Chapter 318 Holy Dragon

Chapter 318 Holy Dragon


Luna pursed her lips at Ye Ci, “Can’t you see that it’s a Dragon?” 


Ye Ci could feel the corners of her mouth twitching, “Are you telling me that this long, soft thing that looks like a pig is a Dragon? Do you think I’ll believe you?” 


Luna could no longer bear to see Ye Ci mistreating her pet. She immediately rescued it from Ye Ci’s grasp and placed the fat, white ball of meat onto the cushion. “Of course I know what I’m talking about! I’ve been in this business for ages! I’m telling you, it’s a Dragon!” she spoke with a grave tone. 


Alright then, I’m the ignorant one here. Thought Ye Ci. But no matter how she looked at the pet before her, it looked more like a little piglet or a hamster than a Dragon. Fate was a game based on Western Fantasy, and a Dragon in the game would usually have a long tail, wide wings, and a large head.


But her pet? It does have a long tail, but it was as thin as a rat’s. Its four limbs were pink in color, and it has no scales at all. What about the wings? Were they eaten by something or someone? 


The creature, with its pink eyes, nose, and mouth looked entirely like a cute pet favored by female players. And because of all the activity around it, the creature was awake. It opened its mouth to let out a cute little roar, and much to Ye Ci’s dismay… It did not even have teeth! 


Is a Dragon still a Dragon if it had no claws and no teeth?!!


It was a fat little rat! Not a Dragon! 


Ye Ci’s displeasure towards the “Dragon” was written all over her face. 


But she was still a rational person. There was always the option of tapping open the status panel of the “Dragon”. 


Species: Holy Dragon

Name: None

Role: Attacker, Steed(Land, Air) 

Tier: 6

Owner: Gongzi You 

Loyalty: 50

Level: 0

Trait: Fierce, Loyal, Cunning.

Skill: Intimidate (Level 1) 

Favourite food: High Pet Core, Meat. 


She might not be satisfied with the appearance of her pet, but Ye Ci was stunned by its stats. It’s a Holy Dragon!


Holy Dragons are a rare breed of Dragons. It was superior in many ways compared to the more common breeds of Dragons like Emerald Dragons, Black Dragons, and Skeleton Dragons. Holy Dragons were fierce in combat, could deal a high amount of both Physical and Magical damage, and were highly intelligent. 


But due to the low reproduction capabilities of the Dragonia race, they were a rare presence in the game. They might be able to take on 10 opponents at once, but they were simply too few in numbers. 


Of course, numbers do not matter to the average players. The only thing they wanted was to have a cool looking steed. It was not like they were waging war against the entire Dragonia race. 


Ye Ci was excited. And her excitement was enough for her to overlook the appearance of her pet. 

She had fought against an opponent with a Dragon as his pet as well. He was a Warlock, while his steed was a Skeleton Dragon, which ranked the lowest among all the Dragons. But its presence alone enabled its owner to dominate the battlefield. Ye Ci could still remember that it was a Tier 8 Skeleton Dragon. 


Pets in Fate were ranked from Tier 1 to Tier 10. Pets that were freshly hatched would usually be placed at a tier below 6, and their tier would then increase based on the efforts of their owners in raising them. 


Ye Ci’s Holy Dragon was already ranked at Tier 6 when it hatched. It could easily surpass the Tier 8 Skeleton Dragon from Ye Ci’s last life as long as she took good care of it during its growth. 


And there were also many types of steeds in the game. Some existed solely to increase the movement speed of their owners, but there were others that could aid their owners in combat on the ground, in the air, or on any surface of water. Some of the higher tier pets like Ye Ci’s Holy Dragon could be used to fight in multiple theatres of war. At the later stages of the game, more and more pets were introduced into the game. This paved the way for the dominance of aerial and water type pets. 


Of course, it was something that would happen far in the future. 


Ye Ci’s aerial steed was still as tiny as half her palm. It would take a long time before it would fully grow into a full-fledged Dragon. 


And just when Ye Ci was still deep in thought, the hamster-looking creature rolled around on the cushion and let out a soft roar. It was reminding Ye Ci that it was hungry. “What do I feed such a small Dragon?” asked Ye Ci. 


“Dragons prefer high tier food when they are young. It helps with their growth. I’d recommend some High Pet Core or Super Pet Core if you have the money to spare. It’s a large investment to make, but you’ll be rewarded for it in the future.” 


Pet Cores could usually be purchased from Pet Stores in any city, but at a very high price. High Pet Cores were only available in pet stores in major cities, while Super Pet Cores were dropped by Field BOSSes after the patch.    


And even with the introduction of the patch, Super Pet Cores had a very low drop rate, and players who obtained them from a BOSS had virtually no use for them. 


It was a waste to use them on cosmetic pets, and it was also pointless to feed them to steed with no combat capabilities. And this meant that players who obtained these cores would often sell them away in the auction house. 


But the prices were naturally high, just like the High Pet Cores in pet shops. But supply was scarce, and demand was even lower. 


With her mind made up to properly feed the tiny creature, Ye Ci would of course not care about the money she had to spend. 


She said bade Luna farewell and headed straight to the auction house. There were only 5 sellers of Super Pet Cores, and they were selling each of them at the price of 2,000 gold coins. But Ye Ci did not hesitate when she bought all the Super Pet Cores available at the auction house. 


Such a transaction would normally mean nothing. Whenever there was a seller, there would be a buyer. But it signified something big for certain parties. 


The sellers were surprised to have their items sold. And players who were paying close attention to the auction were shocked as well by the sudden purchase of Super Pet Cores. It was an indicator that the buyer had acquired a very powerful pet. 

The higher ups of many major guilds were quick to receive news that an unknown player has made a purchase of 5 Super Pet Cores. This signifies the rise of high tier pets in the game. All the major guilds from all four continents immediately began their investigation into the identity of the player. 


Such a fact was never taken into account by Ye Ci. She was merely buying the pet cores up for her own convenience. If she knew what her action would cause at that time, she would only buy a single Super Pet Core. 


Of course, hindsight was 20-20. 


Ye Ci went to her room at the Mercenary’s Guild after making the purchase. She set the fat creature down on a cushion, and it immediately let out a soft roar and crawled towards her hand. Once it felt her temperature, the creature went quiet and continued to sleep. But it would wake up from time to time and let out soft mewls at Ye Ci, telling her that it was hungry. 


The Holy Dragon was soft due to its lack of scales. It leaned against Ye Ci’s hand, and was able to sleep soundly. The creature was not guarded against Ye Ci. She petted the creature on its head, and it wagged its tail before going back to sleep. 


Ye Ci stared at the Holy Dragon with shock. It trusted her unconditionally. She was very lucky to earn a Dragon’s unconditional trust as they were usually mistrustful of other life forms around them. A smile formed on Ye Ci’s face as she stared at the Holy Dragon. 


“I’ll name you… Ol’ Six.” she spoke with a soft voice. 



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