Chapter 292 I'm Here As Well

Chapter 292 I’m Here As Well 


Fleeting Time stepped out of the prison, and into the warmth of the sun. He took in a deep breath, the chill in his bones had been washed away. It took him quite a long moment of mediation to calm himself down. 


A smile appeared on his face as he studied the players passing by not far away. Am I going to give up just like that? No. Of course not. Fleeting Time was someone who never knew the meaning of giving up. He was a person who would soldier on even when the odds were stacked against him as long as there was still a sliver of hope in everything he did, and of course, for love.  


He looked back at the prison, and again at the players in the bustling street. His smile was filled with confidence as he walked back to the heart of the city. 


Fleeting Time was nowhere in sight by the time Bai Mo finished his visit. He was slightly disappointed. He could sense the hostility and animosity from Fleeting Time moments ago in the prison. He was slightly disappointed to find that the man was not waiting for him. Of course, he did not expect Fleeting Time to seek an explanation from him. 


He had thought that the man would have the confidence in confronting him, but he was wrong. 


What can a man do if he lacks patience and confidence? He might be good at the game, but in the end, he’s just an idiot. There’s no way I’ll allow Ye Ci to be with someone like that. 


Bai Mo sighed and yawned, “Ye Ci, looks like I’ll still have to be by your side for a long time.” he said to himself with a smile. 


Fleeting Time removed his hood in the middle of the city. He stared at the players walking by, and stared back at him. They were apparently surprised by his sudden appearance. 


Just then, Fleeting Time shouted out to the players around him, “I have an offer for you. Anyone who is willing to die by my hands will receive 10,000 gold coins as compensation. This is your only chance.” 


The players immediately stopped dead in their tracks with shock written all over their faces. They were confused, and one of the braver among their numbers walked up to Fleeting Time, “Fleeting Time, when you say 10,000 gold per death, do you mean that you want us to fight you?” 


“It’s up to you. You can even unequip all your stuff before we begin and stand still as I kill you. I’ll pay 10,000 coins every time you die” Fleeting Time’s smile was as bright as the morning sun. 


“In the arena?” 


“No, we’ll do it right here.” 


“But we’re in the middle of the city!!!” exclaimed the player. He was confused by Fleeting Time’s words. Wasn’t Gongzi You arrested for killing someone in the middle of the streets and was imprisoned for three days? Hold up! Wait a minute! 


Gongzi You was in jail. And Fleeting Time is pulling something like this off. Thought the players. Could this be… There could be only one explanation to his seemingly idiotic decision. 


But Fleeting Time left no time for the players to continue their line of thoughts, “This is your only chance to earn an easy 10,000 gold. I’m in a hurry.” he said to the players closest to him. 


“Me! Me! Me!” shouted a Gnomish Warlock before Fleeting Time could finish his sentence. He immediately initiated a trade with Fleeting Time and began removing his equipment, “It’s an honor to die to you, Fleeting Time! I’ve never thought that I…” 


And he dropped dead before he could even finish whatever he was trying to say. A text bubble then appeared on his head, “Isn’t that a little too quick? I was not ready yet! I didn't even see you attacking…”


The crowd of players surrounding the Warlock did not see how the killing blow was struck. The Warlock was on the ground by the time they realised that Fleeting Time had made a move. 


Fleeting Time sheathed his weapon when the system notification chimed in his ears. He took a seat by the fountain in the city center, silently waiting for the soldiers to arrive for his arrest. 


It did not take long for the NPC troops to locate and surround Fleeting Time, “I did it…” he raised his hand in surrender, and was immediately taken into custody. 


“What the heck just happened…” sighed one of the onlooking players. 


“Fleeting Time paid 10,000 gold coins to kill someone in the city center and has been arrested.” news of the incident immediately began to spread among the players. 


Fleeting Time immediately admitted to his crimes in court. The judge was bored by his display of good attitude. He had finally had the chance to bring the hammer of justice to bear upon two murderers, but their behaviors were exceptionally good. 


“Your Honor, I plead guilty to all my crimes. Since I am so honest and sincere, can you please grant a little wish of mine?” Fleeting Time smiled at the judge when his sentence was read out. 


“What is it?” asked the judge. 


“Can you keep me in the same jail cell as Gongzi You?” 


“Why? Are you planning to break out of prison together? I’ll have you know that our prison is heavily guarded! You will never escape!” the judge glared at Fleeting Time. 


“Of course not, Your Honor. I would never dare to have such a  thought. I wanted to be with gongzi You because I have some unfinished business with her.” Fleeting Time was like a cunning fox as he smiled innocently at the judge. 


And after a long moment of consideration, Fleeting Time’s request was granted by the judge. 


He was sent to the cell immediately after his sentence was announced. 


