Chapter 321 A Test

Chapter 321 A Test


“Impossible!” exclaimed Starry Sky, “There’s no way sister Blossom can be spotted from that distance! She’s lvl19, and was fully equipped with the best sneak equipment! Her stealth should be as good as a lvl45 Rogue at the moment!” 


But Breeze remained calm, “There is always someone better out there. Death Blossom is only lvl19. No matter how good her equipment is, there is still a big chance that she’ll be spotted by a high level player.” 


“But that… That is just too far!” said Kitten with a frown, “She’s 120 yards away from that player!” 


“What is that guy’s character class? How can his Perception be so high?” Sweeping Reed found himself frowning as well, “Does he have equipment that enhances his Perception?” 


“Now I’m more interested in that guy.” Breeze remained unperturbed 


Death Blossom had already walked up to  Ye Ci by that time. She greeted Ye Ci with a polite smile and spoke up, “Nice to meet you.” 


Ye Ci took a good look at the female Rogue. She had jet black hair, pearl white skin, and a very beautiful face. It had always been an unspoken rule for Rogue players to not have an appearance that would attract attention. She had seen how the Rogue moved, and she knew that the Rogue was not a newbie. But why the appearance? Perhaps she looks even prettier in real life, and this is already the lowest limit of the system’s settings! 


A Rogue player with an overly eye-catching appearance was never a good thing. There were,  however, some exceptions. Ye Ci knew of a beautiful and very skillful female Rogue player from her last life. She had even seen her in tournaments before, and was deeply impressed by her skills. But the female Rogue was a Golden Era player, and she left the game when Golden Era pulled out of Fate. Ye Ci could still vaguely remember the Rogue’s name: Death Blossom. 


A sudden realisation flashed across Ye Ci’s mind. She stared intently at the female Rogue, and thought of her movements. An alarm was ringing in her mind. That’s right, the person standing before her was Death Blossom! 


She might not remember the player’s appearance, nor was she able to recognise her voice, but Death Blossom’s movements and skill was something that one does not simply forget. The Rogue might not be as good as she was in the later stages of the game, the impression she gave Ye Ci was etched deep in her memory. 


If she’s Death Blossom, then… Ye Ci stole a glance at the 4 other players who were keeping their distance, That man with that staff must be her husband. He’s Breeze! 


What are they trying to do? Ye Ci narrowed her eyes. She did not have much of an interaction with the officers of the Golden Era guild. She did not know how they thought, and knew nothing of their goals. 


Death Blossom was displeased when she received no response from the hooded player. As the boss lady of Golden Era, and an extremely skillful player, she was used to being the focus of attention wherever she went. She knew that it was vanity, but she could not stand being ignored. 


But she was also a rational person. 


The choice between the benefit of her guild and her personal feelings was an easy one to make. She once again smiled at Ye Ci and greeted her in a warmer voice, “Hello, it’s nice to meet you.” 


“What is it?” responded Ye Ci after staring at Death Blossom for a short while. Her voice was cold and distant, and she sounded arrogant, but it was not something she did on purpose. She was simply born with that voice. 


Ye Ci’s tone was a complete contrast of Death Blossom’s warm tone. And the Rogue could not help but feel that she had been given the cold shoulder. But she was quickly able to adjust her mood, “This is a good spawn location, but there’s only 5 of us. We can’t take on so many snakes. Can you help us out?” 


Does the boss of Golden Era need my help? Ye Ci pursed her lips. It was to her knowledge that Breeze had sent many of his players into Fate, where they lay hidden in the various major guilds in all the four continents. They have already left their guilds upon Breeze’s arrival and were awaiting instructions. He could have always sent for some of these high leveled players to speed up his leveling process. 


So Death Blossom has an ulterior motive in mind. Maybe I should try to find out what they’re up to. 


But before Ye Ci could think of something up, Ol’ Six let out a soft roar. She lowered her head, and saw the creature attempting to crawl out from underneath her cloak. Death Blossom’s attention was immediately attracted to the Dragon’s sudden movement. 


A slight frown appeared on Ye Ci’s face, and she immediately gave up on her previous plan. Hiding the presence of Ol’ Six was her biggest priority. She tightened her grip on the Dragon and stood up, “There are three spawn points at this location. There’s simply too many monsters for the 5 of you. Head 32 degrees to the east. There’s a spawn location 60 yards out. You guys can take that spot.” 


Death Blossom understood that her request had been rejected. Her main aim was merely to try and figure Ye Ci out. But since Ye Ci had given her response, there was nothing more to be said. “Thank you!” she thanked Ye Ci with a smile. 


And she waved her hand at Ye Ci before heading back to rejoin Breeze and the party. 


Ye Ci did not stay for long as well. She stood up, summoned her horse, and left the area. 


Breeze was watching the short conversation from afar. He had not been able to tell the character class of the player in the end. The only thing he noticed about the player was that she was very thin, and her steed was something that was very common among players. 


But a person like her was able to take on so many snakes alone, and was able to detect the presence of Death Blossom from a hundred yards away. Who is she! Why have I not heard about her before? 


Death Blossom had already rejoined the party when Breeze was still deep in his thoughts. He could see the slight displeasure on his face. It was apparent that the conversation she had with the player was not a happy one. And anyone who could cause that reaction on Death Blossom was not someone to be trifled with. 


“How was it?” he patted Death Blossom on the shoulder. 


“She’s a girl.” Those were the first words that left Death Blossom’s mouth, much to the surprise of the four other players. That player is a female? Of course, their shock did not come from sexism, and it did not mean that they were looking down on female players. Female players had a very substantial presence in online gaming ever since the dawn of gaming itself. But female players tend to have their attention focused on other aspects of the game other than leveling and grinding, while male players focused more on the more mechanical part of the game like PVP and PVE. This was why a large portion of the higher level players were male. 


And that was why the members of the party were shocked. 


The gender of a player had never been a problem to Breeze, but strength was something that mattered, “What do you think of her?” 


“She’s very strong.” Death Blossom continued after a moment of thought, “She is stronger than anyone we know so far. She might have a Perception higher than Mary Sue!” 


Mary Sue was the top Ranger of Golden Era, and was known for her high Perception value. She was one of the highest level amongst Golden Era’s vanguard, and her equipment and Perception boosting gear were the best in Golden Era. 


She has a Perception stats higher than even Mary Sue?! Breeze was stunned into silence. “Do you know what class she is?” he asked after a short moment. 


“I don’t know.” Death Blossom shook her head, “I did not see a weapon, and she did not use any skill that could help define her class. But I’m very sure that she’s either a Rogue, a Huntress, or a Ranger.” 


“Why is that?’ 


“It’s a gut instinct.” Death Blossom continued after a slight pause, “I saw something resting on her leg, but it was hidden underneath her cloak. That thing was alive. I think it might be… A pet.” 



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