Chapter 341 Turning Point

Chapter 341 Turning Point


But one hour was simply too long of a period. 


Even when Upwards Ho! players were able to kill an opponent with a single attack, there were simply too many of them. Golden Era was a large guild, and the guild had five million low level accounts in the Eastern Continent alone. Even a fraction of that number would spell trouble for Upwards Ho!. With their enemies reviving themselves after each death and relentlessly throwing themselves back into the fray, could Upwards Ho! last for an hour? 


And what if they could last for an hour? 


The fortifications would be completed, but the defences were not installed yet. It would still crumble under the onslaught of so many low level accounts. 


Ye Ci’s heart was bleeding. Is this it? Is this the end for us? No matter how hard I tried, I’ve failed to prevent the inevitable! Is Golden Era going to achieve what they came for? 


No! I refuse to let this happen!


Ye Ci could feel her blood running cold. Is there.. Really no way to turn this around? 


In the battlefield not far away, Golden Era’s low level accounts were still swarming towards the wall. Ye Ci had never felt so powerless before. 


So even if I am strong, and even if I have so many helpers around me… I am still nothing compared to a large guild. She had thought that her strength was enough to weather the storm. So… Am I still not able to escape from fate? 


Even the fire in her heart was starting to die out. 


And everything felt so cold. 

This is it. This is the limit of my capabilities. I’ve failed to stop Golden Era. Ye Ci grimaced. This is the extent of what I can do even as a reincarnator. 


“Your pet has successfully evolved!” came the system notification just when all hope seemed lost to Ye Ci. 


Pet? Evolved? 


Ye Ci could not process the information. Her rationality began to return. Her only pet that was evolving… 


Was Ol’ Six. 


That’s right. It was Ol’ Six! The Holy Dragon! 


Two things appeared in Ye Ci’s mind. The Warlock with his Skeletal Dragon during her last life, and the Red Dragon Queen in the Swamp of Sorrows. 


Dragons. They were the most arrogant and noble race. And wherever they go, death follows! 


She did not know what an evolved Ol’ Six could not, but it was a Dragon. And one of the rarest breeds in the game. It was a Holy Dragon! 


Ye Ci could feel warmth in her heart again. She did not know if Ol’ Six could turn the table, but it was a chance. And it was a chance that she must take. 


Ye Ci took in a deep breath and prayed, hoping that Ol’ Six would evolve into an adult dragon. It did not have to be as large as Orthra, but she hoped that it would not remain small. 


Of course, it was all relative. 


She summoned Ol’ Six. 


And a huge beast appeared before Ye Ci. The huge light blue Dragon was 60 yards long. With its wings folded to its side, Ye Ci could not tell how long Ol’ Six’s wingspan was. The Dragon’s long neck, and its long tails fit the description of the Dragons described in Western Fantasy. The best raised its head and opened its eyes. Its jet black eyes displayed a glint of ferocity. 


She had mentally prepared herself for the size of the Dragon, but Ye Ci was still shocked when Ol’ Six appeared before her. He’s huge! Well I do not have to worry about not being able to ride on him. It’ll be absurd if I can’t ride on something that big! 


She clicked open Ol’ Six’s stats, and was shocked by what she saw. 

Species: Holy Dragon

Name: Ol’ Six

Type: Combat, Steed (Land and Air) 

Owner: Gongzi You 

Loyalty: 100

Level: 47

HP: 358900/358900

Mana: 192400/192400

Trait: Fierce, Loyal, Cunning. 

Skills: Intimidation(lv4), Dragon Breath(lv1), Poison Breath(lv1), Hurricane(lv1), Swipe(lv1)

Favourite Food: Super Pet Core, Meat. 


Ye Ci ran her eyes over Ol’ Six’s HP and Mana again and again. The vast amount of HP and Mana was absolutely insane. But Ye Ci did not have time to be in awe. There was a battle to be won, and Upwards Ho! was on the losing side under the constant onslaught by the horde of Golden Era players. They were barely holding on as the battle continued. 


Ye Ci was overjoyed by the change in the situation. Fate was on her side. The butterfly that had just hatched from its chrysalis will turn the tides in Upwards Ho!’s favor. 


She did not even think much as she leapt onto Ol’ Six and flew towards the heart of the battle. 


When she was finally in the air, Ye Ci was able to see just how long the wingspan of her pet was. Ol’ Six let out a roar unique only to the Dragon race, and it struck fear to the Lesser Demons of the Lesser Demon Sanctum. 


The players in the Lesser Demon Sanctum were trembling in fear as well. 


