Chapter 298 Reaction (Part 2)

Chapter 298 Reaction (Part 2) 


The scowl on Fleeting Time’s face had never left since he saw the post on the forum. He did not care how people thought of him, but what of Gongzi You? 


Gongzi You is a girl. Will she remain unfazed by this like me? I think not. 


Try as she might to deny it, Fleeting Time knew that deep down, Gongzi You would be disturbed by the entire incident. How will she react to all of this? He thought. 


Yes, I’ve had my fair share of fun teasing her, and I’ve enjoyed watching her face flushed with anger, but everything has its limit. There were things that even Fleeting Time would not do in public. He might be able to ignore such a thing, but he was a man, and Gongzi You was not! He has made the decision to spend the rest of his life with that person, and he would not allow her to be harmed. 


Impossible! Why did I not notice that we’ve been followed? How could that player remain beyond my direction range?! Fleeting Time slammed his fist onto his table and almost broke the sturdy furniture in half. He stood up, took in a deep breath to calm himself down. He then sat on his chair and proceeded to report the post to the developers. It was a violation of the privacy of the parties involved. 


But the post was not immediately removed, and anger once again returned to Fleeting Time. This was the first taste he had of the helplessness of a player. He immediately dialed the customer service number of Fate, and his call was quickly connected, “Hello! I am Fate Customer Service Employee no.948. How may I help you today?” said a female voice. 


“I want to speak to your manager.” 


“Our manager… sir?” 


“Get your manager right now! Or do I have to lodge a complaint against you to make it happen, Customer Service 948?” anger was hidden within Fleeting Time’s calm voice. 


“May I know why you are looking for the manager? I am confident in my abilities to solve your problems, sir.” the customer service employee’s smile froze on her face. This man is rude…


“Alright then. I’m lodging a complaint against you for your unsatisfactory service. Put someone else on the line. MayI speak to your manager now?” a smile appeared on Fleeting Time’s face, but his gentle voice was filled with malice. 


“Alright, sir. Please hold the line for a moment, I will get the manager for you.” came the reply after a long moment of silence. The customer service employee immediately contacted her manager after switching over to the intercom and grumbled about the call. The manager himself was confused by the sudden request. Why is he asking for me right off the bat? The manager grumbled to himself. He could feel trouble looming ahead, but customers are Gods. There was nothing he could do but pick up the call after offering some words of comfort to his subordinate. 


“Good day to you, sir. I am the manager on duty for today. How may I be of service?” 


“What is your employee number? How do I know you’re not lying to me?” Fleeting Time was familiar with the tricks that a game company had up its sleeves. 


And the manager had no choice but to provide his employee number. 


“There’s a post in your forum with the title <<Love That Transcends Hatred! An In-depth Analysis of the Affair Between Two Players On the First Day the Patch Is Released!>>, is that correct?” 


“Yes, it’s one of the most popular post of the week…” 


“I want you to remove it…” 


“Huh?” it took the manager quite a while to process the request. After all, he was just scrolling through the post mere moments ago, “May I know why?” 


“I am Fleeting Time.” 


Fleeting Time continued as the manager remained silent, “According to the current Online Gaming Law, the post on your forum has infringed upon my privacy. I have the right to sue you, and I have confidence that I will win.” 


It was an undeniable truth. The customer service manager was shocked to receive a phone call from Fleeting Time, the man who was also the top Hunter in the Western Continent, and one of the main characters involved in the scandal. 


After eventually recovering from his initial shock, the manager sighed and began asking about Fleeting Time’s account details as a confirmation of his identity. 


“Very well, Mr.Fleeting Time. We will solve this issue for you immediately.” said the customer service manager after confirming his identity. 


“What I want is not your words. I want action. You have 5 minutes. If the post and everything related to that post are still up by then, I have printed out all the evidence, and I can guarantee you that your board of directors will be hearing from the legal department within an hour.” 


This gave the customer service manager a headache. A player like him who paid attention down to even the most minute of details was the bane of his existence. “Alright sir, please give me a moment..” 


The manager was quick to notify his immediate superior of the incident, and his superior contacted the team in charge of the forum. Despite his woe at losing such a rare post, the person in charge of the forum had no choice but to remove the post and any content that was related to the post. 


Hence the most popular post in the forum was wiped out of existence with not a trace remaining. And it was all done within 5 minutes. Fleeting Time knew that many of the players would definitely have the pictures already stored in their computers, but there was nothing he could do. He could only hope that Gongzi You would not feel too bad about it. 


Fleeting Time let out a long sigh. After all, it was entirely his fault. Something like this would never have happened had he not behaved so rashly. It was only natural for him to face Gongzi You’s anger and take responsibility for his actions. It might mean that his chances with her would grow dimmer, but he had always been one to acknowledge his own mistakes. 


