Chapter 329 A Clever Scheme

Chapter 329 A Clever Scheme 


“Let’s go everyone, kill her!” Honey Barbie immediately gave the order when Ye Ci was Stunned. 


But March Spring was worried, “I think we should keep some of our men behind…” 


But he was cut off mid sentence by Honey Barbie, “Spring, I’m the one in charge today. We failed to defeat Fleeting Time last time because of your failure. Don’t drag me down along with you. I’m the captain, and you’re just a team member. I hope you can listen to my command!” 


March Spring frowned at the girl. She was popular in the guild because of her cute looks, but her character was despicable at times. There was nothing he could do but to obey her command. 


A team leader in Golden Era had absolute authority during a mission. But their authority also meant that they were entirely responsible for the success or failure of the mission. Due to his failure to assassinate Fleeting Time, March Spring was demoted by two ranks. It did not affect his salary, but it was still a humiliation for him. 


Of course, he knew that such an arrangement was made to maintain the morale within the group, and he did not harbor any anger or dissatisfaction against Breeze and Death Blossom. The only thing he could do was to work his best to redeem himself so that he could regain his rank. 


He volunteered for the mission to assassinate Gongzi You. But he could feel an unease in his heart. He had a feeling that the mission would have an outcome even worse than their fight against Fleeting Time. However, with Honey Barbie ignoring his words, there was nothing he could do but execute her command. 


Honey Barbie was pleased when March Spring relented. He had originally held the same position, but was demoted due to his failure. But her success would surely bring promotion. And the excitement of that thought made her even more eager to close the gap between her and Gongzi You to finish the job. 


It was all within Ye Ci’s calculations. Her movement speed was 3.0, while the monsters pursuing her had the movement speed of 2.5. 


And after running in circles around the forest, she had put some distance between herself and the monsters. It would take at least 5 seconds for the monsters to catch up, while it would take only 4 seconds for the Rogues to reach her location. The success of her plan hinged on what happened in the next 1 or 2 seconds. 


Ye Ci might be nervous if it was her first time pulling off such a maneuver. But this was not her first. It was something that she had practiced and put to good use time and time again in her last life. She knew what must be done even when this was the first time she pulled it off in her current life. She was excited. 


And the only thing she could do was to try her best to calm herself down. 


The leading Rogues were almost upon Ye Ci. Their daggers soared across the air, but the target disappeared just before they could hit their mark. 


But the 4 leading Rogues could not cancel their skill once they were casted. The sudden disappearance of their targets meant that their attacks hand landed on the monsters behind Gongzi You. 


For the sake of dealing the maximum amount of damage to Gongzi You in the shortest time, all of the skills that were released were high damage skills with high aggro. And even with the level penalty between the lvl60 players and the high level mobs, they were still able to attract the aggro of the monsters. 


The 4 Rogues were dead in a matter of seconds. 

Honey Barbie was stunned by the sudden turn of events. But as a seasoned veteran, she was able to quickly recover from the shock and react to the change. The order was immediately given for the rest of the group to enter Stealth so that the aggro of the monsters will not shift towards them. 


The remaining 11 members of the party were able to retreat safely away from the monsters. 


But Gongzi You were nowhere to be seen. 


“Pick up their items.” said Honey Barbie as she studied her surroundings. Her voice was not loud, but her anger was apparent. She attempted to calm herself down and continued to study her surroundings for signs of Gongzi You. 


How did Ye Ci disappear? It was simple. She was holding a High Invisibility Potion when she was struck, which was consumed the moment she activated Dark Dispersal. She then… Vanished. 


A High Invisibility Potion enables its user to remain unseen for 30 seconds. The user would remain invisible even when he or she was running as long as no attacks were made by the user. This was why Ye Ci was able to reposition herself to a spot where she could be clearly seen by the assassins. 


She had her eyes on a Rogue with a tiny frame. From the movements of that Rogue, Ye Ci had determined that she was the leader of the group, and that she was desperate to prove herself in battle. Had the leader remain calm, she might not have fallen into Ye Ci’s trap. 


When Honey Barbie was able to once again detect the presence of Gongzi You, the Huntress was somewhere behind her. She turned around just in time to see the Huntress standing not far away with a smile on her face. She then lift her arm, and showed Barbie the middle finger. 


Honey Barbie exploded into rage. She had never been humiliated in such a way before. Even if she knew that Gongzi You’s level was higher than hers, she wanted the Huntress dead. 


“Just you wait, Gongzi You!” she shouted. But Ye Ci responded with nothing but a smile before jumping away and heading deeper into the forest. 


“After her!” Honey Barbie gave the order. 


“No, Barbie! It’s a trap!” shouted March Spring as he grabbed at Honey Barbie, “Gongzi You is luring us into her trap! We are all heading to our deaths!” 


“Let go of me!” Honey Barbie refused to listen to reason. She pushed March Spring aside and glared at the man, “Are you going or not? I’ll report you for desertion if you refuse to obey my orders! You know very well what the penalties for desertion are!” 


Many of the party members knew that the pursuit would not end well. It was obvious that Gongzi You had laid down traps in wait for them. But with Honey Barbie holding absolute authority over them, they could only obey. 


March Spring shook his head. This will not end well. He pulled up his private channel message. He had a strong urge to report the situation to Death Blossom, but decided against it, and contacted another officer who was his best friend, Kitten. 


“Why didn’t you tell Death Blossom?” Kitten was shocked. 


“Kitten, I’m telling you about it as a friend, not as a subordinate. I’m a team member, and not the leader this time. You know what happens if I bypass my immediate superior like this.” March Spring sighed, “I hope it won’t go too bad for us. Four of us are already dead.” 


“I’ll talk to Breeze and Death Blossom about this.” 

“No, you’ll get me into trouble!” 


“Spring! Our guild is still growing. Which one do you think is important? Your trouble as an individual or a potential big loss of the guild?” 


“Alright then, I’ll leave it to you.” 


Kitten quickly relayed the situation to Breeze and Death Blossom. 

Death Blossom was shocked. She did not expect Honey Barbie to behave so rashly. Her expression was dark when she sent Honey Barbie a message. 


The 11-members party of Honey Barbie was chasing after Ye Ci. They no longer had to maintain stealth as their presence was already known. Gongzi You was fast. It was apparent that the Huntress was not putting her full effort in fleeing. She was like a butterfly that was floating through the air. The Mist Forest was like a stage, and she was the lead actress. 

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