Chapter 35 Killing the Wild Boar King

Chapter 35 Killing the Wild Boar King

The Plains of Despair appeared to be lush green grassland, it did not even give off the air of despair. But as one travel deeper into the plains, the grass grow more yellowed, and in the deepest parts of the plains, a desolate piece of land replaced the lush green scenery and crows flocked the sky. It indeed gave off an air of despair.

Ye Ci, however, was not here for the scenery. Her destination was the lair of the Wild Boar King.

The Wild Boar King’s lair was not hidden in the deepest part of the map. It was situated right beside a main road. This was the reason why the Wild Boar King wandering the Plains of Despair alone, or being a walking disaster for isolated pre-lvl 10 players.

However, when most of the players had reached the level requirement, the glorious days of the boars were over as well.

The guilds based in the nearby cities will always form parties to slay the Wild Boar King. But when too many people are out for a single BOSS, there will always be conflicts, which usually ended with a huge melee between several guilds. The Wild Boar King still roamed free, killing anybody it came across, this was why the Wild Boar King had not been slain even once.

Ye Ci did not even need to ask for the coordinates, all she had to do was to go in the general direction where people were headed, and she reached the melee.

As expected, World Conqueror was part of the melee between several guilds. They were all famous guilds in her past life.

Street Assistance Guild: The founders were rumored to be a group of players in their 50’s. They had been playing games from a young age and they’re all veterans, the best of the best. With the growth of their guild, they managed to attract quite a number of younger players to join their guild. They ranked no.9 in Z Country’s Fate OL guilds.

Blade of Darkness: Ranked 8 in Europe and America. They were a bunch of hot-blooded caucasian. They’ve been in international competitions for various games as well. Although Ye Ci did not interact much with guilds from foreign countries, not to mention it was rare to see a foreign guild on Fate’s Eastern Continent.

And then there’s the Z Country’s 12th ranked guild, World Conquerer.

Other than the three big guilds, there were a lot of smaller ones lurking around, trying to sneak in and grab the First Blood of the BOSS.

“ShuShu, add me to your party.” Ye Ci immediately sent a message to Flutter n’ Sway.

Almost immediately, Ye Ci received a party invitation from ‘Flawless Reflection’.

Ye Ci joined the party immediately without hesitation. She could hear a jovial voice as soon as she entered the command channel, “Are you Gongzi You? I’ve never thought that you’re a friend of Flutter n’ Sway.”

Everybody else was muted in the Command Channel, even text messages were limited to one every 30 seconds. That was why Ye Ci asked directly with a text message, “Do I take care of the players or the BOSS?”

“All you need to do is to secure the BOSS, leave the rest to us.” Flawless Reflection’s voice gave Ye Ci a sense of familiarity. It was Qin Churuo!

Although she had tried her best to lay low, the two First Blood she obtained along with Timeless Rain and Pickled Pepper Phoenix Claw’s bragging, even when her name did not pop up in the forums, Gongzi You the Huntress went viral. Within a fortnight, many knew her name.

That was the reason why Flawless Reflection immediately made Flutter n’ Sway fetch Gongzi You as soon as she mentioned that she was a friend of Gongzi You. The reason was none other than the two dungeon First Bloods achieved by her. She must be good. As long as they could get the BOSS, nothing else mattered.

“Got it.”

Flawless Reflection continued after receiving a reply from Ye Ci, “As long as we can get the BOSS, you can choose between 50,000 real word cash or the priority to choose any piece of equipment you want.”

Ye Ci smiled at Flawless Reflection’s words. He was just as she remembered, he never wanted to take advantage of others.

This time, however, Ye Ci wanted him to owe her one. Flawless Reflection was a man of honor. He’ll always repay someone who did him favors. It was exactly this sort of behavior that got him betrayed in the end.

Since he was loyal to any of his friends, Ye Ci would not avoid things that are unavoidable. It would be better to be his friend, and then put his loyalty to good use.

Ye Ci replied after 30 seconds, “I’m only helping Flutter n’ Sway out, I don’t need your gratitude.”

Flawless Moon did not expect Ye Ci’s words, Flutter n’ Sway was also touched by her actions. She messaged Ye Ci in private, “Thanks a lot.”

Ye Ci did not say much, she dashed towards the Wild Boar King. Empowered Hunter’s Mark, Falcon Protection, summoned Ol’ Three and Snake Venom Needle were casted almost at the same time. In the blink of an eye, the Wild Boar King roared and charged towards Ye Ci, brushing aside the MT’s surrounding it.

Even with the Wild Boar King’s speed, there were just too many players around. It took the BOSS quite some time to reach Ye Ci, and she kited the Wild Boar King with the other players acting as her ‘barrier’.

