Chapter 39 This Has Nothing To Do With Me

Chapter 39 This Has Nothing To Do With Me

A black python as thick as a lamppost slithered out of the hollowed bark, extending its red tongue. It crashed into Ye Ci, and held the package in its mouth.

When Ideal Height 1.7m saw the python she shouted, “Gongzi, watch out!” and she cast a Frost Arrow, hoping to draw the aggro of the python.

Let Go Of That Girl panicked. He was a melee classed player, and could not perform any ranged attacks, “What the hell! It’s not supposed to come out so early! Who’s the one who designed this quest, it’s rigged!”

The python had appeared early, which was why the group was caught off guard. Fortunately, Ye Ci was someone who who was a mage in her past life, and she just happened to be a Huntress in her current life. She knew that the time which the python will appear was flexible, and her Balance was high.

She leaped into the air, intending to grab hold of the package.

According to Ye Ci’s calculation, as long as she could land on either the snake or the dead tree, she could bounce back onto the cliff with a little force.

However, reality would not always unfold as one would expect.

In a flash, the python coiled itself around Ye Ci and she fell downwards.

Even with her past life experiences as a Sorceress, this sudden change managed to surprise Ye Ci. Reflexively, she tried to break free, but the python’s coil tightened around Ye Ci.

It all happened in the blink of an eye. Ideal Height 1.7m was so startled that she shouted out in a shrill voice, “Gongzi! Be careful!”

Let Go Of That Girl leaned forward, trying to grab hold of Ye CI, “Gongzi, give me your hand! Grab on to me!”

The Frost Arrow cast by Ideal Height 1.7m landed on the python precisely at that moment. The python opened its mouth and roared with anger. The package in its mouth fell out, and Ye Ci caught it. She then threw the package up the cliff.

The python breathed poison at the two trying to help Ye Ci, and fell down the cliff with Ye Ci in its embrace.

The bottom of the cliff was like a deep abyss, if one fell down that would be the end of them. There would be no chance for survival. Losing experience points while helping somebody out with their quest? What a joke. Ye Ci was determined to not let this happen. She drew out her Venomous Scorpion Stinger and stabbed at the python.

With slippery scales covering the entire length of its body, Ye Ci’s stab only dealt a little more than 100 damage, which was nothing to the python that had 200,000 HP.

Fortunately, the Venomous Scorpion Stinger’s passive managed to proc. The python turned into a shade of green after being poisoned, causing it to struggle in pain. The python’s struggle caused its body to tense up, further constricting Ye Ci and forcing the air out of her lungs.

Ye Ci could feel her head spinning and darkness began to creep into her vision. She was completely at the python’s mercy. Even with her godlike skills, she could do nothing in this situation.


Before her world was completely enveloped by darkness, Ye Ci thought helplessly: What an embarrassing first death ever since her rebirth!

Ideal Height 1.7m and Let Go Of That Girl could only watch with eyes wide as Ye Ci fell down the cliff, along with the python that had coiled around her. Ideal Height 1.7m was especially panicked, she was still holding the quest item that Ye Ci had thrown upwards.

“Gongzi!!” she shouted.

Let Go Of That Girl grabbed hold of her, “Let’s go down there!”

Before the duo could descend from the mountain, a party notification chimed in, “Your party member ‘Gongzi You’ was kicked out from the party by the System.”

Kicked out of the party by the System!! What the hell had happened?

The duo was immediately shrouded with astonishment and uneasiness. Without hesitation, they immediately tried to send private messages to Ye Ci, but they would only receive a system notification, “The user that you’re trying to contact could not be reached at the moment.”

Even the Messenger Pigeon that could reach anywhere could not get in contact with Ye Ci.

What the hell happened !?



Chilly water droplets fell onto Ye Ci’s forehead as she slowly regained conscious. She quivered and sat up abruptly. Before she could get her bearings straight, she felt something wet on her back.

She almost jumped as she looked back.

She was lying on top of the python, the wet feeling was actually the mucus from the snake’s body. Ye Ci would not be able to fight back if a lvl 15 Wild Boss chose to strike at such a close range. She would definitely die there and then. However, the python unexpectedly chose not to attack. It stared unmoving at Ye Ci with cold and malicious eyes.