The sun that was hanging high up in the sky was blotted by a huge beast, and it was flying right at the largest concentration of players. 


Its appearance was so sudden that many of the players, especially the Golden Era players who were charging at the fortifications, could even find out the source of the terrifying roar before a green mist descended from the sky and blurred their vision. 


The players’ HP began to plunge right after they were shrouded by the green mist. They had all been afflicted by a “Poisoned” debuff that would deal 800 to 1000 damage to their health every second. 


It was like an instant death for the lvl20 accounts. 


A torrent of screams rose up when the mist shrouded the ground. And when it finally dissipated, only a terrifying sight remained. The entire field was littered with corpses! 


Ye Ci was tiny compared to Ol’ Four. With her so high up in the sky and her body covered with a cloak, the players below did not notice her on Ol’ Six’s back. 


She tapped open Ol’ Six’s skill tree and found four new skills that she had never seen before. 


And she selected Poison Breath, and Ol’ Six lowered its head and spewed a thick green mist onto the ground below. But Ye Ci’s aim was not very good, and only half of the Dragon’s attack landed on the players gathered below. 


The attack consumed 3,000 points of Ol’ Six’s mana, which was only a tiny amount of its total mana pool. Despite the rather poor aim, all the players touched by Ol’ Six’s Poison Breath met an instant death, and Ye Ci was satisfied with the results. 


Golden Era was a guild that highly encouraged their players to engage in PVP. Of course, their players would receive penalty in the form of Sin Points for hunting down players from the same continent. A player with a high Sin value could only move about in his or her own main city as the player would immediately be arrested in any other city. 


The players of Upwards Ho! had already accumulated a high amount of Sin. They were fated to remain in Red Lake City for a very long time. Ye Ci felt sorry for the members of her guilds, but she was also touched by what she saw in the Guild Chat. 


“Wow! My Sin is over 100! I’ve killed about a thousand of these low level accounts!” 


“Heh, I’m about to catch up soon you idiot!” 


“Damn it, can you mages not be so cocky? Leave some for the Rogues will you?” 


“Serves you right for picking a class like that! In a wholesale slaughter like this, we mages are unmatched! A single Meteor Storm of mine can kill dozens of them!” 


“Hehe… Aren’t we barred from entering the Champion City if our Sin is over 100?’ 


“Wait… I think so…” 


“Boss Mo! Please take care of me! Let me into the third squadron and send me into a dungeon! My Sin is almost at 100!” 


There were also messages from the officers of the guild, and Ye Ci could feel the gratitude in their words. 


“Thank you all for coming today. The guild will take full responsibility for your Sin values! You will each earn guild points according to your Sin value. These can all be exchanged for equipment and materials in the guild warehouse!” 


“There’s no need for that, boss! This is a matter concerning our guild! We’re all members of Upwards Ho! boss! Why are you thanking us for this?” 


“That’s right boss! Don’t thank us for this! We’re all doing it out of our own free will!” 


“F*ck me! Our guild might be small, but we will not allow anyone else to look down on us!” 


But the conversation was interrupted when Ol’ Six was spotted by one of the players. 


“What the f*ck was that! A huge monster came out of nowhere! It seems to know poison type attacks! I saw it spewing some green mist and killed a bunch of Golden Era players!” 


“I saw it too! It’s flying towards us!” 


“F*ck! Are we that unlucky?!” 


“Isn’t that a Dragon…” 


“Then we’re in even worse luck! Have you forgotten about the red one that appeared in the Swamp of Sorrows? A lot of players died that day!” 


“Oh no, there’s so many people around here… This will be a slaughter…” 


“Wait, that’s not the point alright, I don’t mind dying but.. What if it attacks our fort?” 


The comment was like a pebble landing on a calm pond. Panic began to spread among the ranks of Upwards Ho! players. 


And Ye Ci immediately sent a message notifying the members of the guild that the Dragon was her pet, and the players and for were safe. 


Silence fell upon the guild chat for a few seconds, before messages of joy began flooding the channel.


But with the battle still raging on, Ye Ci did not wish to be distracted. She muted her guild chat and focused her attention on the fighting below. 


No matter who it was, the sudden appearance of a Dragon was simply too shocking. 


Especially when the Dragon was not passing by and was reaping the lives of the players on the ground. 


And among all the players present in the Lesser Demon Sanctuary, Sweeping Reed was probably the one with the worst mood. He was the mastermind behind Golden Era’s attack, and he was standing on a large boulder at the rear of the group. A frown was etched deep into his face as he stared up at the Dragon. 



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