Chapter 37 Fruit Jelly

Chapter 37 Fruit Jelly


The Sandy Plains were coated a shade of amber red by the setting sun. The scene itself was beautiful.

Wang Jiangnan stood in this beautiful scenery, staring at Ye Ci as if she was an alien. He was known as a genius even when he was young. It was said that geniuses are lonely. Wang Jiangnan felt just that. He was alway left out from his school days until work, so this was the first time someone talked to him like that.

It was a strange feeling.

He suddenly laughed along with Ye Ci, “Heh, wouldn’t it be cheating for me to play the game? I know everything about the game.

Ye Ci rolled her eyes, “And what good can it do you? You think the players are playing with those privileged accounts of yours? Getting any items you want just by knowing where they would drop?” She felt as it there was a gap between them. She waved her hand impatiently, “Whatever, you don’t have the time to play the game anyways, why bother asking so much? I’ll kill this Sandstorm Scorpion, you guys record it, and we’re done.”

Wang Jiangnan was not angry. He grinned at Ye Ci, “You don’t seem to like me.”

“I hate game developers.”


“There are two things you guys will do. One, Punish the players exploiting the BUG and then fix the BUG. And two, use the players to fix the BUG. How do you expect me to feel good about you guys?” Ye Ci was a gaming veteran, how could she not understand how the game companies work? Players are like sheep, and the fur comes from the sheep.

Wang Jiangnan was stunned for a moment before letting out a hearty laugh. This was the first time he had heard a player’s comments about game developers. It was very accurate. He laid on the sand, squinting at the red sky, not betraying a hint of his thoughts.

Ye Ci paid him no heed. A game developer was not somebody she could afford to offend, and she would not offend them even if she could afford to.

The final arrow hit its mark, and the Sandstorm Scorpion went limp. It turned into a huge amount of experience points and surged into Ye Ci’s experience gauge. Her level instantly rose to lvl 16 with 20% experience. Although she was still two levels below the Let Go Of That Girl who was ranked first in the level rankings, it was good enough.

After throwing a few chunks of meat to Ol’ Three that was acting cute, Ye Ci happily went to loot the carcass.

“Give me a chance, let me complete the Venomous Scorpion set in one go.” Ye Ci made a cross gesture with her hand and prayed to God with all sincerity.

She then extended her ‘black hand’ [1] towards the Sandstorm Scorpion.

Apparently, God felt no obligation to fulfill Ye Ci’s wishes and ignored her prayer. She was once again shrouded by her ‘black hand aura’.

The Sandstorm Scorpion only yielded two equipment, two skill books, a bunch of potions and several hundred gold coins.

Venomous Scorpion Greaves x1

Venomous Scorpion Cape x1

Decoy x1

Resurrection x1


Although she could not complete the equipment set, the two equipment she received were not something that she already had. This at least made Ye Ci feel somewhat better. Especially with the +7 Speed of the Venomous Scorpion Greaves as well as the additional active skill called Dash.

Dash: Dashes 25m to the front, cooldown: 1 minute.

It was a lifesaving skill, especially when it comes to PVP and kiting!

Ye Ci immediately activated her Brooch of Deceit and adjusted her level so that she could equip the two equipment. She was still feeling a bit of regret for not being able to obtain a complete set of the Venomous Scorpion item set and unlock its secret attribute. She immediately let go of that thought. A lvl 20 Purple equipment set would only last her up to when her character reached lvl 35.

After equipping the Greaves and the Cape, Ye Ci’s GS immediately hit 627! She had 200 or so more points than the ranked one player on the equipment rating ranking.

Decoy was also one of the Godlike skills of the Hunter class. It could move the aggro of its caster to a specific target. This was a must-have skill when it came to exploring dungeons and kiting Wild BOSSes.

Resurrection was a skill for Clerics and Priests. It was a skill usually found in lvl 35 dungeons. It was a must-have skill for Clerics and Priests. Although it could be learned by a lvl 12 character, it was only dropped in lvl 35 dungeons. It was a very rare drop.

Ye Ci believed that not a single person in the game had this skill book already. She couldn’t even imagine the chaos that would erupt if she sold it in the auction house.

Ye Ci never expected the skill book to drop from the Sandstorm Scorpion. Her luck was not that bad after all. However, Ye Ci had no thoughts of selling the skill book. The main reason was that the game and real life currency exchange system was not yet available, she would not be able to sell the skill book at a good price.

