Chapter 310 Awkward... (2)

Chapter 310 Awkward… (2) 


Bai Mo could barely stifle a laugh when he saw Ye Ci letting out the sigh of relief. Does she really think that the entire family is living in a cave? He had an urge to pop her bubble. 


Zuo Xiaolan pursed her lips when Ye Nantian changed the topic at the last second. Is he growing more and more timid nowadays? He wouldn’t have cared 20 years ago! She then glanced at Bai Mo, who was eating his breakfast calmly. He’s definitely up to something. And finally her gaze drifted to Tan Polang, who had his head lowered even more than Ye Ci as he wolves down his breakfast, as if Ye Ci was not related with anything that happened on the forums. 


Heh… They’re all acting as if nothing had happened, but they all wanted to know. Thought Zuo Xiaolan as her gaze once again swept across the dining table. She knew that Bai Mo would not speak up first and risk angering Ye Ci as long as Ye Nantian remained silent. Tan Polang who had his head almost buried into his bowl was a lost cause as well. As for Ye Ci… She knew the person she gave birth to the most.  


The calmness displayed by all present at the dining table was a farce. 


Well, it seems that it’s up to me to get the ball rolling. 


But I need an opening. 


“Oh? Which stats does it boost? Is it Strength, Intelligence, or Agility?” Bai Mo acted as if it was the most interesting topic of the century. 


“It boosts the Strength of a player, but only by 30 points.” Ye Nantian’s attention was redirected fully to his new recipe. 


“It’s not much, but it’s not entirely bad either. The effect lasts for 30 minutes and can be stacked with effects from other potions and consumable.” even Bai Mo had his focus diverted to Ye Nantian’s new dish as well. 


Tan Polang realised that it was not a wise move for him to remain silent, and joined in on the conversation as well, “Do you have any other recipes, dad?” 


“I’ve actually gotten quite a few of them from the auction recently. They taste nice, and they buff the combat capabilities of a player quite well too. But I found a strange dish yesterday. It’s called the ‘Husband and Wife Lung Slice’, and it’s used to boost intimacy between players.” Ye Nantian chuckled, “Oh by the way, what is intimacy for anyways?” 


“Umm… It’s used to increase the Intimacy level between a male and female player so that they can do some intimate stuff.” Tan Polang answered out of reflex and immediately regretted his action. 


“What sort of intimate stuff?” Zuo Xiaolan immediately continued after Tan Polang. She blinked innocently, but the smugness in her eyes betrayed her true intentions, “What counts as ‘doing intimate stuff’?” 


Bai Mo sighed internally when he saw the innocent look on Zuo Xiaolan’s face. Yeah, you’re not fooling anyone with your act, auntie. Your daughter is already of marrying age. I’m sure your act is very convincing.


“I don’t know, I’m underaged.” Tan Polang immediately attempted to back out of the conversation, but Zuo Xiaolan shot him a killer glare, “But uhhmmm… I think it involves some.. Kissing and… Some hugging?” 


Tan Polang could no longer bring himself to continue, and proceeded to stuff his mouth with more food. 


Zuo Xiaolan glanced at Ye Ci, who had her head almost sticking to the surface of the table, and turned around to face Bai Mo instead, “Bai Mo, does it only involve hugging and kissing?” 


Bai Mo did not expect the tip of Zuo Xiaolan’s spear to be pointing at him. He glanced at his ally, Ye Nantian, but the man silently looked the other way and began gulping down water from his culp. This left Bai Mo in an awkward position. 


Zuo Xiaolan narrowed her eyes at Bai Mo, “Bai Mo, don’t tell me you know nothing about this especially at this age. I will not believe you.” 


Bai Mo could feel his face twitching. Oh how he wanted to shout at his aunt: You’re the one who started this auntie! Why are you making me do this! But of course, Bai Mo would never have the courage to let those words leave his mouth, “Uhh… Of course, there’s also something else.” 


“Like what?” 


“Like kissing some other place, and hugging some other part of the body.” it was only natural for him to know what was being implied, but it was still an extremely difficult thing to say in front of his family. 


“Oh? I wonder where…” Zuo Xiaolan apparently was not going to let Bai Mo so easily off the hook. 


Bai Mo found himself blushing. This situation.. Is just too awkward... 


 Zuo Xiaolan stole a glance at Ye Ci as she was still facing Bai Mo. Her daughter’s hands were trembling and her ears were a deep shade of red. If she had not lowered her head, Zuo Xiaolan was certain that she would be seeing a deep blush as well. 


Bai Mo could feel himself shaking. He glanced at Ye Nantian. The man had a difficult expression on his face as well. He was very conservative about a topic like this, especially when it was in front of the three children. 


“Hmm?” Zuo Xiaolan was not happy with Bai Mo’s hesitation, and gave him a warning. 


He visibly gulped, and spoke with the faintest of voice, “Like umm… Kissing each other on the lips and…” he could no longer bring himself to continue. “Ahh.. Nice weather we have today. It’s nice to have such a warm meal early in the morning!” and he proceeded to mirror Tan Polang’s action as well. 


That’s too fake! 


The entire family looked at Bai Mo with disdain. 


Zuo Xiaolan immediately shifted her attention away from Bai Mo once she was satisfied with the answer, “Have you been kissed on the lips before, Little Ci?” she smiled sweetly at her daughter who was sitting beside her. 


Ye Ci, who had been praying for all the deities in existence to conceal her presence from her mother, was caught completely off guard by the question. 


And she spurted the food in her mouth all over Tan Polang. It was Ye Nantian who reacted first and helped clean the boy with a towel. 


Ye Ci began coughing violently as she was gagged by the pieces of food in her throat. 


Zuo Xiaolan immediately transformed into a caring mother and patted Ye Ci on the back, “Aiya, why are you eating so fast? Nobody is going to eat your portion up. Poor Polang.” she said with a sweet smile. 


“Look at you, what’s with the reaction? I was just asking out of curiosity. You’re old enough to know things like this anyways.” she chuckled. 


Ye Ci could not even speak up at all. 


She knew that her family had found out about the pictures. 


“Aiya, it’s alright. Even if you’ve been kissed on the lips, it’s nothing. A girl must be adventurous before she gets married. You need to find a suitable man for yourself. Not just in terms of his behavior, but physically as well. I’m talking about the size.. The size matters..” Zuo Xiaolan continued patting Ye Ci on the back. 


Almost the entire family gagged at her words. Ye Ci stood up, she was at the verge breaking into tears, “Mom, I’m full. I have prison time to serve, sorry that I can’t help you clean the dishes.” 


Bai Mo and Tan Polang were quick to leave the dining table as well. Ye Nantian was the last one to leave. He stood up, stared at Zuo Xiaolan for a very long moment before uttering the following words, “Honey, you haven’t tried it with anyone else before our marriage. Is my size to your liking?” 


And it was Zuo Xiaolan’s turn to be rendered speechless. 



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