Chapter 304 The Means and the End

Chapter 304 The Means and the End 


Is she consoling me? 


Fleeting Time cast a sideway glance at Ye Ci’s hand that was resting on his shoulder. Her movements were very rigid. If Fleeting Time was right, then Gongzi You was feeling just as awkward as he was. He had imagined all sorts of reactions from Gongzi You after listening to his confession, but this was not something he expected. 


Eh? She’s patting me on the shoulder? 


Does she think that she’s staring in some sort of shitty comedy movie? If they were both in a movie, Fleeting Time did not like the plot even one bit. But at the same time, he found the situation to be extremely funny. Trying to console him in an awkward fashion was not something that the Gongzi You he knew would do. 


Is this how you’re supposed to console a person?


Fleeting Time had a sudden urge to laugh, but he was quick to suppress that feeling. He knew that his chances with Gongzi You would end right there and then if he failed to contain his laughter. That was why he continued staring silently, staring at the hand that was resting on his shoulder. 


In truth, Fleeting Time was not the only one who found the situation funny. Even Ye Ci herself was slowly losing her composure. Oh my God! What am I doing? Why does it feel like I’m trying to console a good friend of mine? We’re not that close are we? And this is not how you’re supposed to console a person that you’ve just rejected! This… Ye Ci found her experience in this matter lacking. 


And she realised that there was absolutely no need for her to console Fleeting Time. 


That was possibly one of the most awkward moments in her life, and probably the most foolish one as well. 


Fleeting Time was still staring at her hand, and she could feel his gaze boring holes into that hand. She immediately retracted her arm and chuckled. 


The atmosphere in the cell was filled with awkwardness. 


Just like a room filled with gas that would instantly explode with even the slightest of sparks. 


“Can I think of your words just now as a consolation?” Fleeting Time slowly raised his head and settled his gaze on Ye Ci’s face. It was as if he was stating the truth, and nothing but the truth. But when the words fell upon Ye Ci’s ears, it felt like there was a hidden meaning behind his words. 


Should I say something? Maybe I shouldn’t. It will simply mean that I’m going to make more mistakes. Ye Ci made the decision to remain silent. She did not want to make the situation more awkward than it is, or she would never live it down for the rest of her life. 


“Very well, I’ll accept your consolation.” Fleeting Time laughed as he stared at Ye Ci’s guarded expression and he shrugged. 


Ye Ci could feel a tremendous weight lifted off her chest upon hearing his words. She let out a long internal sigh and nodded at Fleeting Time: Now that it’s settled, let us not talk about this ever again. 


Despite having barely any interactions with Gongzi You, Fleeting Time was able to understand her thoughts. Even when Ye Ci was still lying to herself, Fleeting Time had already understood her feelings. 

He found that he had discovered something new about Gongzi You, and he found it funny. The girl would always try to run away from something from a situation that she could not control and pretend that it did not happen. 


It would definitely cause troubles for Fleeting Time in the future, but he could not help but find this trait of Gongzi You interesting. 


Another smile appeared on Fleeting Time’s face. He would not lef Gongzi You off the hook that easily. It was just not in his nature to do so. “You said that when it comes to trying to woo a girl, the journey is what matters, and the end does not. Am I right, Little Gongzi?” 


Oh no! Why is he bringing it up again? Didn’t he just accept my consolation? Ye Ci could feel trouble looming just ahead. 


She was reluctant to answer the question, but it would be rude of her to just ignore Fleeting Time when the question was obviously intended for her. She might not like her attitude, but she knew to show a fellow human being some courtesy, “Yes, I did.” 


Fleeting Time clapped and laughed happily, “And you’ve rejected my advances am I right?” and he continued after noticing Ye Ci’s troubled expression, “You did not say it directly, but that was what you meant, correct?” 


Ye Ci could feel her face heating up. I did not do such a thing! I did not do such a thing, but why does it feel so embarrassing when he repeated it to me? 


She gulped, and spoke up with a stiff voice after clearing her throat, “Yes, it was.” 


