Chapter 320 First Contact

Chapter 320 First Contact


Breeze continued to observe the player in silence. Most of the player’s body was concealed by a cloak. The player’s gender and the player’s class remained unknown to Breeze, but he could tell from a glance that the player was at least at the level of 50. There was no way the player could defeat so many snakes alone otherwise. 


This was, however, not important at all to Breeze. There was only one concern in his mind: Why is the player hunting for Sand Snakes? 


They were late to join the game, and this meant that most of the player base were already at a sufficiently high level. Breeze knew very well that it was very hard to catch up with their progress, and their usual locust strategy was not enough to topple Fate. He knew that numbers alone could not affect the game’s operations in any meaningful way. 


His employer was right. Fate was different. 


The scale of the game itself was something that posed a problem for Golden Era. No matter how vast his guild was, it was still insignificant in the face of Fate’s large player base. And with Golden Era’s name already notorious among the gaming community, his job could only be a hard one. 


With the disadvantages stacked overwhelmingly against him, Breeze could only employ a different strategy. 


He knew that he had to take extra measures and buy some high level players over to his side. They can then be used as mercenaries until Golden Era had accomplished its mission. It might sound heartless, but in a world driven by benefits, sacrifices must be made. 


Breeze had already given out the orders to the officers of Golden Era to poach high level players from the other major guilds. 


The idea had just formed in his head this morning, and an opportunity immediately presented itself before him in the afternoon. 


He did not know who the player was, but he knew that the player was a strong high leveled player. 


He must find a way to initiate a conversation. 


Ye Ci sat silently on the ground slightly further away from the spawn points. The area was quiet after she had taken care of the last wave of monsters. Silvery scales had begun growing on Ol’ Six, and his tail had grown thicker, while a pair of wings sprouted from its back. He was no longer the small hamster-like creature that Ye Ci first saw. It’ll take time before he can finally fly. Thought Ye Ci as she stared at Ol’ Six’s wings. 


She was playing with Ol’ Six that was sitting on her lap when she felt a few pairs of sharp gazes on her. 


Ye Ci looked up to find 5 newbies staring right at her. They stood there silently, showing no intention to leave. Are they here to chase me away from this spot? Ye Ci smiled. They’re rather brave. The location was approached by a few other parties before, but they backed away when they saw the carcasses of the slain snakes. Do they not realise that my level is way above theirs? Don’t they know that they won’t be able to get anything out of a fight with me? 


Based on the spirit of “first come first serve”, Ye Ci did not move from her spot. She stared right back at the players as she continued petting Ol’ Six on the back, and the Dragon was enjoying her touch. 


How do I get them to leave? Thought Ye Ci, Well, the quickest way is to simply call out to them. But won’t that be too rude? I guess I’ll have to show them just how great the difference in our strength is. 


She knew that the snakes would be respawning soon. And there was no way the party could deal with a hundred of them at a time. No matter how good the party was, it was simply impossible for them to deal with their large number. 


Well I can simply just let them have the spot and see them fail. 


Heh… Ye Ci pursed her lips. I’m not a kind person after all. 


Death Blossom knew that Breeze was thinking of recruiting the player when she noticed that he was staring silently at the player. But she had concerns of her own. The party was very close to the spawn points, and they would be in grave danger when the snakes respawn. 


“Breeze, the snakes will respawn soon. There’s no way we can take on that number. Why don’t we leave first?” she asked again. 


Breeze turned around and faced Death Blossom with a slight frown. It was a sign that he did not wish to give up just like that. “Some things cannot be pushed. We all know that players like him respect strength. You’ll be ignored if you do not have a higher level or better equipment than him.” 


Breeze knew that Death Blossom was right, but he also knew that he might not have the chance to talk to the nameless player again in the future. 


“Why are you so interested in him?” asked a Hunter behind Breeze. 


“I’m not interested in him. I’m just curious. How did he kill all these snakes without a weapon. Is it a BUG? Or does he have a hidden class?” Breeze smiled at the person, “I’m sure you’re curious just like me, Kitten.” 


The Hunter with the name Kitten let out a chuckle, “Let us back away from the spawn point first. We’ll be in trouble if he decides to attack us.” 


Breeze nodded in acknowledgement, and the party backed away from the spawn point and studied ye Ci from afar. 


Aren’t they here for the monsters? Why are they sitting so far away? Are they waiting for me to put on a show or something? Ye Ci did not wish to reveal that she was equipped with bombs. With Golden Era already infiltrating the game, things would turn bad quickly if they learn of such an item. They would definitely try their best to dig out all of Upwards Ho!’s hidden secrets. 


Besides, Ol’ Six was with her, and she wished to keep his presence hidden as well. 




The Sand Snakes had respawned. Ol’ Six was not pleased by the sound. After all, they had disturbed his rest. He glared at the horde of snakes and let out a roar. But his level was too low, and his voice was too soft. He was completely ignored by the Sand Snakes. 


And this made Ol’ Six even angrier. He roared again at the nearest snake, but he was ignored again. Ye Ci petted him on his head as a form of consolation. Even a Dragon would be bullied by other monsters when it was in its infancy. 


Just then, Ye Ci senses told her that the female Rogue has disappeared, and an unknown presence was quickly approaching. She pursed her lips. It’s definitely that Rogue. Is she trying to sneak up on me? Ye Ci hid Ol’ Six beneath her cloaked, and turned her head towards the direction of the Rogue. 


Death Blossom was shocked. 

His Perception is high! I’m at least a hundred yards away from him! This guy’s definitely not a mage! He must be a Rogue, a Hunter, or a Ranger! With no more need to conceal herself, Death Blossom revealed herself to the player.


Kitten was shocked by the change in the situation, “Why did sister Blossom reveal herself so far away?!” 


Breeze did not know what to make out of the situation as well. He sent a private message to Death Blossom, and the reply he received was a shocking news, “She has been spotted!” 


“What!” Kitten almost jumped with surprise. Even the Cleric Sweeping Reed and the party’s Warrior Starry Night were shocked as well. 


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