Chapter 305 Willingly Taking The Bait

Chapter 305 Willingly Taking The Bait


What a shame. Doing everything with rationality is not fun at all! Thought Fleeting Time when he noticed that Gongzi You’s wits had finally returned to her. Then again, it might not be a bad thing if I win in the long term, isn’t it? 


Fleeting Time shrugged, “I’m talking about the process of me wooing you.” he said innocently. 


“And what do you mean by that?!” Ye Ci had completely calmed her nerves, as if what happened earlier was just a dream. But the heat lingering of her face was a constant reminder to her that it was all real. 


Fleeting Time sighed, Gongz You had returned to her usual demeanor. This is… What a shame.. 


“I meant what I meant.” Fleeting Time blinked. The smile on his face was so innocent and yet one could feel danger lurking beneath it. 


Ye Ci narrowed her eyes and stared at Fleeting Time, appearing to be trying to tell spot the lies and deception within his words. But she did not realise that she had missed the entire point of what he had said, for in her effort to find the lies that might be hidden in his words, she had completely missed the intention behind those words.


Fleeting Time’s mood significantly improved when he noticed that Ye Ci was deep in thought. “Since you thought that the result of me trying to woo you would end in failure, then the process of me doing so would not matter, am I right?” 


It sounded so right, and yet something still felt wrong. Ye Ci narrowed her eyes at Fleeting Time.She was silently processing Fleeting Time’s words. 


“And?” Ye Ci finally raised an eyebrow after a long while. She did not know why the man standing before her was beating around the bush and what he wished to achieve by doing so. 


“And that’s why…” The smile on Fleeting Time’s face was mesmerising. He stood up, and spoke in a soft voice, “And that’s why… I’ve decided to continue wooing you.” 




Ye Ci could the threads holding her sanity together snapping. It took her a short moment before she finally reacted, “Do you even know what you’re saying?!” she bellowed at Fleeting Time. 


“Of course I do.” Fleeting Time remained calm in the face of Ye Ci’s rage, as if he was stating a simple fact. 


The two cellmates were a direct contrast of one another. Fleeting Time was calm like the surface of water in a pond, while Ye Ci was raging with the force of an erupting volcano. 


“What do you know?” Ye Ci’s voice was laced with danger, “There’s something wrong with your brain! You don’t even know what you’re talking about!” 


“I know, Little Gongzi. Of course I’d know what I’m talking about.” Fleeting Time’s smile was so despicable to Ye Ci that she had an urge to wipe it off his face, “And I think you know too, don’t you?” 


“How do you expect me to understand what you said? You’re like an alien! It’s impossible to try and understand you with conventional wisdom!” Ye Ci took in a deep breath, “I’ll say it again. Whatever the process is, it will end the same! Do you understand me? Yes! I rejected you!” 


Fleeting Time’s head bobbed up and down as he nodded at her, “I understand what you say. Of course I do! But you’ve said that the end does not matter, and what matters is the process and the journey.” he smiled at her, “And I’ve given it a long thought. I agree with that. Since it’ll end with your rejection anyways, why don’t you let me enjoy the process of doing so?” 


Ye Ci was dumbstruck. She thought of her own words, and the words that were spoken by Fleeting Time, and was finally able to make a connection! Fleeting Time had been digging a hole all this while, waiting for Ye Ci to fall into his trap. And Ye Ci who was sharp with her wits was rendered speechless. She could only glare at him in silence. 


“What you meant was that instead of aiming for a relationship that lasts for an eternity, we should cherish what we have.” Fleeting Time was satisfied by his ability to render Ye Ci speechless, as he continued to take her words out of context, “I’d never have thought that Little Gongzi is quite a philosopher. Very well, I shall heed your words, and try to appreciate what I have.” 


“I did not say that! I’ll never be that irresponsible!” she glared at Fleeting Time. 


“Ohhhh…” Fleeting Time nodded as if he had just made a great discovery, “So you might actually change your mind after experiencing the process with me? Is this what the responsibility that you’re talking about?” 


“No! I did not!” even Ye Ci did not know the reason behind her sudden loss of intelligence. Isn’t he just putting words into my mouth? 


“Aiya, Little Gongzi, you’re confusing me. So what are you talking about then?” Fleeting Time smiled as Ye Ci struggled to come out with an explanaiton. It was a sight that filled him with an unknown happiness. 


The fish will take the bait soon.


“Oh my god! Just who the hell is confusing who?!” Ye Ci clutched at her head. She had never been teased so badly by someone before. Her rationality had almost been wiped out by Fleeting Time. She pulled out her dagger and stabbed it at Fleeting Time. 


The desire to kill a person had never been so strong in her before. 


But this course of action was prohibited in the prison cell. It was a place designed so that players would repent for their actions. A player's weapon might not be taken away when they were placed into a prison cell, but this did not mean that they were able to freely use their weapons on their cellmates. A system notification immediately rang out in Ye Ci’s ears the moment her dagger plunged itself into Fleeting Time’s body, “Fighting is prohibited in this area. Your attack will not deal damage to any other player in this area. Please behave and repent for your crimes.” 


Why is my luck so bad these days? 


And because of the system restriction, Ye Ci’s attack did not deal any damage to Fleeting Time. It was just like her throwing a tantrum at Fleeting Time. 


After plunging his dagger again and again into Fleeting Time with no effect, Ye Ci threw her weapon to a side and glared at Fleeting Time as she leaned against the wall of the prison, “What do you want, Fleeting Time?” 


“My goal is simple.” Fleeting Time replied with a serious tone. 


“And what is it? To torture me to death?” Ye Ci rolled her eyes at Fleeting Time. She could no longer hold a conversation with him with conventional wisdom or she would be driven mad. 


“Why would you think like that?” Fleeting Time was exasperated by her misunderstanding, “I'm not that perverted, at least I think so…” and his gaze softened. He wanted to pat Ye Ci on the head, but stopped himself at the last second. He stood not far away from Ye Ci and spoke with sincerity in his voice, “What I want… Is to be able to hold hands with you in public.” 


It was a rather artistic way of describing it. 


But it did not work on Ye Ci who did not not even know the meaning of romance, “Why would you do that? Are you a pervert? Why would you hold my hand for no reason?” 


It was Fleeting Time’s turn to be rendered speechless. He took in a deep breath. He finally learned something new about Gongzi You. Being romantic would not work on a girl like Gongzi You. He let out a long sigh and stared up at the ceiling. 


Just when Ye Ci thought that Fleeting Time had almost given up, he lowered his head and grabbed hold of her hand, and with a swift motion, pushed her against the ground. 


Ye Ci did not even have time to react to his sudden movement as she fell onto the ground with Fleeting Time on top of her. When she finally reacted, she realised that she was in a bad spot, and she struggled to get free of Fleeting Time’s grip. 


Fighting was not allowed in the prison cell, as it was a place for players to repent for their actions. 


And for a certain someone… It was the beginning of a tragedy. 


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