And he ran into Bai Mo who was ready to leave. He flashed Bai Mo a confident smile, and it was immediately followed by the impeccable timing of a system announcement announcing his crime. 


Before Bai Mo could fully grasp the situation, FLeeting Time was already on his way to Ye Ci’s cell. 

It took Bai Mo quite a while to realise what had transpired. He let out a hearty laugh. Ahh, it seems that I’ve misjudged that man. He had a whole new level of respect for Fleeting Time. He did not expect such a bold move from the man. It was something that he would never be able nor afford to pull off. 


But do you think you can take my sister away that easily? Then you’ve greatly underestimated me, Fleeting Time. 


You’ve won the battle, but it does not mean that you’ll win the war. Thought Bai Mo as a smile appeared on his face. 


Ye Ci stared at Fleeting Time as if he was the Devil himself. 


She had a feeling of unease when she learned of the news of Fleeting Time’s crime from members of her guild. She had been trying to convince herself that it was all a joke but… 


Fleeting Time appeared right before her in the next few minutes. 


Fleeting Time noticed Ye Ci’s staring at him with eyes wide open. Her expression alone was worth his inprisonment. 


“H-how did you get in here?” Ye Ci choked back a scream, making no attempts to hide her shock. 


“I killed someone in the middle of the streets.” Fleeting Time shrugged as if it was nothing out of the ordinary. 


“W-why did you do that…'' Ye Ci pointed at Fleeting Time, “Don’t you know that you’ll be sent to jail for that? Do you not know that it’s very uncomfortable here?” 


“Little Gongzi, are you perhaps worried about me?” Fleeting Time snickered. 


Ye Ci could feel her face heating up. She lowered her hand and said, “It’s just that I don’t want to see you here because you’re annoying. I’ve already hidden myself in prison, how could you shamelessly follow me here?” 


“Didn’t I tell you that I’ll be here with you shortly?” Fleeting Time grinned, his good mood not affected at all by Ye Ci’s display of anger. 


Ye Ci was at a loss for words. She pursed her lips, and turned around, “Nobody wants you here. I want to be as far away as possible from you.” 


Just then, she was hit by a sudden realisation, “Hold on, there are so many empty cells, why are you placed here?” 


“Must’ve been sent here by the system.” Fleeting Time shrugged with an innocent look on his face. 


Ye Ci immediately turned her back towards Fleeting Time.  

“Fleeting Time!!! Do you want to die!!! Why don’t you just tell me!!! Turn on your Private Message goddamn it!!!” Absalom was roaring in anger in the guild conference room. 


Fleeting Time sighed. The consequence of his action had finally arrived. He opened the channel, and sent a message to Absalom, “What do you want?” 


“What do I want?? That’s all you have to say? Do you have a death wish? If you want to die, don’t you just tell me? I’ll send you on your way you piece of shit!” Absalom had planned to explore a new dungeon later in the day, but the most important member of his party was imprisoned for a murder. 


“State your business or I’ll mute you.” Fleeting Time was not at all afraid of Absalom’s anger. 


“Y-y-y-y-you! I-I-I…” Absalom was flustered and exasperated, “I’ll set White Fairytale loose on you if you do that!” 


Fleeting Time narrowed his eyes, “Fang Congshu, have you finally grown tired of living?” It was rare for Fleeting Time to call him by name in game and in real life, which was why Absalom immediately shivered with fear when he heard the words


Some things should never be mentioned, and White Fairytale was the one person that Fleeting Time despised. He would always react to her name with anger or with indifference, and it was apparent that Absalom was out of luck on that very day. 


“Alright, it’s my fault.” Absalom sighed, “I shouldn’t have mentioned her name…” 


“What do you want? Tell me now or I’ll mute you. Your voice annoys me.” Fleeting Time’s good mood was destroyed by the mention of her name. 


“No! Don’t do that! But Fleeting Time, now that you’re arrested, what about our dungeon exploration tonight?” 


“There are so many elites in Genesis. I am not needed.” Fleeting Time paid no heed to Absalom’s words. 


“But… They might not be enough!” Absalom had a worry of his own. 


“Well it’s time to put your abilities to the test, Guild Leader.” replied Fleeting Time as he proceeded to mute his Private Message channel. 


Absalom held back the tears in his eyes as he looked at Silent Hymn, “Hey Silent, have I wronged him in my past life? 


Silent Hymn apparently wanted nothing to do with the drama between the two friends, “Even a pig can see that nothing good will happen whenever White Fairytale is mentioned in the presence of Fleeting Time! Not to mention in a time like this! You’re dumber than a pig! Do you exist solely to reduce the average IQ of our guild?” 


“What sort of situation?” 


“Why do you think he killed someone and went to jail?” Silent Hymn rolled his eyes at Absalom. 



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