Chapter 309 Awkward... (1)

Chapter 309 Awkward… (1) 


Ye Ci gave Tan Polang a long hard look before heading into the washroom. But she stopped dead on her tracks as a feeling of unease surged into her heart. Has he seen that forum post? She almost screamed out loud at that thought. She stood by the washroom door and took in deep breaths to calm herself down before rushing to the veranda. 


Tan Polang heard the incoming footsteps, and turned around just to see Ye Ci walking towards him with a murderous glare. Despite her impaired movement, Ye Ci was still fast approaching, and her expression sent a chill down Tan Polang’s spine. He immediately began to think of the things that he might have done to offend his beloved sister.


I did nothing wrong right? Right?! Even if he was in contact with Fleeting Time under orders of his mom, it was impossible for Ye Ci to learn of such a thing. But why is her expression so scary? Why?! 


He did not know what he did wrong, but he knew it was wise to be prepared. That was why Tan Polang began steeling himself for the storm that was about to arrive very soon. 


Even if Ye Ci was a reincarnator, she did not develop the ability to read minds. She knew not that Tan Polang harbored guilt in his heart. The only thing she saw was Tan Polang turning around with a surprised expression, asking, “What is it, Sister Ye?” 


Had Ye Ci not been troubled by the pictures on the forums, she would have sensed that something was amidst as Tan Polang was subconsciously averting his gaze from hers. But with her mind occupied, Ye Ci failed to detect the subtle change in Tan Polang’s demeanor. 


Ye Ci limped her way to the veranda, and stared at Tan Polang for a very long moment before finally speaking up, “Polang, do you have something to say to me?” 


Tan Polang could feel himself melting under Ye Ci’s stern gaze. He visibly gulped at the sight of her, and his heart was literally in his mouth. She had spoken up before he had the chance to work up his courage to initiate a conversation. 


“Eh?” Tan Polang was stunned into silence. He had a feeling that Ye Ci had seen through his thoughts as he stared at her. 


Ye Ci took in a deep breath to calm herself down, and finally managed to repeat her question with a calmer voice, “As I was saying… Do you have something to say to me?” Tan Polang visibly gulped. Do I have something to say to her? 


No! I don’t think so! Even if I do, it’ll be about the post on the forum. But Tan Polang knew that he would not have the courage to raise the topic. He did not have the strength to weather the storm that would be unleashed upon him if Ye Ci heard of the news. 


Hence, silence was his only option, “Nothing, there’s nothing at all.” And Ye Ci would of course doubt her words. The post yesterday is very popular, there’s no way he’ll be so calm. Is it possible that he has not seen it at all? Ye Ci’s gaze shifted downwards and settled on the English textbook held in Tan Polang’s hands. Well it could be true. He’s working hard to get a scholarship. Kid’s barely logging into the game these days. There’s a chance that he didn’t even have the time to have a look on the forums


But there was still doubt in a tiny corner of Ye Ci’s heart. She stared intently at Tan Polang before narrowing her eyes at the boy, “You really have nothing to say to me?” 


Tan Polang could feel his heart in his mouth. His feet would have given away underneath him had he not been sitting on a chair under such an intense gaze. 


He visibly gulped again, and suppressed his fear. 


Tan Polang knew that if he buckled underneath the pressure of Ye Ci, he would definitely suffer under the hands of Zuo Xiaolan. He knew that Zuo Xiaolan was the most powerful figure in the family. Even Ye Ci, Ye Nantian, and Bai Mo combined were no match for his mom. And that was why he made up his mind to take Zuo Xialan’s side. 


Hence the boy tried his best to remain calm as he gave a response, “What exactly are you expecting me to ask you, Sister Ye?” 


Ye Ci was rendered speechless by the question. She stared silently at Tan Polang, and her face immediately blushed. Well I can’t exactly ask him if he saw those pictures can’t I? That’ll be admitting that it happened! 


Tan Polang was so shocked when he saw the red on Ye Ci’s face that he almost dropped his book, “Are you okay Sister Ye? Are you feeling unwell?” 


“It’s nothing. I’ll go get a shower. Carry on with your studies.” Ye Ci immediately turned around and limped her way to the washroom. She touched her face, and could feel the lingering heat. Goddamn it! Why is this happening? 


Ye Ci slammed the door shut as soon as she was in the washroom. She stared into the mirror, and saw her face blushing in a deep shade of red. She then proceeded to splash cold water onto her face. 


Zuo Xiaolan was in a very good mood. Despite her argument with Ye Nantian on a certain topic, her mood remained largely unaffected. She had a very good night’s sleep, and she might even be able to remain asleep longer if not for someone slamming the bathroom door shut. 


And once Zuo Xiaolan was awake in the morning, she could never fall back asleep. Which was why she made the decision to get out of bed after taking a glance at the time. 


Ye Nantian was sleeping with his back against her after losing their argument. A smug smile appeared on Zuo Xiaolan’s face as she stared at her husband. He had never won against her when they were young, and things will remain that way in the future. 


She let out a yawn, grabbed a change of clothes, and went downstairs to make breakfast. 


Zuo Xiaolan left the bedroom, and went to the kitchen when she noticed that the washroom was occupied. Her mood improved even further when she noticed Tan Polang studying at the veranda. She walked up to the boy and offered him a greeting, “Polang, do you have confidence in your next exam?” 


Tan Polang immediately raised his head when he heard her voice. He stood up and whispered to Zuo Xiaolan, “Is sister Ye still in the washroom?” 


“Eh? Little Ci was the one in the toilet?” Zuo Xiaolan was surprised as well. Ye Ci had never risen so early before once she became a full-time gamer. Even her three meals were eaten at weird timings. Zuo Xiaolan glanced at the direction of the washroom and lowered her voice, “Why is she up so early today?” 


Tan Polang shook his head, and immediately relayed what happened earlier to Zuo Xiaolan, “Mom, I swear, I told her nothing.” 


Zuo Xiaolan was satisfied with his performance, “Alright then. Continue your studies. You handle communications with Fleeting Time and I’ll take care of the rest. Ye Ci will never be able to escape from my palm. Just you wait and see.” 


And she headed into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. 


Tan Polang could hear Zuo Xiaolan’s humming even from the kitchen. It was a sign that she was in a good mood. 


It was the first time Ye Ci had breakfast with all the members of her family present in months. She was filled with panic when she saw the number of people at the dining table. She immediately regretted her decision to have breakfast early. 


Ye Ci wolfed down some dumplings with her head lowered. The food that she liked tasted like wax to her this morning. 


“So yesterday…” started Ye Nantian, and all eyes immediately converged upon him. 


And Ye Nantian immediately faltered under so many gazes, “I’ve made a new dish in-game. It can boost the combat capabilities of a players for 30 minutes after consumption. Is it good?” Ye Ci let out a sigh of relief. 



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