Chapter 319 Sea of Sand

Chapter 319 Sea of Sand 


“Are you sure you want to name your pet ‘Ol’ Six’?” even the system seemed to be trying to advise Ye Ci against naming the extremely rare Holy Dragon with such an unsophisticated name, as the prompt appeared multiple times. 


But Ye Ci confirmed her choice, and after several prompts, the system finally gave up, leaving the Holy Dragon to its fate of receiving such a name. 


There was nothing special behind her decision to name her pet. She was supposed to name the pet “Ol’ Five” based on the numerical sequence of her previous pets, but Fleeting Time’s pet bat shared a similar name. With that in mind, Ye Ci decided to name the Dragon Ol’ Six instead. 


She did not even care if her pet was one of the rarest creatures in Fate. Coming up with a sophisticated name was simply too much of a hassle for her. 


“You have successfully named your pet.” the system finally relented, and begrudgingly assigned the name “Ol’ Six” to the only Holy Dragon in the game at its current stage. But this sentiment was not shared by Ol’ Six, as Ye Ci placed a Super Pet Core in front of it. 


Ol’ Six’s eyes were closed, but its sense of smell was very sharp. It could smell the scent of the Super Pet Core not far away. It let go of Ye Ci’s finger, and stumbled its way on its short stubby legs towards the core. 


It did not take Ol’ Six long to climb onto the Super Pet Core that was almost twice its size. It opened its mouth and began biting on the core, the lack of teeth not hampering its effort to enjoy its meal. The Super Pet Core that felt so hard in Ye Ci’s hand was devoured by Ol’ Six in mere moments as if it was nothing but tofu. 


Ye Ci smiled and patted Ol’ Six on the head when she saw its bulging tummy. She then sent her back into the pet inventory so that she could travel to a leveling spot to level Ol’ Six up. 


Just then, Ye Ci received a private message from Bai Mo, asking if she wanted to join an expedition into a dungeon later at night. She declined the offer after a moment of consideration. She was not interested in dungeon clearing. Her interest was now focused on leveling Ol’ Six up. She could not wait to see how a Holy Dragon would look like when it grew into its adult form. 


“Are you sure about that?” Bai Mo did not expect Ye Ci’s rejection. Is she planning something with that bastard Fleeting Time in Hero City?


But Ye Ci’s displayed location was in Red Lake City, which removed the possibility that Fleeting Time was with her. So why is she not taking part in the dungeon clearing? 


“Nope, I’m not going.” 


“Why not? We’ve slain the first BOSS, and have already almost figured the second one out. We’ll be able to kill it tonight.” Bai Mo refused to give up. 


“Nope, no way. I’m a bringer of misfortune. I do not want to curse your loot drop.” Ye Ci shook her head, “Do you want them to grumble at me again?” 


But Bai Mo knew that it was definitely not the main reason, “Are you planning to go meet up with Fleeting Time…” he chuckled. 


Ye Ci pursed her lips and rolled her eyes at his words, “Seriously, you’re just imagining things.” and she continued, “I’ve acquired a decent pet. I plan to level it up. So count me out of any dungeon expeditions. I’m not interested.” 


Bai Mo did not press her for further answers, and instead shifted to a different topic, “By the way, Blossom has almost reached the tier of High Goblin Engineer. He made quite a number of high damage bombs. Do you need some with you? It’ll help with leveling up.” 


After giving the matter a thought, Ye Ci headed to the guild headquarters and took 100 Small Bombs with her before leaving Red Lake City. 


With Ol’ Six at lvl0, the best spot to level him up was at a lvl15-lvl20 map. And the map closest to Red Lake City that met the requirements was the Sea of Sand. The map was populated by Sand Snakes and Sand Worms that had a very high spawn rate. Most of the leveling spots, however, were far away from resupply points, which made it an area not suitable for newbies. But for someone like Ye Ci, it was the best spot. 


Ye Ci mounted Ol’ Four, and immediately headed to the Sea of Sand. 


The Sea of Sand was a small desert map surrounded by trees with a river running through the center of the map. Despite the hot sun, the environment in the map was not entirely hostile to players. The resupply point of the map was located in a small forest at the northeastern part of the map, but was too far away from the spawn locations of the map’s monsters. Players who wish to level up in this map had to form themselves into parties to increase their efficiency. 


And that was why players leveling in the map solo were few and far between. When Ye Ci finally made her way to the resupply area, it was packed with new players who were partied up into small groups. From the appearance of their equipment, they have spent quite some time on the map, as many of their equipment were the loot drops of this map. 


The new players were shocked by Ye Ci’s appearance in the Sea of Sand, and they were especially intimidated by the presence of Ol’ four. Some of them even began to whisper among themselves. 


“Wow, she looks like she has a very high level. Do you think she’s lvl60 yet?” 

“She might be at an even higher level.” 


“Hey, have you guys not been to the forum? She’s the Solo Queen of our continent, Gongzi You! She’s a top-tier Huntress!” 


“Are you for real now?” 


“What would Gongzi You be doing here?” 


And Gongzi You proceeded deeper into the Sea of Sand with the envious gaze of the players fixated upon her. 


Ye Ci traveled between the spawn points to see if the spots have been taken by players. She would move away from an occupied spot, and continued to the next location in search for a suitable spot. 


She finally found a small crater that housed three spawn points for the Sand Snakes. With the high spawn rate of the monsters, even a party would be hard pressed to handle their numbers, which meant that players would usually give the area a wide berth. 


She dismissed Ol’ Four, and summoned Ol’ Six. The creature with its sleep interrupted let out a long yawn before it was set by Ye Ci on her shoulder where it can continue its sleep while earning experience points. 


Despite numbering in the hundreds, the Sand Snakes were barely a threat to Ye Ci due to their vast level difference. She sprinted around the Sand Snakes, and drew them into a tight group before throwing a bomb into their midst. 


Under normal circumstances, Ye Ci would not be able to gain experience from these kills, but the level requirement was lowered due to the presence of Ol’ Six, and she was able to watch with satisfaction as numbers signifying the gain of EXP rose from the dead snakes. 

Ye Ci sat waiting for the next spawn once the snakes were all dead. She left all the carcasses of the dead snakes untouched. These would then be removed from the game by the system once the snakes respawned. 


Ye Ci was able to raise Ol’ Six’s level to lvl15 after clearing away more than a dozen waves of snakes. It had grown to the size of a kitten as it sat lazily on Ye Ci’s shoulder, and she was satisfied with her progress. 


As she continued to wait for a new wave of monsters to spawn, a party of 5 approached the crater. It was apparent that they have been leveling in the spot judging from their familiarity with the terrain. They were shocked to see the ground littered with dead snakes and the lone figure before them. 


The leader of the party was a man with her staff. He stood not far away from her with eyes narrowed. “Breeze, should we go to another spot?” asked the female Rogue beside him. 



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