That was why Ye Ci decided to hold on to that skill book temporarily.

After equipping the necessary equipment, learning some necessary skills and sorting out the loot, Ye Ci climbed onto the Sandstorm Scorpion’s carcass and dissected it.

Wang Jiangnan had also finished his report. He walked towards the Sandstorm Scorpion, looked up at Ye Ci and smiled, “Gongzi You, we’ll meet again.”

Ye Ci simply laughed, “I, for one, hope that we’ll never meet again.”

Wang Jiangnan did not respond, he waved his hand at Ye Ci, “Goodbye.”

Ye Ci waved back, and continued dissecting the Sandstorm Scorpion carcass.

Ye Ci was done after half an hour. She summoned her steed and galloped back to Sunset City.

Ye Ci saw a Cleric in gray robe fighting against a bear. The Cleric’s movement was adept, and she was able to masterfully use her skills. She did not waste even one bit of CD time, and managed to follow up her attacks with skills after skills. She defeated a lvl 13 monster with only 4 skills.

That Cleric could deal some serious damage. Although she only stood still, but with some training, she could become an excellent Cleric.

Ye Ci silently praised the Cleric as she rode past her. She noticed the Cleric’s info the moment they brushed past each other. The Cleric did not hide her information.

ID: Fruit Jelly

Race: Elf

Class: Cleric

Level: 12

Fruit Jelly?

Ye Ci hesitated for a moment. The name was familiar. Ye Ci finally remembered the name after traveling for quite some distance. Isn’t that one of the top 10 Offensive Clerics, Fruit Jelly? If Ye Ci could be counted as someone who loved to PK, but Fruit Jelly was even more fanatical when it came to PKing. When the arena opened during the later stages of the game, she spent 10 months in the arena, earning enough Kill Glory to redeem the first complete General-class equipment set in Fate.

But to say that she was famous only because of her PK tendencies was unfair. Her mana conservation was one of the best. She once took care of a 25-man squadron, and none of them died. However, she had a flaw. She would ensure that her target’s survival, but there was no guarantee that the target that was healed would walk away with full health.

She was later known as ‘The Undying Fruit’ because of that.

Of course, it was something that would happen only in the future. Fruit Jelly was still a Cleric who had spent her stats points wrongly.

Fruit Jelly was an honest person with a good character. As a girl, she never hid her feelings, and she was loyal to her friends and a straightforward person. Ye Ci suddenly stopped, and a thought slowly formed in her head.

What if she had an Offensive Cleric like Fruit Jelly in her team some day?

Her own team?

That thought grew in her head like grass in the spring. Despite not having a clear plan, Ye Ci turned back and headed towards the direction of Fruit Jelly.

Fruit Jelly was still fighting against monsters one at a time. Fate was the first game she had ever played. She was a real beginner, and she had distributed her stats incorrectly. Thoughts of deleting her account and starting from scratched had surfaced, but she could not bring herself to let go of her lvl 12 character.

“Hey, Cleric.” a voice suddenly rang out. Fruit Jelly turned around and saw an Elf riding on a red horse besides her. The Elf who was smiling at her had fair skin, and her amber eyes glittered gems. A panther followed her close by, also eyeing her with amber colored eyes.

“Greetings Huntress.” Ye Ci grinned at Fruit Jelly, while the latter replied after carefully examining her and Ol’ Three, “Anything I can help you with?”

Ye Ci immediately started a trade with her, and included the Resurrection skill book, “Do you want to have this?”

As expected, Fruit Jelly’s eyes brightened up right away, she believed that the Huntress knew the worth of that book.

“How many coins do you want for it?” Fruit Jelly stared at the Resurrection skill book, and then raised her head and looked at Ye Ci, her eyes were filled with caution, and a hint of glee.

“10,000 gold coins.” Ye Ci gave her a random priced.

Fruit Jelly was momentarily stunned, and her facial expression changed slightly. She eyed the skill book again and reluctantly ended the trade, “Sorry, I do not have that amount of money.”

“Are you not going to consider it?” Ye Ci’s eyes formed into slits, her smile not betraying any of her true intentions.

Fruit Jelly turned her head around and joked dejectedly, “Do you accept a 10 years installment?”

It was Ye Ci’s time to be stunned. She did not know that Fruit Jelly had a sense of humor. She laughed and then shook her head, “Of course not, I’m not the bank.”

“Then there’s nothing to consider.” Fruit Jelly turned around, it was obvious that she wanted that skill book very much.

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