Chapter 301 Reaction (5)

Chapter 301 Reaction (5) 


Bai Mo was in a horrible mood. 


He would never admit to anyone else, but the source of his ire came from the very popular forum post. 


Deep down, he knew that it was time for Little Ci to be dating someone, and he was actually supportive of the idea of her searching for a partner. They can get the approval of their parents, and see each other whenever they felt like it. 


It was such a simple wish. 


But there was a huge gap between a wish and reality. And on this day, Bai Mo had finally realised just how large the gap could be. He had a strong urge to beat Fleeting Time up the moment he saw the pictures. 


It was a weird feeling. It was as if the most precious thing he had in the world. The loathing that he felt was something that could not be described with words. 


Even when he knew that Little Ci would eventually have to get married and have a family of her own, he could not accept what he saw. 


And he knew for a fact that Ye Nantian would share the same feeling as well. 


Why! Why must I hand the precious jewel that I’ve been taking care of for so long to someone else just like that! 


That bastard had not even made it past his assessment yet. He did not even have the chance to know the guy, but he was already hugging and kissing Little Ci. How dare he! That guy...


Bai Mo could not even find the right words to describe what he felt about Fleeting Time. But one thing certain, he did not like the man.

Fleeting Time was very good at the game, but what good would it do in real life? Wouldn’t Little Ci suffer if the only thing he was good at was with games? Of course, Bai Mo could not deny that a full-time player could earn a lot of money, but he was displeased, and anything could be used as an excuse to fuel the flames of his anger. 


Of course, Bai Mo knew that his view of Fleeting Time was overly biased, and he knew that he hadn't had the chance to get to know the man better. He’s a player from the Western Continent. He has barely spent time with Ye Ci, not to mention meeting her in real life. What if she was tricked by him? 


Our Little Ci is so such a pure and innocent child. She had been romantically involved in anyone before. 

. .

She had never even held hands with a boy before! She was like a blank piece of paper, but her first time was defiled by that bastard!


Bai Mo was in a bad mood. He was in a really bad mood. His performance was a direct reflection of his mood as he directed his anger towards the monsters in the dungeon.  


He did not make even a single mistake in the dungeon, as if he was a veteran of a hundred expeditions to this dungeon. His party members were impressed by his sudden surge of performance. 


As he was still reeling with anger, he received a message from AuntOrchid for the first time in forever. Of course, AuntOrchid was the mother of Ye Ci and Bai Mo’s aunt, Zuo Xiaolan. 


“What are you doing, Little Mo?” due to her lack of understanding of the game’s features, Zuo Xiaolan had barely sent any private message, and it was apparent that she did not know that she could check the location of her Friends through her friendlist. 


“I’m in a dungeon right now.” 

“Oh, I see. You must be busy. I’ll talk to you later than.” Despite her late start and her lack of knowledge about parts of the game, Zuo Xiaolan had gotten used to the slangs and terms used in the game. She knew that Bai Mo was busy once she learnt that he was in a dungeon. 


“Sure. I’ll be out in 30 more minutes. I’ll go look for you once I’m back in the city.” Zuo Xiaolan would rarely contact Bai Mo in the game. She would always discuss things with him in real life. Her sudden behavior was an indicator that something was troubling the mind, and it was very likely about Ye Ci. 


And the only thing that had to do with Ye Ci at the moment was her scandal with Fleeting Time. 


It was very likely that Zuo Xiaolan had found the pictures on the forum after looking at the World Chat. Bai Mo did not know how Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian would react to the incident. 


Bai Mo wanted to protect Ye Ci from the harm it might cause no matter the cost, which was why he was worried about the reaction of her parents. 


And thanks to his talent in multitasking, Bai Mo was able to perform well in the dungeon even when his thoughts were occupied elsewhere. 


But his silence was unnerving to the members of Upwards Ho!. It was a face of Bai Mo that they have never seen before. 


And this behavior had an unexpected effect on the dungeon clearing party. They became more focused on the tasks at hand, and listened well to Bai Mo’s commands. And at the end of the expedition, they were able to clear the dungeon without making any mistakes. 


They were exploring a lvl60 dungeon. The average level of players was already at lvl60, but the dungeon clearing progress of the players were lagging behind. None of the guilds in the Eastern Continent had managed to clear even a single lvl60 dungeon due to their focus on leveling up. 


And once the patch was released and their level cap increased, the major guilds began to organize expeditions to explore the Scorching Canyon dungeons, which was the major dungeon in the Eastern Continent yielding lvl60 to lvl80 equipment. 


All the major guilds of the Eastern Continent were simultaneously exploring the first dungeon of the Scorching Canyon dungeon cluster on this night. 


But Upwards Ho! was the only guild to avoid any setbacks thus far. And even without Ye Ci’s aid, they were able to defeat the first BOSS of the dungeon cluster, Fiery Hound Arland. 


