Chapter 41 The Other Continent

Chapter 41 The Other Continent

In the blink of an eye, Ye Ci was already 25m away. She did not stop there. She activated Stealth and disappeared into the gray map.

The Rogue was baffled. His second stunning skill, ‘Stun’ was ready but the target had disappeared before he could cast it. He then received a system notification: “Target has disappeared, skill casting failed.”

The scariest thing during a PK was not an opponent’s mechanical skills or even their damage output, it was if your opponent disappeared and you could not spot them.

Ye Ci’s sudden disappearance turned the tables. The Rogue’s brief moment of hesitation meant that he had already compromised his position even after he turned on his Stealth.

Ye Ci lurked 25m away from the Rogue. She chugged down bottles of Health Potion while watching the Rogue closely.

In a PK match against a Hunter, one must be careful to not place oneself more than 2m away from the Hunter. A Hunter’s attack had a blind spot of 2m. If a target was within the 2m range of a Hunter, the Hunter could not launch ranged attacks against their target. A Hunter without their ranged attacks was no different from a bird that had lost its wings.

When one was in a PK match against a Rogue, one must always remember to not give the Rogue a chance to get to one’s back. A Rogue had a lot of control skills, once they got behind a player, the player would lose all initiative. Once someone was hit by a Rogue’s control skill, unless the player had some very OP items, the battle would be over then and there.

Ye Ci silently calculated the path that the Rogue would take and planted a Frost Trap there. She’d appear out of Stealth when she cast a skill. It was very dangerous as Rogues and Hunters shared the similarity of relying on agility. Both classes had high speed.

A trap needed three seconds to be completely set up. Within that three seconds, if the Rogue had an additional speed buff, he would be able to dash up to her and use a Staggering Blow.

That was why Ye Ci kept an eye out for the Stealthed Rogue.

In the last few milliseconds of the Frost Trap’s deployment, Ye Ci detected a presence creeping up from behind her with her high Perception. The person pounced at her at high speed.

It’s finished… Ye Ci felt a chill creep down her spine, and her body dodged to the side out of reflex.


The Rogue was disheartened when he saw his Staggering Blow miss at a crucial moment like that! It was a crucial moment, how could he miss it!

That was not as depressing as the fact that the Huntress dodged his follow up attack by lowering her body and rolling away on the ground.

If that was not depressing enough, what happened next would sink the Rogue further into depression.

Ye Ci’s movement caused the Rogue to miss and he stumbled forward due to his momentum. He then stepped on Ye Ci’s Frost Trap.

The Rogue was instantly frozen in a huge ice block.

Ye Ci stood back up and immediately cast a red Empowered Hunter’s Mark on him. At the same time, she released Ol’ Three and backed off.

A Frost Trap would typically last for 12 seconds. But if attacked, the ice will shatter and the frozen target would regain freedom of movement.

Since this was not a fight against mobs, Ol’ Three’s Taunt had no use. Instead, Ye Ci commanded it to cast a damage over time (DOT) skill — Bleed. Ye Ci herself jumped onto a wilted tree and used Venomous Snake Needle and Rapid Fire on the Rogue.

The Rogue’s first course of action was to cast a Stun on Ol’ Three, then he headed straight for Ye Ci.

Despite his speed, Ye Ci remained calm. They were close to each other in terms of Agility, and she also had a slightly better Balance than the Rogue. However, when it came to Speed, she had a Purple Equipment with +7 Speed bonus. With the distance between them, as long as he did not possess and dashing skills, the outcome of the battle was already sealed.

The Rogue had good equipment as well.

Ye Ci’s excellent equipment could only deal a little more than 400 to the Rogue.

Despite his high attack, Rogues were still glass cannons. After taking two to three hits that carried more than 300 damage, the Rogue’s lifeless body crashed onto the ground before he could get close to Ye Ci.

“You received Kill Glory +2”

Ye Ci was momentarily stunned, he was a player from another continent.

There were five continents in Fate, the North, South, East, West and the Middle continent. The East Continent and South Continents were allies, players from these continents could not kill each other. It was the same for players from the West Continent and North Continent. The Mid Continent was not open yet at this stage of the game.

In contrast, the East-South Alliance and the West-North Alliance were enemies. Players from both factions could kill each other on sight. There would be no penalties, and they would receive Kill Glory instead. A player could exchange for unique PVP equipment with enough Kill Glory.