With that thought in mind, Fleeting Time climbed back into his gaming cabin instead of going to sleep. 


Glory Corporation. 


“Hey boss, who was what? He was so rude! This is the first time I’ve seen a player like this! He even lodged a complaint against me! Oh no, my weekly bonus…” Customer Service 948 stood by the doorway to her manager’s office with pursed lips. 


The manager grimaced at the deleted post, “Do you want to know who he was?” 


“Yup.” nodded the customer service employee. “Aiya! Why was the post deleted? What the hell are the guys managing the forum doing? Why did they remove the post without telling us!?” came a voice before the manager could offer a reply. 


“What?! They deleted the post?!” Customer Service 948, who was a gossip at heart, could not even wait for the answer from her superior. She turned around and walked back into the office. Just then the manager’s reply entered her ears. 


“That man was Fleeting Time.” 


The customer service employee stopped dead in her tracks and stared at her boss with mouth agape, “No way…” 


“Don’t forget to close the door.” the manager shrugged and offered her a smile. 


Fleeting Time logged back into the game and the jail cell. He stared at Gongzi You who was sitting at the opposite corner. Her face was pale. It was obvious that the post had struck her a massive blow. 


He wanted to comfort the girl, but he was at a loss of words. The only thing he could do was to stare at her in silence, as she slowly lost control of her emotions. 


She finally lifted her head, and their eyes met. She bit down on her lips, and walked up to Fleeting Time, landing a slap on his cheek without much of a hesitation. 




The sound of that slap resounded in the quiet cell. 


Fleeting Time stood still and waited for the blow to land. She was the one who had been hurt the most in this incident. He was the one at fault, and he would take whatever she would throw his way. 


“You bastard!” Ye Ci glared at Fleeting Time who was staring at her apologetically. 


“I’m sorry.” Fleeting Time spoke with a soft voice. Those were not the only words he had for Ye Ci, but they refused to leave his mouth. He had never felt so powerless in his life before. 


Ye Ci’s lips were trembling. She knew that she had to say something to him. She knew that she should at least do something to him as an expression of her anger. 


But for reasons unknown, she felt her strength draining from her. She stumbled backwards and leaned against the cell bars, “I really regret knowing you.” she spoke through gritted teeth.


Fleeting Time took in a deep breath and walked up to Ye Ci. He stared into her eyes that were full of fatigue and said, “I’m really sorry about what happened. Please give me a chance to make it up to you, okay?” 


“You want to make it up to me?” Ye Ci glared coldly at Fleeting Time. Her face was pale, but there was a glint of strength in her eyes, “What do you think I am? A weak female lead in some shitty soap opera? Ridiculous!” 


Fleeting Time was momentarily stunned. He scratched his head and grimaced, “I know what I say now means nothing to you, but I’m sorry not for what I did. I do not regret kissing you.” 


“You!” Ye Ci’s anger flared once more, “Then what the f*ck are you apologising for?!” 


Fleeting Time was surprised by the vulgar word that left Gongzi You’s mouth. It was the first time it had happened. “I am sorry because I did not notice the presence of the player who took our picture, and I am sorry for not stopping him. I am also sorry that the photos were leaked into the forum without your permission.” he chuckled. 


“Are you saying that if you have my permission, then the post…” Ye Ci could not bring herself to complete the sentence.


“Why not?” Fleeting Time laughed, “If you agree, it means that we’ve approved of what people think of our relationship. And why would I hide it?” 


Ye Ci stared at Fleeting Time as if he was a person from another planet, “What sort of nonsense is that?” she asked incredulously. 


“It’s a man’s logic. If…” and he continued after a slight post, “If you’re my significant other, I will never hide it. I want everyone to know that you belong to me, and that post is doing a very great job.” 


Ye Ci continued glaring at Fleeting Time. She could not understand his thoughts. Perhaps he is from another planet. She had the feeling that it was a waste of time to even attempt to communicate with the man standing before her. I might as well think of ways to deal with Bai Mo, Polang, and my parents. They would definitely have seen the post. 


She turned around and headed to another corner of the cell, “Whatever, you stay there with your logic. Just leave me alone. I have other things to worry about.” 


Fleeting Time stared at Gongzi You for a long moment before finally speaking up, “Gongzi You.” 


“What!” Ye Ci, who was deep in thought, snapped at the man. 


Fleeting Time was not angered, and instead offered her a smile, “What do you think of our relationship?” 


Ye Ci pursed her lips, “Well, we’re rivals from opposing continents.” 


“Is that so?” Despite his casual demeanor, Fleeting Time’s heart was filled with unease. What came next was probably one of the most anxious moments in his life, “Then… Do you wish for us to have a more... Intimate relationship?” 



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