The members of Upwards Ho! could not believe their eyes as Arland lay dead before their feet. It was just a test run, and even their Mi Lu had pointed out that there was no need of consuming potions or food that would buff their stats. Nobody expected them to be able to clear the dungeon on the first run. 


“No way! We cleared it? Is there a BUG with the BOSS or are we just too strong! Tang Dynasty’s party was wiped out six times by the BOSS!”   


Mi Lu was speechless as well. 


This was not the result that Bai Mo had expected. He snapped out of his daze after a long moment and said to the members of his party, “Nice, we made it.” Due to his bad mood, Bai Mo felt no excitement even when the boss was slain, “Mi Lu, get someone to collect the loot.” 


And a system notification rang out in the World Chat at the same time. 


“Congratulations Upwards Ho! for achieving First Blood on the Normal Difficulty 100-Player dungeon, Scorching Canyon BOSS, Fiery Hound Arland. Rewards: 3000 Guild Prestige Points, 30,000 Prestige Points in all major cities, 25,000 Gold Coins. Let us remember their names!” 


The World Chat went silent for a short moment after the system announcement. Despite their interest in the scandal, the players knew that it was just a seasoning to the main dish that was the game. Clearing dungeons and farming for equipment was still at the top of their list of priorities. Messages asking for guides and recordings from Eastern Continent players began flooding the chat. 


But they received no response from the players of Upwards Ho!. 


Sir Ditty was shocked to not find Gongzi You on the roster. Then again, the shock would be even greater if her name was on the roster, as she was still locked away in prison in Hero City. Upwards Ho! was able to get First Blood without Gongzi You? Just how strong have they become?


But Sir Ditty did not ponder upon the question longer than he should. His guild’s aim was to defeat the first BOSS Fiery Hound Arland as well. “Pay no mind to the announcement. Let’s give the boss a try again. Our goal was never the First Blood, am I right?” 


And the elites of Sir Ditty guild began to set out into the dungeon yet again with renewed vigor. 


Eastern Continent, in a Human starter village. 


Breeze was waving his staff again and again against a small Black Boar. His movements stopped for the briefest of moments when he noticed the system announcement, and he lost half his HP to the boar. He delivered one last blow to the Black Boar with a grimace, and the monster dropped dead on the ground. 


“What an impressive guild. They were able to give all the major guilds a slap on their collective faces on the first day the patch was released,” Breeze chuckled. He gave the corpse of the boar that lay dead by his feet a kick, “I hope money is not the only thing I get out of this job. Perhaps I will actually enjoy the game this time.” 

His voice was soft. So soft that it was blown away by a breeze that swept through the newbie village. 


With no Warrior equipment dropped, Bai Mo eyed the dozen Purple-quality equipment, and transferred the distribution rights to Timely Rain, “You’ve done well today. Go get some rest after you get your guild points awarded to you. We will be going after the next BOSS tomorrow.” 


It was an obvious sign that Bai Mo intended to leave the dungeon, “Boss, do we continue clearing the mobs?” asked Mi Lu. 


Bai Mo eyed Release That Girl and Little Cold Icy Hands and said, “If Release and Little Hand wish to continue, then you may proceed. There are things that I have to take care of.” 


The two players who were mentioned offered Bai Mo a smile, “Of course! Go do what you have to do. We’re all high in morale anyways! This is just unexpected. I haven’t even have the chance to use all my skills yet, of course I’ll continue clearing the dungeon.” 


Bai Mo nodded and appointed Timely Rain as the party leader. He then turned around and spoke to Mi Lu, “Mi Lu, don’t let their enthusiasm die off. I know you want to try the second BOSS, but don’t push yourself.” 


Mi Lu scratched his head in embarrassment when his thoughts were pointed out, “Heh, I guess you know me too well boss,” he chuckled, “Alright then. Go be on your way. I’ll be careful.” 


Despite his young age, Mi Lu was a careful person. Bai Mo knew that his advice was enough. He left the party and immediately headed to Zuo Xiaolan’s shop once he was back in Red Lake City. 


The introduction of a new patch attracted a huge wave of new players into the game, and the shop operated by Zuo Xiaolan and Ye Nantian saw a bloom in business. But the couple was not in their shop, and the place was ran by a few NPCs. Bai Mo sent Zuo Xiaolan a private message, and immediately made his way upstairs once she told him that she was on the third floor. 


The third floor of the shop selling ready-made clothing could only be accessed by customers once permission was granted, but Zuo Xiaolan had already granted special privilege for members of her family to enter the level, which meant that could walk right into the shop without being stopped by the system. 


His shining armor attracted the attention of many of the female customers on the floor. Many of them even began to whisper into each other's ears, discussing the possibility of snagging him up for themselves. 


But Bai Mo’s mind was already occupied. He paid no heed to the players around him as he quickly disappeared from their view. 


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