Chapter 38 A Rigged Quest

Chapter 38 A Rigged Quest

Ye Ci issued out another trade. She selected the Resurrection skill book on top and then pressed down to confirm deal.

Fruit Jelly turned around a little angrily, “I said I don’t have the money...”

“It’s for you.” Ye Ci said quietly as she gazed at Fruit Jelly’s slightly angry face.

“Eh? “Fruit Jelly froze there immediately without finishing her words. She stared wide-eyed at the huntress in front of her and then picked her ears. She laughed in disbelief: “Did I hear you wrongly?”

“No, I said I will give you this book as a gift.” Ye Ci smiled.

“Why?” Fruit Jelly was surprised to the extent that she couldn’t speak, “This is the Resurrection skill book, its value is...”

“I know, I check the auction house every day. I know better than you.” Ye Ci stopped Fruit Jelly’s words by mentioning it casually.

“Then why would you give it to me?”

“Why?” Ye Ci lifted her head and thought about it for a while. She obviously couldn’t tell her that she would become a famous Cleric with top-notch controls and mana conservation in the future, so she wanted to befriend her. “I find you pleasing to my eyes, I feel like you are the type I can interact deeply with.” Ye Ci said after thinking for a while.

This answer made Fruit Jelly’s forehead crease. She was given the Resurrection skill book just because she looked pleasing to Ye Ci’s eyes. Just because Ye Ci thought that she could interact deeply with her?

Is there something wrong with this person or do they just have too much money? Although it was suspicious, Fruit Jelly had to say that she admired Ye Ci’s personality. She hesitated for a while, “I might delete my account.”

“Then just assume that this book will go to waste.” Ye Ci looked like she didn’t care at all. She didn’t believe that Fruit Jelly will delete her account after learning the Resurrection skill book.

“I don’t have anything to trade with it, nor do I have money…”

“I said before, I find you pleasing to my eyes, I want to befriend with you.” Ye Ci repeated.

Fruit Jelly looked towards the book and hesitated for a while. At last, she bit her lips and agreed to the deal. Then she immediately sent out a friends request to Ye Ci.

Ye Ci accepted the request and added her.

Fruit Jelly stared blankly at Ye Ci’s name, “You are Gongzi You?”

Ye Ci scratched her head. She didn’t think that they had interacted before so why did she have a strange ‘oh, so it’s you?’ face? “Yes I am, so?” said Ye Ci.

Fruit Jelly seemingly dropped all her previous precautions and enthusiastically looked at Ye Ci’s eyes, “Your controls are so impressive. I go to the forums everyday to see your explanatory post. Even though I am a Cleric, I still learnt a lot of things!”

What post? Ye Ci was confused, she was busy crafting arrows lately and the practice life skills were never posted on the forum. What is she talking about?

Fruit Jelly was a very talkative person once she got close to someone. She chatted with Ye Ci for a while. Fruit Jelly trusted Ye Ci more than before and was also more grateful, “Gongzi! Even though I’m not very good at playing games but just call me if you have anything that needs my help in the future!”

This was obviously what Ye Ci wanted the most. They said a few words to each other before parting to do their own things.

Although the Resurrection skill book was given away, resulting less income but making friends with Fruit Jelly, the future top ranked Cleric, was worth it.

Ye Ci rushed to the auction house immediately after she finished her daily routine from Sunset City to Red Lake City. She already learnt the Flaming Arrow Crafting book but she still hasn’t gathered all the materials yet so she was still a bit worried.

After she cleared the Cruel Pit, she could move on to the Chilly Wetlands where all the BOSSes had ice attribute. Fire based skills and weapons with burn effects could deal a lot of damage to them.With her flaming arrow, her DPS would be increased by a lot in the Chilly Wetlands’ dungeons.

It’s such a pity that in the auction house, the Fire Crystal Shards that were necessary to craft the Flaming Arrows were very few in number. The sparse quantity available were already all bought by Ye Ci. However, she still did not have enough of them.

Just as she was mulling over this problem, her private message channel rang. Clear Moon’s excited voice traveled through, “Sister! My Mining and Forging skills have reached 50% of the Beginner level!”

Ye Ci was surprised. No way, 50% of the Beginner level?!

It was very hard to level up the Life Skills in Fate. These skills were divided into seven levels: Apprentice, Beginner, Medium Tier, Advanced Tier, Expert, Master and Grandmaster. To progress to the Beginner tier from the Apprentice tier, a player needed to either gather ores non-stop or repeatedly practice a particular skill. The advancement from Beginner to Advanced required a huge amount of time and gold coins or experience points. Moreover, for a player to progress from Advanced to Grandmaster, they’re required to spend tremendous amount of time, money and experience. Additionally, they had to complete a randomly generated high difficulty quest.

Clear Moon was not very wealthy. The fact that he was able to have reached 50% of the Beginner level meant that he spent a great portion of his experience points on his Forging and Mining.

