Chapter 308 A Scheme

Chapter 308 A Scheme 


The corners of Fleeting Time’s lips twisted into a smile, and a glint in his eyes sent shivers down Ye Ci’s spine. She could see the cunningness of a fox cornering its prey in his eyes, and she had a feeling that she could not escape whatever he was scheming. 


Ye Ci did not like that feeling. In fact, nobody would like such a feeling. 


Have I done something wrong? I shouldn’t have responded at all! Ye Ci was starting to regret her actions. 


But it was all too late. The words that left her mouth were like water that was poured from its container. It was not possible to take them back. 


And despite the feeling of unease, Ye Ci knew that she had to face the problem head on. 


Fleeting Time did not answer her question immediately, and instead narrowed his eyes every more. He was trying to look for an opening through Ye Ci’s expression. But it was futile, for she hid her emotions well. 


“One year.” said Fleeting Time. 


“What?” Ye Ci raised an eyebrow. 


“Give me one year. You can refuse to become mine, but you can’t refuse my advancements. If I fail to change your mind in a  year, I will remove myself from your life.” and he continued after a slight pause, “In fact… I can even leave Fate if you so wish.” 


Ye Ci was shocked by his words. Fleeting Time disappeared from the game in her past life around the same time as well. Did it happen because of an agreement as well?  Was he forced to quit the game because of that? Or could it be something else? Ye Ci had no answers to her own questions. And the only thing she could do was to stare at Fleeting Time with disbelief written on her face.

It took her quite a while to recover from the shock, “And why would I agree to this agreement? It doesn’t benefit me at all.” 


“Is that so?” Fleeting Time smiled, “Are you saying that you like things as they are? And you don’t mind me wooing you for as long as I can? Until the game ends?” 


Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at Fleeting Time in turn. He could sense her anger rising. She stared at him in silence for a long while before finally calmly speaking up, “Don’t try to push me into making a decision by driving me angry, Fleeting Time. It will not work.” 


And he shook his head in response, “That is not my intention. I know it will not work. I’m merely stating the truth. And the truth is that I am a very stubborn man, and I will not give up until I can achieve my gold.” he drummed his slender fingers against his knees, “And I will continue to woo you if we do not set a time limit.” 


Ye Ci raised an eyebrow at his words. They were apparently the same type of person, who would result to radical means to achieve their goals. 


“For the sake of both of us. Why don’t we agree on a time?” Fleeting Time smiled, “One year. If I can’t ignite the same fire I have in my heart in yours, I will leave.” 


“What if...” Ye Ci opened her mouth to speak, but ended up biting back her words. 


“What if?” Fleeting Time was afraid. 


“It’s nothing.” Ye Ci shook her head and began to consider his proposal. He was right. He would only be a bother to him for an entire year if she agreed to his proposal, while he would always be an inconvenience to her if she refused. 


Ye Ci bit down on her lips. But she refused to allow the question to leave her mouth. 


What if… What if I change my mind after that one year? 


Then again, this is very unlikely to happen! 


Me and Fleeting Time? Impossible! Yeah, he might’ve swooned me with that kiss, but it’s just a kiss. I’m an adult now, what does a single kiss signify anyways? My thoughts? My feelings? I don’t think so! 


To Ye Ci, she had merely enjoyed the sensation of the kiss the shared, and nothing more. 


And she was trying hard to convince herself to accept that thought. 


“So what is your reply?” Fleeting Time stared at Ye Ci, waiting patiently for her response. He was not in a hurry to receive a reply, for he knew that the road to Gongzi You’s heart would be filled with uncertainties. Despite that, he had the confidence that Gongzi You would accept his proposal. 


A wave of sadness washed over Fleeting Time at that thought. He was not happy to have to resort to such a measure no matter what answer Gongzi You would give him at the end. After all, Gongzi You seemed to have made her choice to dump him the moment they made the agreement. 


And he could not bear the thought of being cast aside by Gongzi You. 


It was  a very depressing thought. 


“Very well. I shall agree to your terms.” and for reasons unknown, Ye C agreed to the proposal. She refused to meet his eyes as her soft voice reverberated in the cell. 


Fleeting Time felt hollow despite his victory. He was suddenly overcome with fatigue, and it seemed that only a good, long sleep could gear him for the fight ahead. 


Ye Ci shared the same feeling as well. She stared at Fleeting Time, suddenly feeling tired herself. 


“I’m going offline.” the two said almost simultaneously. They were both taken aback, and then shared a smile together. 


“Too many happened today. I’m tired. I’ll go offline and get some sleep. I guess I’ll have to continue my jail sentence tomorrow.” Ye Ci was the one who spoke up first. 


“Yeah, I feel the same as well.” Fleeting Time nodded in agreement. 


They could both feel something off about their feelings the moment Ye Ci agreed to Fleeting Time’s proposal. 


But neither of them could tell why it was happening. 


“Alright, I’ll be off.” Ye Ci cast one last glance at Fleeting Time before logging out of the game, and he disappeared from the jail cell as well a short moment later. 


Fleeting Time pushed open the lid of his gaming cabin and stared at the sunlight flowing into his room. He was fatigued. He let out a long sigh and stumbled his way to his bed. It did not take him long to drift into sleep. 


Ye Ci opened her gaming cabin to the sight of the silvery moonlight shining down on the floor of her room. She sat in her gaming cabin deep in thought for a long time before eventually making her way to her bed where she laid glaring at the ceiling. She could not fall asleep, but she still forced her eyes closed. A sudden warm sensation crept over her lips. 


Her eyelids flew open, but there was nothing there. 


Am i losing my mind? Ye Ci buried herself under her sheets. 


Until she eventually drifted off to sleep. 


After a good night's quality sleep, Ye Ci found herself awake early in the next morning. She sat staring at the window until she heard footsteps outside her room. 


She pushed opened the door, and limped her way to the washroom, only to find Tan Polang gaping at her, clearly surprised by her presense, “You almost scared me to death!” the boy patted himself on the chest. 


“Why? Do I look like a ghost?” Ye Ci was not happy with his reaction. 


Tan Polang did not know how to react when memories of the pictures he saw on the forum flowed back into his mind, “Uhhh.. No, not at all! I’ll be studying on the balcony. You can have the washroom.” and he left with a confused Ye Ci staring at his back. 



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