Chapter 297 Reaction (Part 1)

Chapter 297 Reaction (Part 1) 


Ye Ci was quick to log back into the game after her meal, into her dark prison cell. She was the only one in the cell. He’s not here? I guess he went offline to eat as well. Ye Ci snorted. Wait, what does it have to do with me!


 With nothing else to do, she began browsing through the latest game related news released by Fate officials, and started planning her itinerary for when she was eventually released from jail. She then logged into the forums, and immediately saw the most popular thread on the site <<Love That Transcends Hatred! An In-depth Analysis of the Affair Between Two Players On the First Day the Patch Is Released!>>  


She was never a person who would delve in gossip. Most of her time spent on the forums was spent looking at discussions about the mechanics of the game. But due to the popularity of the post, even Ye Ci could not resist the urge to click open the thread that was posted a mere two hours ago. 


Ye Ci would come to regret that decision for a long time to come. She had even thought of chopping off the hand that clicked the post open. A delusion had formed in her mind: Things would’ve been better if I did not see that post! 


Of course, she could not rewind time. There was nothing she could do to change reality. 


She saw the pictures, and the comments left by the many players visiting the forums. Oh how she wished that she could bury herself into a crack on the ground and never leave the spot for the rest of her life. Why?! Why did I not notice that guy! Why did I not stop Fleeting Time from doing that!? 


A million “why” swirled in Ye Ci’s mind as she read through the thread. There’s no way I can face anyone anymore at this point! Those pictures! That thread! How am I supposed to carry on my life in the game? Bai Mo will definitely learn about this very soon, and so will the people back in the guild! And my parents… Ye Ci had a strong urge to smash her head against the wall, I shouldn’t have reincarnated! 


This was the first time Ye Ci hated her reincarnation. She had always been thankful for the second chance, and the chance to cherish what she had lost. But her heart was filled with regret at that very moment. I should’ve just died from the fall! It’s better than to suffer from an embarrassment like this! 


Ye Ci could no longer bring herself to look through the rest of the pictures. 


No! It’s not me! I’m Gongzi You, the strongest player of the Eastern Continent! There’s no way I’ll do something like this! I’m not the one in those pictures!!


She turned off the forum page, and found Fleeting Time staring at her. A tidal wave of emotion came crashing down in her heart as she stood up, walked up to Fleeting Time, raised her hand, and slapped him across the face. 


Fleeting Time glanced at the clock as he logged out from the game. It was 6am, dawn was just breaking in America. 


Sunlight crept into Fleeting Time’s room and enveloped him in a blanket of warmth. His eyes were stung by the sunlight as he stared out of the window, and it forced him to crawl out from his gaming cabin into his bathroom but not before turning on his computer. 


He turned on the shower and tested the temperature. He filled his bathtub with lukewarm water before heading into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of milk. He then made two pieces of toast before finally heading into his study and sat in front of his computer with his breakfast. 


Fleeting Time logged into Genesis’s forum on his administrator’s account, and found Axia Mist’s alt account with ease. Heh, you little spy, a smile appeared on his lips as he stared at the account, do you think you can keep your presence hidden after removing your main account simply by not coming online? Absalom and Silent Hymn might be fooled, but me? I knew it was you from the start. Despite knowing the truth, Fleeting Time did not remove the account. He knew that the boy would sneak around in the forum from time to time. 


He had never felt the need to remove the account. The boy was not even 10 years old when they first met. The boy, with the purest eyes Fleeting Time had ever seen, swore that he would eventually surpass him. He could not bear to crush the dreams of a boy with such eyes. 


Even when he knew not why Axia Mist migrated to the Eastern Continent, he knew that the boy missed his friends in the Western Continent very dearly. 


Fleeting Time stared mischievously at the account. He could still remember what the boy said to him before his departure to the Eastern Continent, “Brother Fleeting Time, Gongzi You is in the Eastern Continent. I have a feeling that you treat her differently. Do you need me to give you information about her? And by that I mean any and all the information you need…” 


He declined the boy’s offer back then, out of the embarrassment of having his thoughts seen through, and due to the uncertainty he felt in his heart. Can I really go down this path? He had long since discovered the answer to that question. He wanted her to be his. He was certain about it. 


His mind was sad, and it would be foolish of him to not use all the resources he had at his disposal to achieve his goal. He did not know how Axia Mist would be able to gain so much information about Gongzi You. It was impossible even if they were in the same guild. But he trusted the boy. He was not a person who would lie. That was why he decided to accept Aixa Mist’s help. But is it too late for that? 


So what if it’s too late? Thought Fleeting Time, There’s nothing in this world that one can’t accomplish once you set your mind on it. “What’s your phone number?” He sent a message to the alt account. 

