Chapter 315 The Stream Of Visitors

Chapter 315 The Stream Of Visitors

For some, 72 hours can be very long, and many things could be done with this amount of time. But Fleeting Time could not truly put the 72 hours to good use. His plan was to spend some quality time with Ye Ci during their sentence, but other than the first dozen of hours, the prison was bustling with activity like a market. 

Members from Upwards Ho!, Genesis, and players who were close to the duo arrived in droves to pay them a visit. They were shocked to find the duo in the same cell, and once the shock had finally faded away, a glint of the desire to gossip could be seen in all their eyes. 

There were no restrictions for the prison in Hero City. Players could enter the prison as long as they pay a single gold coin to the guards outside. 

And because of that, even a large number of players who were not related to the duo ended up paying them a visit as well in search of gossipping materials. 

The top tier players were like paper tigers in their cells. Some of the bolder players even began taunting the duo, but they received no response in return. 

Gongzi You remained seated in a corner of the cell while Fleeting Time sat at the opposite corner. They were both facing the wall, and they were both doing very well in ignoring the players. 

Of course, there were still moments when a player took it too far, and would in turn receive icy stares from Gongzi You or Fleeting Time. The threat was clear: You’re dead as soon as we get out. 

These players would immediately flee from their sight. No matter how harmless they were in their cell, both Fleeting Time and Gongzi You would not be imprisoned forever. And once the tigers were finally free to bare their fangs… The players knew that they would be in deep trouble. 

Several special individuals decided to visit as well. 

The first of them to visit was Spotless Autumn. As partners in the “crime” they did in the Northern Continent, Spotless Autumn was quick to visit to express his most sincere consolation to Gongzi You. 

“Gongzi You, you need to get out of here quickly. Please don’t slack off from serving out your sentence.”  

“Be careful Gongzi You. Keep yourself safe. Don’t die!” Spotless Autumn was alarmed when he saw Fleeting Time in the same cell. 

His presence was of course not welcomed by Fleeting Time, who stared silently at Spotless Autumn with a blank expression. Despite the lack of emotion displayed on his face, Autumn could still feel the icy daggers from Fleeting Time’s gaze burying themselves right into his body. 

But Spotless Autumn had always been a shameless person. He did not even pay any heed to the blatant hostility of Fleeting Time as he continued blabbering away at Ye Ci. 

“Why do you want me out of jail so fast?” Ye Ci could no longer stand the constant annoyance.

“Aiya, don’t you know that all the bounty hunters are coming after me now because my partner in crime is in prison? If you’re free, you can share some of that aggro.” Ye Ci felt the urge to take a swing at Spotless Autumn’s smiling face. 

The man finally left the prison and continued his life as a fugitive under the insistence of Ye Ci and the death glare of Fleeting Time. 

The next visitor that they received was Ye Nantian. 

But to Ye Ci’s surprise, he was not with Zuo Xiaolan. The couple had never left each other’s side the moment they started playing the game. 

“Dad! Why are you here alone?” Ye Ci immediately went to the front of the cell at the sight of her father. Fleeting Time, who thought of him as just another player, almost gagged at the revelation. 

He stood up as well, but maintained a respectful distance away from Ye Nantian. “How are you, uncle?” he greeted the man humbly. 

But the only response he received from  Ye Nantian was an icy glow that clearly expressed his unspoken words, “I do not like you!” 

This was something that he did not expect. It was not because of his confidence in winning over the hearts of Ye Ci’s parents. He had never considered the fact that they would be playing the game as well. Their presence in the game could only mean that they have seen the pictures on the forums. And it was only natural for Ye Nantian to have a strong dislike of him.

And since Ye Nantian had shown his dislike of him, Fleeting Time did his bad to not further deepen that feeling. He greeted the man and stood at a side with a smile on his face. He was humble with his conduct, but he was not backing down much to Ye Nantian’s surprise. The young man standing before him was either very bad at reading the atmosphere or was very confident in himself. But this fact alone did not change Ye Nantian’s dislike of him. 

Making a show of confidence was simple. But having the same confidence in anywhere at any time was the real challenge. 

Ye Nantian knew it as well, but it did not stop him from directing some hostility at the young man albeit in a roundabout fashion, “People nowadays are very, very evil! You must open your eyes wide, Little Ci! Show them no mercy!” 

“The most important quality of a man is to have a sense of responsibility! Looks do not matter if his heart is rotten! The only thing that matters is if he treats you well and takes responsibility for his actions!

“I hope indecent acts are not allowed in this cell! I have to ask the NPC if they can transfer you to another cell! Purity is the most important thing to a girl! How can they allow an unmarried girl to stay with an unmarried guy in the same room!” 

“You’re still young, you don’t have to rush things. You’re good looking, so you don’t have to be afraid that you won’t get a boyfriend in the future…” Ye Nantian continued blabbering at his daughter. 

Ye Ci’s expression was rapidly darkening. She knew that her parents had seen the pictures and the forum post. But they have not brought it up since the short discussion by the dining table in the morning. This was why she had momentarily forgotten that members of her family knew of the incident. 

As Ye Nantian glared at Fleeting Time, a weird feeling crept into Ye Ci’s heart. 

She was happy to have her dad taking her side. But the situation felt inappropriate to her as Fleeting Time was not entirely responsible for the incident. 

This went on for half an hour before a guard arrived to lead him away. Ye Nantian might have even visited Ye Ci in prison every day to express his displeasure at Fleeting Time if there was no visitation limit in place. He was angered when he noticed that his words did not seem to affect Fleeting Time in any way. 

Zuo Xiaolan arrived next with Ye Nantian’s departure. 

But her attitude was the complete opposite of Ye Nantian. She paid no heed to his daughter, and focused her attention on Fleeting Time instead. She studied the man with a wide grin on his face, patting him on the head, and even touching his muscles and his chest. This was a complete shocker to Ye Ci, and she had to step in to stop her mother on several occasions. 

But Fleeting Time did not express any anger or displeasure. He remained smiling at Zuo Xiaolan as she directed questions after questions his way. It was as if Zuo Xiaolan and Fleeting Time were old friends who had known each other for a long time. 

When a guard finally arrived to escort Zuo Xiaolan away, the woman had even invited Fleeting Time to pay her shop in Red Lake City a visit. And she received a guarantee from Fleeting Time that he would try his best to visit the shop despite his status as a player from an opposing continent. 

When the ruckus had finally died down and only the two of them were left in the cell, Ye Ci did not even know how to face Fleeting Time who still had a smile on his face. “I hope you don’t mind what my parents said. They were usually… Quite normal.” 

Fleeting Time of course knew what she meant. “They are very interesting people. And I can tell that they’re good people.” 

And Ye Ci’s expression darkened once again.


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