Before Ye Ci arrived on the scene, the Wild Boar King was already badly beaten up by players and it had lost almost 70% of its HP. Although locked in a vicious melee, the guilds retain their original goal of trying to get the BOSS. But at that moment, the Wild Boar King that they’ve been steadily building aggro on was snatched away by someone. The persons in charge of the guilds present became desperate.

They immediately switched tactics. They abandoned relying on the MT’s to build up the aggro, and instead ordered their ranged players to attack the Wild Boar King.

However, it was not an easy task. First of all, Ye Ci’s movement speed was very fast. As she zipped left and right all around the place, the Wild Boar King did the same. Neither one of them was moving in a straight line. The mages with their slow channeling speeds cried. Just as their spells were done channeling, the Wild Boar King was already out of their range.

Secondly, the Wild Boar King would sometimes accumulate energy with its hind legs and then leap towards Ye Ci. But Ye Ci had very high Balance and Perception stats. She jumped away from the Wild Boar King’s attack before it could land. This however, was a case of misfortune for the players trying to chase after the Wild Boar King. If they kept their distance, they could never get close enough, but if they followed closely, they’d be kicked to death by the Wild Boar King.

And the third factor that caused their desperation was because of the players the other guilds. Despite having the common goal of killing the Wild Boar King, the players from different guilds were fighting among themselves. They needed to chase after a raging boar in the midst of so many players engaged in combat, whilst having the need to constantly cast spells while on the move. It was a near-impossible feat.

Flawless Reflection stood on a tree in the Plains of Despair. At the height that he was at, he could clearly see Ye Ci in action. Although he appeared calm, he was actually deeply awed. He’d always thought that he’s one of the experts, and it was the truth. But compared to Gongzi You, Flawless Reflection felt that he still had much to learn.

Even without factoring in the skills owned by her that he did not even possess, to jump around with her high balance and to flawlessly achieve a continuous combo with her skills, it was not something the average player could do. From the perspective of players from different classes, Gongzi You’s movements were elegant, but only Hunter classed players would be able truly understand the true mechanical skills required behind those elegant movements.

To be honest with himself, even if Flawless Moon could jump leap around with his Balance, to be as masterful as Gongzi You was still far from possible.

Gongzi You, just who the hell are you?

If Flawless Moon asked for Gongzi You’s help through Flutter n’ Sway, he saw her merely as an extra pair of helping hands, and did not recognise her strength, his views of Gongzi You had entirely changed. Gongzi You was not just an average joe, it would be best if she could be part of his guild…

“The Wild Boar King is nearly dead, everybody hurry up!”

Someone randomly shouted, and the players maddeningly hastened their chase. Spells after spells landed on the enraged Wild Boar King. Ye Ci chugged down a bottle of Rage Potion, turned around in midair, and casted Rapid Fire.

Copper arrows coated with poison from the Venomous Scorpion gauntlet landed right between the Wild Boar King’s eyes. That was its weakness. Attacking that spot will have a 100% chance of triggering a critical hit and armor penetration. However, due to the Wild Boar King’s massive size, it was impossible to hit that spot unless one did a backwards jump like Ye Ci.

Critical Hit! Armor Penetration! -3281!

The Wild Boar King let out a roar, and its body that was as big as a small hill crashed down with a ‘Boom!’, kicking up dust.

System messages began to flood the World Channel: “Congratulations ‘World Conqueror’ guild to be the first to slay the lvl 15 Wild BOSS Wild Boar King, Rewards: Guild prestige 300, Red Sand Sity prestige 1000, gold x 100. Let us remember their names!”

“Congratulations ‘Flawless Reflection’ for slaying the Wild Boar King, Rewards: Red Sand City prestige x100, Talent Points x2.”


“Congratulations ‘Flutter n’ Sway’ for slaying the Wild Boar King, Rewards: Red Sand City prestige x100, Talent Points x2.”


“Congratulations ‘Gongzi You’ for slaying the Wild Boar King, Rewards: Red Sand City prestige x100, Talent Points x2.”


Ye Ci was glad to earn more Talent Points. She said goodbye to Flutter n’ Sway and immediately left the area. She rushed towards the Red Sand City frantically. If she stayed, she would’ve been surrounded and annihilated by the other guilds.

The entire World Conqueror guild erupted into cheers. The cheers of World Conqueror guild could be heard throughout the entire Plains of Despair. They carried Flawless Reflection down from the tree and threw him into the air repeatedly.

Flawless Reflection himself was delighted. But what got his attention was the golden words that appeared right after the announcement, “Gongzi You left has the party.”

He did not ask for anything, nor did he say his goodbye. He left the party right after slaying the BOSS.

A strange feeling formed gripped Flawless Reflection’s heart. It was not his style to owe somebody. But he could not do anything for the time being, and could only plan to contact Gongzi You after the celebration was over.

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