure that something bad had happened to his subordinate. 


The target of their operations was simply too big, and it was not suitable for high level players to appear in the theatre. That was why Sweeping Red was the only officer present during the battle. But it was apparent that something had happened to Sweeping Reed that rendered him unable to respond. This meant that Breeze no longer had communication with the people at the front lines. He was worried. 


Death Blossom could sense his worry, “What happened.” 


“Something bad happened over there.” 


“What was it?” 


“He told me that a Dragon appeared in the skies of the Lesser Demon Sanctum, and all communications with him was cut off.” 


“A Dragon?” Death Blossom was an officer of the guild and was also Breeze’s wife. They have known each other for years, and she knew immediately what he was talking about. It was a post on the forum about the appearance of a red Dragon in the Swamp of Sorrows. 


The implication of a Dragon appearing in the Lesser Demon Sanctum meant that death would follow in its wake as well. Golden Era had sent 800,000 low level players into battle, and it was a known fact that even high level players could not withstand an attack from a Dragon. The casualties would definitely be high. 


“It seems that we will suffer very high casualties.” Breeze sat back down and massaged his temples. He did not like the way things were going. 


“It’s alright. We’ve already planned for this eventuality. Think of it this way. The players of Upwards Ho! will not escape from the Dragon unscathed. Their fort might also be destroyed by the Dragon. 800,000 low level accounts for their fort and the deaths of so many of their elites is a worthy tradeoff. Besides, it also means that we will be able to gain access to whatever they’re trying to protect with their fort. 


Breeze opened his eyes and saw the gentle smile on his wife’s face. He sighed, and took hold of her hand, “I hope things will progress that way.” 


Despite his own words, the feeling of unease lingered in his heart, and was slowly spreading to his entire being. 


Is it really as she said? Is the Dragon like the one that appeared in the Swamp of Sorrows? But why do I have this feeling in my heart? 


“Death Blossom, how many Super Pet Cores were bought from the auction house last time?” he asked. 


“Around five of them.” came the reply after a short silence. Just then, Death Blossom came to the same realisation, and her eyes widened, “Breeze, do you mean to say that…” 


“It’s just a guess, I’m not entirely sure myself.” Breeze’s expression darkened, “When you last saw Gongzi You, she was hiding a pet under her cloak?” 


“Yes.” Death Blossom’s face grew pale. 


“What sort of pet do you think Gongzi would be hiding from you?” Breeze’s expression darkened even further. 


Death Blossom was speechless. Her lips were trembling and her heart was filled with unease. Even Death Blossom was shaken by the possibility. 


“Gongzi You…” Breeze let out a long sigh, “Is a member of  Upwards Ho!...” he spoke with a soft voice. 


“Breeze! You must not be so pessimistic! It might not be as bad as you think.” Death Blossom visibly gulped. Even she herself was not convinced by her own words. 


Breeze was silent. It was all clear from Death Blossom’s expression.


Just then, Sweeping Reed was finally able to contact his leader, “Boss, boss, are you still there?” his voice was hoarse. 


“I’m here, Reed. What happened?” Breeze was prepared for the worst, but he was still harboring some hopes in his heart. 


“F*ck! That damn Dragon started flapping its wings! I would’ve been blown away if I was hiding behind a rock!” Sweeping Reed was coughing in between words. 


“Is there someone riding the Dragon, Reed?” asked Breeze after a short pause. 


Sweeping Reed was baffled by the question, but he still looked up at the light blue colored Dragon, “I can’t see anything. The visibility in this map is low, and that Dragon is too high up in the sky.”


“Really?” Breeze lowered his head and said after some thoughts, “Is it only attacking our players?” 


“Hold on, let me get to a vantage point. It’s been only three minutes since it appeared, I’m not entirely sure about that myself.” Sweeping Reed climbed back onto the rock and looked at the ongoing battle afar, “That Dragon is in front of Upwards Ho!’s fort now, where the fighting is the fiercest.” and a grin appeared on his face, “Heh, I think they’ll be suffering a very high casualty this time. Their guild is small and is not financially backed. That fort must’ve took all they had to build. If the Dragon destroys that fort, they’re finished.” 


“Are you saying that the Dragon is attacking everything indiscriminately?” Sweeping Reed’s words had greatly improved the mood of Breeze, “Is it attacking Upwards Ho! as well?” 


“Hell yes!” Sweeping Reed squinted at the Dragon as he breathed down a stream of fire down at the players below. 


“Have I been worrying too much? It’s not Gongzi You? It’s not her pet?” Breeze stood up with a sudden motion, “God is on my side today!” 


But Sweeping Reed's expression was rapidly darkening. 


What’s going on? The pillar of fire was tearing gaping holes in the ranks of the Golden Era’s players, while Upwards Ho! remained untouched. 


Don’t tell me... 


Sweeping Reed’s heart clenched. The Dragon was spewing flames at the scattering Golden Era players, turning them all into corpses. 


What the heck? 



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