Chapter 33 F*ck Off

Chapter 33 F*ck Off

Mutual Destruction’s channeling was finally canceled when the countdown timer hit 0.03 seconds. Tito’s softened body crumpled onto the ground, and he did not move again.

Suddenly, an eerie silence crept over the Pit.

The group could not believe the scene unfolding before them, Tito had actually died?

Icy Cold Little Hands even pinched his own face while mumbling, “Did our party get annihilated? Are we standing here as spirits?”

While the four were stunned, Ye Ci was not. She took a deep breath. It was finally over. That was so surreal.

“Do you want to keep the guild name and party ID hidden?” the system announcement immediately popped out after Tito had fallen.

Ye Ci chose ‘no’. It was not the time to stay hidden. After all, getting First Blood on this dungeon will raise the prestige of the guild. One must go on tolling the bell as long as one was a monk, as she was a member of Steel-Blooded Battle Spear, she should at least fulfill her minimum duties as a guild member.

“Congratulations ‘Steel-Blooded Battle Spear’s five members for being the first in the world to achieve First Blood for the Cruel Pit dungeon, Rewards: 500 Guild Prestige points, let us remember their names!”

“Congratulations ‘Gongzi You’ for clearing the Cruel Pit, Rewards: 100 gold coins, 1000 global prestige points, 2 Talent Points.”

“Congratulations ‘Timely Rain’ for clearing the Cruel Pit, Rewards: 100 gold coins, 1000 global Prestige Points, 1 Talent Point.”

“Congratulations ‘Phoenix Claw’ for clearing the Cruel Pit, Rewards: 100 gold coins, 1000 global Prestige Points, 1 Talent Point.”

“Congratulations ‘Little Icy Cold Hands’ for clearing the Cruel Pit, Rewards: 100 gold coins, 1000 global Prestige Points, 1 Talent Point.”

“Congratulations ‘Icy Cold Little Hands’ for clearing the Cruel Pit, Rewards: 100 gold coins, 1000 global Prestige Points, 1 Talent Point.”

The World Message channel was spammed by the red words of the System Announcement. At that moment, the entire world exploded. The group’s friends channel began beeping nonstop. Little Icy Cold Hands and Icy Cold Little Hands had already experienced such matters and immediately muted their channels. Timely Rain and Phoenix Claw finally were able to mute their friend chat channel and the world returned to silence.

“Gongzi You! You went out with a Wild Party, am I right!” Peacock Blue’s message reached Ye Ci just as she was about to mute her private message channel.

“We did not have a MT and a healer, so that’s why I randomly looked for two more extra members.”

“Little Icy Cold Hands and Icy Little Cold Hands were the ones who cleared Icy Cave with you, and you tell me you met them by chance? Do you think that I’m an idiot?” Peacock Blue raised her voice after hearing Ye Ci’s neutral tone, “Are you trying to help them get equipments!”

“So what? You’re the one who asked me to look for members on my own.”

“But I did not ask you to form a Wild Party!”

“The achievement belongs to the guild, what do you mean by wild party?” Ye Ci furrowed her eyebrows. She had never liked having arguments over trivial matters, but Peacock Blue was doing exactly that.

“Do not give them any equipments, you must hand in all MT and healer equipments!” Peacock Blue continued after a pause, “Give the MT equipments to Thousand Sunsets, send the healer equipments directly to me!”

Ye Ci narrowed her eyes, her expression turning cold. This woman, Ye Ci was too lazy to deal with her, but she thought that she could bully her? Finding fault with her, like that, did she think that Ye Ci was just someone soft?

Ye Ci said in a cold voice, “Cut the nonsense, f*ck off.” She then turned off her private message channel and muted that woman.

Although Ye Ci’s channels finally became quiet again, Peacock Blue that was rejected and then scolded by her was extremely agitated. She shouted in the guild channel, “Gongzi You! Who do you think you are! Clearing a dungeon with a wild party! I would’ve let it slide if you handed in the equipments, but you told me to f*ck off! Who do you think you are? Tell you what, if you hand in the equipment for MT and healer right away, I’ll let you off the hook, if you don’t, I’ll kick you out right away! Don’t you think you’ll be getting any money from us!”

Little Icy Cold Hands and Icy Cold Little Hands were not guild members of Steel-Blooded Battle Spear and had no access to the guild channel. They did not know what was occurring between the two. Timely Rain and Pickled Pepper Phoenix Claw were stunned after reading Peacock Blue’s words.

They looked at Ye Ci, but she shook her hand, signaling that she did not mind at all, “Ignore her, we’ll split the loot, and sell anything that we can’t use.”

“But… ” Timely Rain was wary of Peacock Blue. After all, she was an administrator in the guild and had some power. He was afraid to offend her.

“But what? These items are more important. In the worst case scenario, you can just go join another guild, a lot of them are recruiting, just what are you afraid of?” Pepper Pickled Phoenix Claw was way smarter than Timely Rain. Like Ye CI, he paid no heed to Peacock Blue.

“Gongzi You! I will kick you out of the guild!” Peacock Blue was already in a state of rage when she was ignored by Ye Ci.