“What’s your level now?”

“Lvl 11.” Clear Moon replied with a grin.

It was as she expected. Rangers were usually very fast when it came to leveling up solo. With Ye Ci’s guidance, Clear Moon would’ve been at least lvl 13 or lvl 14. However, since he was still at lvl 11, it was proof that he had spent all his experience points leveling up his Life Skills.

“With your level, it must be dangerous to go out mining.” Ye Ci let out a sigh.

“It’s okay, sister, I’ve mastered the art of escaping. Don’t worry, I don’t like leveling up, it’s boring. I’m more interested in mining and forging. Clear Moon obviously did not even care about his level and experience points.

Fate was all about creating one’s own fate. Some players wanted to earn lots of money, some prefer to level up, while there are others who love to learn Life Skills.

Apparently Clear Moon had chosen to learn Life Skills. Ye Ci could only encourage him so that he would not give up. After a brief talk, Clear Moon mentioned that he was mining at the edge of Scorching Plains.

Scorching Plains was the lvl 15 to lvl 20 leveling area. The place was rich with ores, and Fire Crystal Shards were a unique product of Scorching Plains.

“Do you have many Fire Crystal Shards?”

“I have so many of them that I can’t even fit them all into my storage anymore. These things are a must when it comes to crafting weapons that deal burn damage. Sadly I do not have the blueprints to craft such weapons. I originally intended to just stockpile some of them. But now I have so many that I have half a mind to sell them to the NPC’s.” Clear Moon’s eyebrows creased after he mentioned his Fire Cyrstal Shards. He appeared to be distressed.

Ye Ci was overjoyed, and she immediately said, “Don’t sell them to the NPC. Sell them to me instead. I’ll pay you 50 gold coins per a stack. Give me 20 stacks.”

“Take them if you want, sister. You don’t have to pay me.”

“You need the money for forging things. Don’t act generous. I will need a lot of them in the future.” Ye Ci declined Clear Moon’s offer, and immediately sent 1000 gold to Clear Moon.

Within moments, a mail had arrived from Clear Moon. It contained the Fire Crystal Shards. He even sent 10 extra stacks of them, and wouldn’t accept money for them from Ye Ci no matter what she said.

With the necessary materials acquired, Ye Ci began to focus on crafting the Flaming Arrows.

After crafting around 10 stacks of them, Ye Ci received another private message. It was from Ideal Height 1.7m. Despite having onlypartied once, they remained in contact, and were friends who shared a healthy relationship with each other.

“Gongzi, are you free? Can you help me?” Ideal Height 1.7m was frank as ever.

“What is it?” Ye Ci was also straightforward.

“I have a quest that can only be completed with 3 people. It is to retrieve an item. You’re the one who’s the most suitable for this job. Please help.”

“What quest is that?”

Ideal Height 1.7m immediately sent Ye Ci the quest details. It was a quest to retrieve an item from a mountain. This was a quest every Mage class players had to do. The mission was to retrieve a package from a pine tree at the cliff at Thousand Sect Mountain.

This quest tested not only balance, but also the reaction speed of a player.

Players who accepted the quest must retrieve a package from the tree that was at a crumbling cliff. A slightly lost of balance would cause the player to fall into the bottomless cliff. Even if the package was successfully retrieved, a lvl 15 Elite Python would appear from the hollowed out tree to snatch the package away. If the player could not attract the aggro of the python and reacquire the package, the quest would be reset and could only be initiated the next day.

If the quest was done of a flat land, it was not hard. But to do it on a cliff with a slanted tree was an entirely different matter.

Ye Ci spent an entire week in her past life to pass this mission. Ideal Height 1.7m seemed to be having troubles with the quest as well. Ye Ci did not decline her request and instead accepted it straight away.

She crafted a few more sets of flaming arrow, sorted out some of her equipment, and headed out to the Thousand Sect Mountain outside of Notting City.

Teleportation was nifty. Ye Ci arrived at Thousand Sects Mountainwithin half an hour. Ideal Height 1.7m and Let Go Of That Girl were talking at the foot of the mountain. After they spotted Ye Ci, they immediately greeted her. The three of them then summoned their mounts and raced towards the top of the mountain.

Ye Ci had a sense of reminiscence as she stood at that exact spot. It was as if she was still a Mage, and her past as a Mage flashed through her mind. She smiled and looked at Ideal Height 1.7m and Let Go Of That Girl, “Wait here, I’ll go get it.”

“Please be careful, I’ve died for more than ten times already.” Ideal Height 1.7m creased her eyebrows, “To make us Mages complete this quest that requires high Balance, isn’t it rigged?”

Let Go Of That Girl said, “When the snake appears, jump back as fast as you can, I will cast Taunt on it. Don’t fall down.”

Ye Ci showed the duo an ‘OK’ sign, and jumped gracefully onto the slanted tree. She extended her arms towards the package.

But, at that moment…

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