“So this means that the end is your rejection of my attempt to woo you. Am I right, Little Gongzi?” a glint of deviousness was shining in Fleeting Time’s eyes, and the cunning smile on his lips gave him the appearance of a predator that was slowly backing its prey into a trap. 

Why does it feel like there’s a hidden meaning behind it? Ye Ci did not immediately respond as she tried her best to discern his words. 


But Fleeting Time would not allow her that luxury, “Am I right, Little Gongzi? Tell me if I’m wrong. You’re saying that I’m still allowed to woo you.” and he began inching closer to  Ye Ci, who was reddening rapidly when she finally processed his words. 


With barely any time to think, and with Fleeting Time rapidly approaching, Ye Ci’s thoughts were in a jumble. She was no longer capable of processing his words. Panic began to grip her heart as Fleeting Time walked closer to her, and images of what happened in the wisteria garden began flooding into her mind. 


Ye Ci took a step backwards, but found that her back was already pressed against the wall of the cell. There was no escape, and Fleeting Time who was just in front of her hand no intention of letting her off the hook. 


She did not know what to do. And in her panicked state, Ye Ci put her arms in front of her in an attempt to block Fleeting Time’s advance, “Yes, I have rejected you.” 


Her hands rested on Fleeting Time’s armor, who was hugging his form like a second skin. Despite the layer of metallic armor between her hand and his body, Fleeting Time could feel warmth seeping from Gongzi You’s hand into his chest. 


The fires of passion immediately lit up Fleeting Time’s entire being. A voice was whispering in his head as he stared at Ye Ci’s beet red face, “This is it. This is your chance…” 


But his rationality roared back, “NO! You can’t do this! Are you going to let all your efforts go to waste just like this?” 

Of course, Fleeting Time would not want to see his efforts go to waste, but he was just a mortal man. 


Ye Ci could hear Fleeting Time’s breath growing heavier, and see a strange fire burning behind his eyes. 


He was staring intently at her, as if he was trying to hold something back. His warm breath washed over  Ye Ci, heating her face up. She gulped, and realised that her hand was still “groping” Fleeting Time’s chest. And with a scream, she pulled both her arms back. 


The sudden movement however, caused Fleeting Time to stumble forward. Just when he was about to fall on Ye Ci, Fleeting Time was able to catch himself and stop the fall. He was closer to Gongzi You now, but his body was still not pressed against hers. 


Ye Ci pressed herself back even further against the wall. Her breathing hike as she stared at the face that was almost on top of her. 


She was panicking. 


That’s right, she was so panicked that she felt like she might die right there and then. 


What is he trying to do? What will happen next? Will the thing that happened in the wisteria garden happen again? Ye Ci’s thoughts were a jumbled mess. 


Sometimes choices that one has to make can be painful. And Fleeting Time found himself in such a situation. He was so close to Ye Ci that he could reach her lips just by lowering his head. His body was craving for more, but his mind was shouting for restraint. 


Fleeting Time took in a deep breath and closed his eyes. He balled his hands into fists and turned around with a sudden movement as she took a step away from ye Ci. 


He was a mortal man, and he knew not when the next opportunity would arise if he stopped himself on this day. But… For the sake of his future, a painful choice had to be made. 


And with Fleeting Time stepping away, Ye Ci felt as if she had received a dose of fresh air that managed to calm her heart. But her brain was still a mush. 


“Since that is the end, why don’t we talk about the process then?” Fleeting Time turned around and grinned at Ye Ci. 


“Process? Ye Ci was still in a state of confusion. “That’s right. The process.” Fleeting Time was satisfied with the effect he had on Gongzi You. He was finally sure that it was not that the girl felt nothing for him, she was merely unsure of her feelings. 


“What process?” 


“The process of me wooing you.” Fleeting Time maintained the smile on his face. He was trying his best to stay away from Gongzi You. There were things that had to be taken slowly. 


“The process of you wooing me?” Ye Ci blinked. She stared dumbfoundedly at Fleeting Time before her intelligence returned to her, “What are you talking about? What do you mean by the process of wooing me?!” she raised her voice as her eyes widened with surprise. 

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