Killing the Rogue granted Ye Ci Kill Glory. It meant that the Rogue was from either the West or North Continent. But what was a lvl 20 Rogue doing in the heartlands of the East Continent?

Since a player from a hostile continent came here to give away Kill Glory, Ye Ci would feel really bad if she did not try and kill him a few more times.

The moment the Rogue’s body fell lifeless to the ground, Ye Ci entered Stealth and dismissed Ol’ Three, it was basically a beacon announcing her presence!

Not two minutes later, the Rogue’s corpse turned into a pile of bones, and Ye Ci leaped out. She drew her bow and cast Rapid Fire at a silhouette not far away from the original position of the corpse.

Players who had just revived possessed only 40% of their HP and mana, which of course meant that it was easy for Ye Ci to make a short work out of him.

Puff, the Rogue dropped dead once again.

He was depressed. He had spent a great effort sneaking into the East Continent in search for some stuff. When he saw the Huntress, he thought that he could take her down easily because her equipment appeared to be low tier. He had not expected to run into someone so tenacious.

He was sure that his skills were on par with the Huntress, but… she seemed to have some very good equipment. He misjudged her strength and had paid the price.

If the Rogue knew that he would end up like this, he would have definitely avoided the Huntress.

East Continent NPCs were hostile towards him. He could not repair his broken equipment in the city if they were damaged too much or if he had died too many times. He was glad that his items had not drop, and decided to just stay on the ground.

Ye Ci crouched on the branch of a nearby tree, staring at the Rogue’s corpse. He did not even move for a full ten minutes. He realized that Ye Ci was camping nearby.

Just as Ye Ci was hesitating on whether to continue camping the Rogue or not, a few messenger pigeons flew towards her.

Ye Ci deactivated Stealth and received the letters sent by the pigeons. The Rogue that was lying on the ground had a 360 degree field of vision after he diedt. He finally saw the Huntress on a branch 23m away from him. He was glad that he had not immediately revived himself again.

The letters were from Ideal Height 1.7m and Let Go Of That Girl. They were asking if she was okay, they sounded worried.

Ye Ci was touched. A warmth that she could not describe crept up her heart. To not further worry her two companions, she replied to the letter and told them that she was safe.

“Gongzi You, where are you right now?” Ye Ci’s private message channel rang up. It was Peacock Blue. After she muted Peacock Blue for the first time, the system would automatically unmute her after 72 hours and Peacock Blue could send her private messages once again.

However, Peacock Blue appeared to be different. She did not act high and mighty, nor did she actas if she was superior to Ye Ci. Her tone was so ordinary that Ye Ci nearly mistook her for a stranger. Although Ye Ci had never liked Peacock Blue, but since she decided not to find fault with Ye Ci this time, Ye Ci would not do anything to provoke her either.

“I’m in the Desolate Lands.”

“The Desolate Lands?” Peacock Blue was obviously surprised by Ye Ci’s answer. She mumbled to herself for a moment and did not try to question Ye Ci any further. She immediately stated her reason for contacting Ye Ci, “the Guild will challenge the Automaton Formation in three hours, are you free?””

“I’m free.” Ye Ci calculated the time it would take her to return to the Chilly Wetlands dungeon before she gave Peacock Blue an answer.

“I have a spot for you, are you coming?” Peacock Blue still acted as if it was just official business, her voice did not betray any emotion.

“Sure, but I might be slightly late.”

After receiving a reply from Ye Ci, Peacock Blue immediately ended the conversation. It seemed that she was not happy to have to talk to Ye Ci, but to Ye Ci, it did not matter.

Knowing that, she did not have anymore time to waste on the Rogue. Ye Ci jumped down from the tree and said to the Rogue, “There’s something that I need to do, let’s fight again some other time!” then she left.

The Rogue revived right after Ye Ci left. But before he could stand still, he heard another puff, and he dropped dead again!

“Aren’t you supposed to be gone already!” the Rogue could not hold himself back anymore and shouted at Ye Ci.

“To tell you the truth, even if someone gave up on camping you, you shouldn’t revive so quickly you know.” Ye Ci grinned at the Rogue from 20m away. She summoned her steed and waved gracefully at the Rogue, “This time I’m gone for real!”

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