He then proceeded to glance over the official released patch notes, finished his breakfast, and headed into his bathroom. 


Fleeting Time’s cellphone rang as he was dipping in the tub filled with lukewarm water. The caller was persistent, but he would not leave the comfort of the tub. The slight warmth of the water was chasing away the morning chill, stimulating his muscles as his thoughts grew clearer.


He closed his eyes as he laid in the bathtub. Memories of his encounter with Gongzi You in the wisteria garden replayed in his mind. He could not hold back the smile that appeared on his face. He was captivated by the Gongzi You who was startled by his sudden move. He could even feel the lingering warmth of the kiss they shared on his lips. 


“Little Ci…” he murmured the name that Bai Mo had uttered in the dungeon. Is that her real name? He narrowed his eyes, his smile widening into a grin. It was a strange feeling. 


He had already started to miss her mere moments after logging out of the game. He missed her fierce attitude, her intense aura, her anger, and her as an individual. Fleeting Time submerged his face into the water. It was as if the only way he could burn everything about her into his memory and even his very soul was in such a state. 


Fleeting Time made his way into his study. He had moved his bedroom into the study itself so that it would be more convenient for him to log into the game. He wanted to sleep under the warm glow of the rising sun so that he could experience the wisteria garden once again in his dreams. He hummed jovially to himself as he made his way to his bed. 


But the phone rang again. 


Or rather, the ringing had never stopped. 


Fleeting Time picked up his cellphone. He raised his eyebrows when he noticed the caller ID: Fang Conshu. Why the hell is he calling me at a time like this? Shouldn’t he be getting to explore a dungeon? He sifted through his call log and found more than 40 missed calls from the man. Is he trying to drain my battery or something? What’s so important? 


The phone continued to ring, and Fleeting Time finally accepted the call, “Hello…” 


“Oh f*ck me, you finally picked up! What the hell are you doing? You’re not online in game and on the forum, and you’re not picking up my call! Do you know that it’s annoying to have you disappear just like that?’ 


“Why are you annoyed? I’m not your wife. It’s not like it will affect you in any way.” Fleeting Time wiped his hair cleaned and headed into the kitchen with his empty cup and plate. 


“Of course it will! Don’t you know that it will drive Mo Leng(White Fairytale’s name IRL) crazy? And when it does, she’ll call my wife. My wife will then be forced to console her. And you know what happens next? I’ll be the next in line to receive the trouble! Don’t you think that it affects me a lot?”


“You brought this upon yourselves, it has nothing to do with me.” Fleeting Time responded with a sneer. 


“Can you not be so heartless? Mo Leng is our friend! I know you despise her, but can’t you give me some face? We need some breathing room as well you know?” said Absalom, “You dumped it all on us and left. We have to clean up your mess for you! Don’t you think it’s somewhat of a dick move?” 


Fleeting Time’s expression grew colder. He had drawn a line in this matter, and he would not relent even when he knew that Fang Congshu had difficulties of his own, “Your wife is the one asking for trouble. Do you think that woman would end up like this if it’s not for your wife? What does it have to do anyways? Do I have to reciprocate her feelings just because she likes me?” 


“B-but…” Fang Congshu knew that his wife had been a source of trouble for Fleeting Time, but seeking help from the man was the only way to solve the problem in hand. 


“Fine, what is it? Come on, stop beating around the bush! I need to sleep.” Fleeting Time’s mood soured at the mention of Mo Leng’s name. 


“Mo Leng called Dandan and told her that she wanted to kill herself. Dandan left for her house immediately, and I’ve been trying to call you ever since, “Fang Congshu let out a sigh. He was also annoyed by Mo Leng, the woman who had been intruding upon his peaceful life. 


“She’ll not die.” Fleeting Time snorted coldly, “Didn’t she say that she would kill herself if I go overseas. Well, I left, isn’t she still well and alive?” 


“What if she actually die?” 


“Call the cops, notify her parents.” Fleeting Time’s voice was devoid of emotion as he stared at the scenery outside his windows.


“Are you really that heartless?” 


“Then why don’t you tell your wife to keep her company for the rest of her life?” Fleeting Time life, “Nobody can tell me how to live my life! I don’t care if there are 10 Mo Leng and they have loved me for 10 lifetimes! It has nothing to do with me.” 


“You…” Fang Congshu was at a loss of words, “Fine! You have a point there. I respect how you wish to live your life, but can you not cause an uproar with your romance? Can’t you just let me have some peace?” 


“What uproar?” Fleeting Time was confused. 


“Oh, you don’t know? Go have a look at the forum. Mo Leng wanted to kill herself because of that.” Fang Congshu sighed, “Alright, I’ll have to go check on her. I’ll be seeing you later.” 



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