At that moment, a system message flashed across the screen: Peacock Blue has been stripped of her admin rights by Thousand Sunsets.

“Thousand!!” Peacock Blue screamed. Thousands of guild members were either waiting for Peacock Blue to continue her rage or were waiting for Gongzi You’s response, but nothing else surfaced in the guild channel.

“Something happened in your guild?” Little Icy Cold Hands immediately guessed that it had something to do with Ye Ci’s guild.

“It’s nothing, just some petty quarreling in the guild,” Pepper Pickled Phoenix Claw laughed.

“I see, this is why I don’t want to join a guild, too troublesome.” Little Icy Cold Hands scartched his head and looked at Ye Ci, “Gongzi are you going to pick up the loot? If you’re not gonna do it, I’m going to pick up all of them!”

Ye Ci smiled at Timely Rain and Pepper Pickled Phoenix Claw “Which one of you has a better luck? Go open the chests,” pointing at the three glimmering chests at the corner.

Cruel Pit was a dungeon that a lot would prefer not to revisit after clearing it once. Other than its eerie theme, the loot was also given in a very disgusting way. Players would only obtain a treasure chest key each from the first and second BOSS. They can only obtain the rewards after defeating the third BOSS and open the treasure chests behind it with the keys dropped from slaying each BOSS.

Frankly speaking, if one could not clear the dungeon, it’s a waste of one’s effort.

The two shook their heads, stating that they were members of the “black hand” (unlucky) army.

The mission of opening the boxes fell to Little Icy Cold Hands and Icy Cold Little Hands.

Their luck were unprecedented. Other than the quest items to activate the rest of the dungeon cluster, they obtained 6 Blue equipment that were fully lvl 15.

Sadly, none of them were bows or crossbows. Ye Ci could only watch as they distributed their new weapons.

The Barbarian two-handed axe and the Druid staff that were leftover were sold in the auction house and the profits would split between the five party members.

Ye Ci couldn’t help but suspect if she would only had the luck with skill books in her current life. The three chests gave them 17 pieces of equipments in total, and they got one or two each, with the exception of Pepper Pickled Phoenix Claw, who obtained three items. Ye Ci was the only one who did not get anything other than two skill books.

The drop rates of skill books however, was in an entirely different realm when compared an equipment’s drop rate. With Ye Ci’s two new skill books, it’s worth it.

Frost Trap: Deploying it along the opponent’s movement path will freeze the target for 12 seconds. Cooldown: 30 seconds.

Poison: Coat the user’s weapon with poison, target will be poisoned along the skill’s duration. All physical damage against targets will be have the Poisoned effect. Duration: 60 seconds. Cooldown: 90 seconds. Class: Rogue, Hunter, Ranger.

Some of the classes in Fate will share similar skills. Poison was a skill used by Rogue, Hunter and Ranger classes. It’s one of the best skills for assassination and killing BOSS.

The five added each other as friends after splitting up the loot and left the dungeon.

Ye Ci went back to Red Lake City and cleared the daily quest and obtained the salary pack containing 50 silver coins and 50 Military Honor Points. Just as Ye Ci was about to go offline after sorting out her item storage, a pigeon approached her. It was Liu Chang. She had heard about Ye Ci’s confrontation with Peacock Blue after being leaving a dungeon upon her death.

“Nothing, I don’t think it’s anything big.” Ye Ci dismissed it as something petty.

“Even if you don’t mind, that b*tch might not feel the same. She thought that everybody should listen to her. She might have added much more oil to the fire when complaning to Thousand Sunsets” said Liu Chang coldly.

“She can say what she wants. It’s not like my life depends on her. If worst comes to the worst, I’ll just leave, not that I care.” Ye Ci yawned, appearing to not even care about the topic, “I’m so tired, getting a First Blood is not easy, I’ll go to sleep.

Liu Chang did not say much to Ye Ci with her current condition. She said goodbye to Ye Ci, and went offline as well.

Ye Ci had not eaten for the entire day while exploring the dungeon. With her exerting so much of her attention in the game, she did not feel hungry. However, hunger assaulted her senses as soon as she went offline. She went to bed after a quick meal and was asleep the moment her head touched her pillow.

After an unknown period of time, her phone rang.

Ye Ci buried her head in her blanket and continued sleeping, not paying heed to the phonecall. But the caller did not give up, and the phone rang on and on to the point where Ye Ci had to pick up the call.

It was Yi Cang.

Yi Cang seemed to be contacting her frequently nowadays, thought a sleep-addled Ye Ci.

“Litle Ci, let’s have a meal together tomorrow.”

“Your dad gave you more pocket money?”

“No, Brother He said that it’s a guild activity.”

“Which Brother He?” Ye Ci was still groggy.

“He Xiao, Thousand Sunsets.”

Ye Ci’s mind immediately cleared. To call her out for a meal at this time? It did not seem like a good timing. Ye Ci could not help but remember the events that occurred in the afternoon.

Translator note: Due to previous mistranslation, "Steel Blooded Battle Axe" will now be renamed as "Steel Blooded Battle Spear"

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