Ye Ci had always disliked snakes. Her skin would be covered with goosebumps whenever she sees one, not to mention one at such a close distance.

Despite her dislike of snakes, Ye Ci discovered that something was off with the python. She stood up, and slowly backed off. The python, however, merely flicked its tongue at Ye Ci. She then took a look at its status.

She couldn’t resist the urge to purse her lips. The python was heavily wounded, having only a sliver of HP left. If she could strike at this time, she would be able to defeat it.

Ye Ci let out a whistle, and Ol’ Three appear. It stretched itself out lazily, and then bared its fangs at the python, showing its dominance.

The python’s gaze grew even icier, but it could not move its body. It struggled and breathed out poison at Ye CI.

Ye Ci was instantly covered by a green mist, and her HP began to drop rapidly. She could only drink two bottles of potions to recover, and after healing Ol’ Three as well, she set it loose upon the python.

Empowered Hunter’s Mark, Decoy, Venomous Snake Needle, Rapid Fire.

The python did not possess a high level of intelligence. Its attention was immediately drawn to Ol’ Three by the use of Decoy. Despite reacting, the python’s immobilized body meant that it was only a paper tiger.

It might be the simplest battle that Ye Ci had ever experienced since she started the game. In three minutes, the python disappeared into a huge quantity of experience points and flowed into Ye Ci’s and Ol’ Three’s experience gauge. Experience points provided by a Wild Elite BOSS such as this was a lot. Ye Ci’s experience points was immediately filled up to 78% of lvl 16.

It was a shame that the python was only a quest monster. It did not drop any loot, save for some gold coins and potions.

It was still better than nothing. Ye Ci began to dissect the python’s carcass after she stored all the items into her inventory.

The python’s entire length was covered with wounds. There were huge patches where it scales had dropped off and blood poured out from its wounds. Ye Ci was curious. What happened to the snake? Ye Ci only found out the truth when she saw its bones.

Every single joint of its bones was dislocated.

Ye Ci looked up, she could not even see the top of the mountain.

It seemed that they fell right from the top. Ye Ci surveyed her surrounding while dissecting the carcass. It was a haven. Tall trees were everywhere and the ground was covered by lush grass. The impact of their fall snapped quite a few trees, messing up part of the scenery.

Ye Ci, who was coiled tightly in the python’s embrace, had survived the fall. The python was the one that took the damage from the impact, while Ye Ci was able to walk away with her life.

Snake meat, snakeskin, scales, bones, snake gall, venom sac, and 108 glossy snake ribs.

These were all the spoils from Ye Ci’s battle with the python. She wrinkled her nose. The blood covering her body made her uncomfortable. She jumped into a clear pond not far away to wash away the blood.

She suddenly felt a sharp pain on her right hand. She was shocked. Was she bitten by something? She had no antidotes left. She came out of the water and noticed that the source of the pain was a small fishhook.

A fishhook?

A fishhook !!

What was a fishhook doing at a place like that! Ye Ci pulled the fish hook out of her hand, and traced it to the source using the fishing line. Her face began to twitch.

At the other end of the line was a fishing rod, held by a hand, and the hand was crushed underneath one of the trees that had snapped in half.

Ye Ci realised that she seemed to have done something that she shouldn’t have…

She climbed back up to shore and pushed aside the broken trunk with all her might. A blond man lay underneath the tree, he was already dead. Ye Ci looked at him, puzzled. There were a few words below his name.

Johnny’s Corpse (Grandmaster Fisherman)

Tears streamed down Ye Ci’s cheeks. She swore that it had nothing to do with her!

The person must’ve been murder! The corpse must have been left behind because of a quest! That must be it!

She would never admit that she accidentally killed a Grandmaster Fisherman when she fell down with the python.

After calming herself, Ye Ci looked at the dead Grandmaster Fisherman and began to consider doing some funeral arrangements.

How kind was she? She even thought of burying him. Where could one find such a kind player?

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